Chapter 344 Rejection

    New Age Art Park, Lu Chen studio.

    Compared with the original place, the new studio has not only expanded in size, but also the structure is far from the original office building. In order to build this “new home”, Lu Chen specially commissioned a famous design company in Beijing to decorate it. Design and construction.

    Just for the design fee, he paid 500,000 yuan – this is still a friendship price.

    The so-called one-point price, the new studio invested heavily in decoration is very artistic company's style temperament, with a simple and bright, detailed and exquisite decoration style.

    Lu Chen finally has an independent office of one's own, and there are private places for receiving friends and guests.

    As for the place where the original lease was not empty or sublet, it became the office of the Chen Fei Charity Foundation and is currently being renovated.

    There is a guest in Lu Chen’s office now.

    The other person was in his forties, wearing a suit and a tie with a gentle and graceful appearance. His body was slightly thinner, his cheekbones were a bit high on his cheeks, his eyes were too small, but he was a little nearsighted but did not wear glasses. He always squatted intentionally or unintentionally.

    The atmosphere in the room was a bit dull, Lu Chen concentratedly looked at a contract document in his hand, and the right index finger on the table gently tapped twice, which somewhat exposed his inner feelings at the moment.

    The 40-year-old middle-aged man is called Fang Jun. He is the manager of Fang Hui and the cousin of the latter.

    The contract in Lu Chen’s hand was brought by Fang Jun.

    The content of the contract is mainly the prescription of Fang Hui, Director of the new drama in Lu Chen.

    "Blue Life and Death" was directed by Fang Hui, who was directly signed with Lu Chen studio, so after the filming was completed, it was also paid by Studio to her.

    Lu Chen and Fang Hui's cooperation was very pleasant, and the "Blue" drama was sold. Later, he and Chen Feier specially packaged two big red envelopes to send them.

    Because of the success of "Blue Life and Death", a large part of it is Fang Hui's credit. Her ability to grasp the plot is very strong, and the performance of the story is properly reflected. According to amateur, it is very beautiful.

    Therefore, Lu Chen intends to hand over the new drama "Full House" to Fang Huilai, and has also been recognized by the cooperation.

    But things are not that simple.

    Fang Hui’s manager brought a contract to Lu Chen, a little…How to say it, a bit too much contract.

    In this contract, Fang Hui’s director’s paid price is 20 times higher than that of the “Blue” drama, reaching 5 million. In addition, he has to enjoy multiple benefits, including part of the copyright split!

    Just 5 million in pay, Lu Chen is still acceptable, Fang Hui's "Blue" drama received a pay of 250,000, which is not low at her current price, but no additional revenue.

    To say that she is owed to her, so I later put a red envelope – this is the reason for self-conduct to do things.

    Now we have to shoot the new drama, and it is inevitable to improve the treatment of Director.

    In today's film and television circles, the high-ranking Director has a very common phenomenon in addition to fixed pay. The specific contract terms involve specific situations. The top director makes a blockbuster or a long play to earn tens of millions. Abound.

    Fang Hui’s request for sharing is also normal.

    However, when it comes to copyright sharing, Lu Chen can't keep it normal.

    He has always paid great attention to copyright. For example, one's own works are registered in the first time. Now, selling songs to others still retains some copyrights. It is definitely hot like "Blue Life and Death" and "Full House". The broadcast of the drama series, the copyright is to be firmly in the hands, not tolerate others.

    The benefits of IP are the biggest and lasting, and sharing is easy to use.

    Therefore, despite the preparation of the new drama, Lu Chen has a lot of partners and multi-party investment to share the benefits, but in the copyright section, he did not let anyone sigh – this is the golden hen of laying eggs!

    Lu Chen was inevitably surprised. In his impression, Fang Hui was not the kind of greedy person. The film she asked for was not outrageous and also worth the price. However, it was a little unbelievable to score the copyright.

    Lu Chen’s long silence made Fang Jun a little uneasy. He moved his ass and tried to ask: “Lu Teacher, if you have any opinions or ideas about this contract, you can tell me now.”

    Lu Chen glanced at each other quietly.

    In the Entertainment Circle, Celebrity artists include Director, and it is common to use a family as a manager. For example, his one's own manager is a sister.

    The biggest advantage of using a loved one as a manager is that you don't have to worry about being betrayed or piggybacked.

    Fang Hui accepted Lu Chen's invitation and was willing to continue to direct his new drama, and then let the manager come forward to talk to him about normal treatment. However, there is no problem with the public.

    But it is not without problems.

    He thought about it and said: "In the past, our studio involved in the contract, and our manager was talking, but today my sister just went out…"

    Lu Chen’s words turned and said: “I have read this contract. Others can talk about it. It’s probably not a matter of copyright, and I feel that the percentage of your request is too high!”

    In the last few words, Lu Chen said that he was arrogant and unshakable.

    This is the benefit of the manager, otherwise if it is the other side of the Huiben, some words are not easy to say.

    Fang Jun’s face changed and he smiled and said: “This can be discussed. The issue of copyright can be put aside first, but it is divided into proportions…In fact, we can inject capital. ”

    Capital injection, that is, more requirements, Lu Chen's new drama is not lacking investment!

    Lu Chen suddenly understood that the copyright request put forward by the other party was only a scorpion. The real purpose was to divide it into pieces and the appetite was quite large.

    He suspects that this is eighty-nine is the idea of ​​Fang's one's own.

    It is not uncommon for the Celebrity artist's manager to make a self-proclaimed lion's mouth when talking about the contract.

    Fang Hui may not know.

    Lu Chen indulged for a moment, then shook his head and put the contract on the table and pushed back to Fang Jun.

    This is the meaning of rejection!

    Fang Jun apparently did not expect Lu Chen's attitude to be so tough, refused to be so determined, he thought that there would be some slap in the face, and Lu Chen did not give him a chance to show his eloquence.

    This made Fang Jun somewhat angry and angry.

    He is well prepared today. Not only did he carefully craft the contract, but he also specifically inquired that Lu Xi was absent. He chose to interview Lu Chen and tried to open the gap from Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen is very young, and has a good relationship with Fang Hui. With the good reputation in the circle, Fang Jun is thinking about persuading him with one's own ability and winning a best contract.

    However, Lu Chenyuan is more difficult to deal with than he imagined.

    He couldn't help but say: "Lu Teacher, our family Fang Hui is now inviting a lot of people, the treatment is not low…"

    Fang Jun did not open the river in the letter. "Blue Life and Death" successfully won a group of new people, and also brought Fang Hui, who was only slightly famous in the circle, to the position of A-list drama series Director.

    A few years later, a number of film and television companies found Fang Hui and invited her to shoot the same type of drama series.

    The offer price is quite high!

    Otherwise, where the Fang Jun has the confidence to come up with such a contract.

    Lu Chen smiled faintly: "Mr. Fang, I am a friend with Fang Huijie. I think she can understand it, and I hope her career will be better and better."

    Said, Lu Chen also sighed in his heart.

    Originally these words should be the most appropriate for Lu Xi, the manager is often black-faced.

    There are only some words that Lu Chen does not spit.

    In fact, before the Fang Jun, Lu Xi representative Lu Chen studio also refused several contracts, including Zhang Liwei and Hu Yang, two newcomers because of the "Blue" drama.

    Both of them want to play the role in Lu Chen's new drama, but the requirements put forward by his manager are very high.

    If Lu Chen studios all meet their requirements, the budget of new drama is bound to be greatly overrun.

    Zhang Liwei and Hu Yang are also very sincere, but the two people are far from being able to compare themselves to the "Blue" drama. The manager asks for A-list treatment. In addition to pay, there are also things like going out. There are specific conditions for clothing, food, housing and transportation.

    Zhang Liwei and Hu Yang perhaps are willing to lower the pay, but the corresponding treatment is not enough, it will be a joke.

    Moreover, the two have a lot of films and endorsements.

    So after the contact, Lu Chen still gave up these original people, "Full House" is a new drama, not a sequel to "Blue Life and Death", the artist who wants the role is gone, there is room for choice. Big.

    Fang Hui is also the same reason, she is not irreplaceable.

    Lu Chen’s words are all about this. Even if Fang Jun wants to continue talking, he can’t talk about it. He can only take up the contract and try to save it last time: “Lu Teacher, actually…”

    Lu Chen waved his hand and interrupted his words: "You talk to our manager about time."

    In spite of this, in fact, Lu Chen has given up the idea of ​​letting Fang Hui continue to direct the instructions. There are quite a few directors who can shoot the same type of works in the circle, and there are also some choices.

    Fang Jun went very unwilling.

    Lu Chen became more and more sure that the contract was drafted by him and he was not recognized by Fang Hui.

    But what about that? Lu Chen can't directly call Fang Hui to complain?

    If you do that, he is too immature.

    After a moment of contemplation, Lu Chen called Mr. Li.

    To be honest, he is also a bit depressed by Xiaoxiao. No wonder everyone else says that Entertainment Circle is too complicated. Many things are not what you want to do well, and people's minds will change.

    In this circle, there is really not much that can always persist in my heart.


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