The 340th chapter of the new album

    On April 16th, Chen Feier's new album began online crowdfunding, and the same night was released at Fetion Music.

    This "Flower Woman" album is the transformation of Chen Feier. It has been a full-time half-time in the loop. It has already attracted a lot of attention outside the circle. In addition to the previous publicity marketing, it shows up on the line. Rainbow momentum!

    Fetion Music was officially released at 7:30, and by 9:30, sales have exceeded 100,000.

    Shocked the industry!

    Nowadays, the popular Music and popular Singer of Domestic have already passed the era of selling albums to support their families. The miracle that a record sells millions or even tens of millions is only in memory.

    The great development of the entertainment industry and the rampant cyber piracy have made Singers no longer rely on the sales of records. Commercial and advertising endorsements are the king of money.

    So now even the well-known Singer, online digital record and physical CD record simultaneously, the combined sales can have a success of two or three hundred thousand, the achievement of platinum record is worth opening a celebration.

    The online distribution of the album is very common nowadays. Usually, the top three days, that is, 72 hours of sales tend to account for one-third or even half of the total sales, especially the first-day sales are particularly important.

    The industry has been popular with an album sales formula that calculates approximate sales based on first-day sales.

    However, this announcement is obviously not suitable for 2 hours of sales.

    100,000 hours in 2 hours, this is going against the sky!

    To know that for most of Singer, the sales volume exceeded 100,000 in the 72 hours of on-line release, plus the number of physical albums sold, and then accumulate enough time to win a [Platinum Record] achievement problem is not very big.

    This is already what they have dreamed of.

    Chen Feier broke through in 2 hours, [Platinum Records] is not a problem at all, the [Crown Records] of 5 million sales can not think, 1 million [Diamond Records] can already be expected.

    The last [Diamond Record] in Domestic Popular Musical World appeared when many people forgot it.

    If you say the best-selling album last year, Lu Chen’s "You at the same table" counts one, MSB's "Lover's Not Full" is also counted, especially the "The Same Table" album. Original sound list.

    However, compared to the "Flower Woman" just released, the two rookie albums are eclipsed!

    Days later is the day after, even if it is a transformational work, relying on the expectation accumulated in the early stage, plus the recent popularity of "Blue Life and Death", and its own deep heritage, Chen Feier will take all the same action during the same period. The album was made into slag, and no one could fight at all.

    If you call this time Singer, which is released on the Music Music, Easy Music, popular radio station, etc., to open a meeting, then Chen Feier can stand up proudly…

    Everyone here is a spicy chicken!

    When Chen Feier Studio and the official V of the support group posted the 2-hour sales data on the blog, it suddenly caused a great sensation outside the circle.

    Of course, the fans are cheering, and they congratulate the idols to create a sales miracle. In advance, I wish the transformation success. Chen Feier’s friends in the circle all sent a "congratulatory message", and even many of the big Vs sent blessings.

    The industry is a loss of voice, and many popular music related media and professionals are in silence.

    They are all studying Chen Feier's new album.

    Some of the 10 songs on the new album have been released in advance, such as the "Your Eyes" that the fans are familiar with. This song is the only male and female singer on the album. The big red and purple have been popular in foreign countries.

    In addition, Chen Feier recently sang in the live broadcast of the Internet to see you. Although it is only an impromptu version, it is also popular on the Internet. I don’t know how many times I have been forwarded on the blog.

    Whether it is intentional or not, it is part of the album marketing publicity, from which you can also see the style and characteristics of the entire album.

    With this "Flower Woman" album, Chen Feier's full transition from sweet songs to Love Song is undoubtedly true. Both of the leaked works are 100% Love Song.

    Just for the quality of these two songs, the sales of the new album will not be low, let alone the strength of Chen Feier.

    The most important thing is Lu Chen, Lu Chen not only created a half album for Chen Feier, but also personally supervised!

    Strong teaming up, "Flower Woman" is a strange thing if it is sold poorly.

    Therefore, the industry inside the circle is expected to sell the album hot, but never expected to be so hot, the sales of 2 hours and 100,000 copies is really incredible.

    Whether it is professionalism, pure curiosity, or ulterior motives, many industry professionals have carefully analyzed Flower Woman at the first time.

    On the one hand, they have to determine whether there is water in the sales of 2 hours and 100,000 yuan. After all, as long as they are willing to save money, don’t say 100,000, even if the sales volume of 1 million can be brushed out, but no one will be stupid enough to spend such a high price. The key to brushing the list is the quality of the album itself.

    Brushing can only be achieved for a while, quality is the basis for long-lasting sales.

    On the other hand, those entertainment Manager Corporation research hot albums are also preparing for the following.

    If Chen Feier’s new album is sold out of stock, then there will be no loss in the follow-up. It’s like “Blue Life and Death” Viewership Ratings. Now several film companies are working on the same type of drama. Series .

    At 10:30 in the evening, "Flower Woman" sold 140,000 copies, and the growth momentum slowed slightly.

    This is a very normal situation, because the previous fans belong to the explosive purchase, as the time goes by, the purchasing potential in the market will be gradually consumed, so the top three days of sales is the most important.

    At the same time, comments related to the new album have been released on the Internet.

    Inspur blogger and blogger “Donghu Sanren” wrote in his long blog post: Just listening to Miss Chen Feier’s new album “Flower Woman”, I can’t help but want to say something because there are some words. If you don't say it, I am afraid I will not sleep at night.

    What I want to say is that this year's popular Musical World's biggest surprise is undoubtedly Chen Feier's new album. She completed a very successful transformation. The whole album was heard from the beginning, and there was no disappointment in the whole process. Places, surprises continue to climax!

    In many people's impressions, including my one's own, Chen Feier will only sing sweet songs. She has a natural singer who sings sweet songs. Her works have left us with countless good memories.

    This album lets us see another Chen Feier, a beautiful, mature and full of emotional Chen Feier, who has redefined "Love Song"!

    In my heart, my favorite song is "Flower Woman". Chen Feier is intoxicated by the soft and watery interpretation of this work. The traditional nostalgic style has a special Charm…

    If I want to rate this album, then I will give 9.9 points, out of 10 points!

    The main job of “Donghu Sanren” is the editor of a fashion magazine, a part-time writer, film critic and sound critics. He has a high professionalism and has more than 2 million blog fans. His articles are popular among bloggers.

    This well-known blogger has a unique insight into Domestic's popular Music, and he is also a member of the [Asian Chinese Gold List] judges group, whether it is a film review or a sound review, often can hit the nails.

    The most commendable thing is that "Donghu Sanren" does not sell ass and festivals. He does not speak with money. Therefore, the credibility of the review is very high, and it is highly valued by the industry.

    In this blog post, “Donghu Sanren” is full of praise for Chen Feier’s new album “Flower Woman”, and it’s all about people who doubt his rhythm – out of 10 points and 9.9 points!

    Many people can't help but ask, is it really so good?

    The answer is obviously yes. At least 90% of the review articles that have sprung up in blogs, forums, and post bars have taken a positive stance, attracting the attention of more and more popular Music lovers.

    There are quite a few people who were not Chen Fei's fans. After seeing these comments, they couldn't avoid curiosity, so they went to Fetion Music to buy and download.

    A high-quality digital album is only 10 yuan, and the member price is also 20% off. No one can afford it.

    This further pushed up the sales of Flower Woman.

    At 7:30 the next night, the first 24-hour sales exceeded the 300,000 mark!

    Undoubtedly, this is a new record in the popularity of the popular music album album in the past decade. In addition to the sales bonus brought by the Celebrity effect, the quality of the work itself is the key.

    The total sales of the album for this album has been raised to 1.5-2 million!

    If there is no accident, Chen Feier has already booked the best album award of Musical World this year, because such a result can sweep all the opponent, let people have nothing to say, want to engage in the rules of the black screen, then have to step on the ground Only then.

    But for Chen Feier, the sales of digital albums are good, and the money earned is also a decimal.

    The real big head is in the crowdfunding project of crowdfunding.

    "Flower Woman"'s physical record sales crowdfunding project has a total of 5 package options, the lowest hardcover CD record crowdfunding price of 28 yuan, sold a full 70,000 sets, and the highest Extreme Edition set crowdfunding price 588, actually Ordered 3000+ sets.

    This makes people have to sigh the strong purchasing power of the fans.

    The 24-hour crowdfunding total amount of Gundam 4.5 million+ has already completed 150% of the pre-targeting, while the entire crowdfunding project lasts 10 days!

    Such dazzling sales results, so that do not know how many entertainment record companies are red-eyed.

    And many people in the industry did not ignore the existence behind the success of Chen Feier's new album.

    Lu Chen!


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