Chapter 301, the end of an era

    At 7:25 pm, the National Grand Theatre, the main hall is lit up.

    With the admission of Celebrity guests, the audience seats are full, Lu Chen and Chen Feier are in the fifth row, and they are still adjacent seats.

    On the left side of Lu Chen is Chen Feier, the right side is Li Mubai, and then it is Fanny and Lu Xi.

    Lu Chen won four nominations for the [Asian Chinese Gold Melody], and the organizing committee gave four invitations. In addition to his one's own, he can also take three people to attend the ceremony.

    Three places, Lu Chen gave Lu Xi one, and the other two gave Li Mubai.

    With Li Mubai's family history, it is not a problem to mix a place here, but Lu Chen sent it differently.

    Li Mubai hid the person's feelings with enthusiasm and took the opportunity to invite Fanny.

    "Lu Chen, hello…"

    Fanny took the initiative to say hello to Lu Chen, very gentle and beautiful.

    Although she can't compare with Chen Feier, she is also an outstanding beauty. It is no wonder that Li Mubai is upside down.

    Lu Chen nodded and smiled: "Hello."

    He introduced Li Mubai and Fanny to Chen Feier, and Fanny was actually a fan of Chen Feier.

    During the talk, the [Asia Chinese Songs] Awards ceremony officially began.

    The opening is a gorgeous and exhilarating large-scale dance program. CCTV, which holds various large-scale evening parties every year, has incomparable rich experience in this area. The use of various music dances has achieved a superb level.

    After the opening performance, four Host go on stage debut.

    They are all famous figures. First, they reviewed the glorious history of the [Asian Chinese Gold Melody], and then sent a congratulatory speech to the leaders. Ten minutes and minutes passed.

    Next, CCTV famous Host Xia Jun used his unique male voice to say: "Before the official announcement of the 21st Grand Prize, we will first issue the "Asian Chinese Gold Songs List" special gold medal list life achievement award!"

    "So who is the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the [Asia Chinese Gold Songs] judges group?"

    Xia Jun’s face showed a smile that was familiar to the audience all over the country: “Please ask the famous Musician Fang Xinghai to reveal the answer for us!”

    The audience immediately gave a warm applause.

    The guests were a little surprised because most people didn't know the existence of this award beforehand.

    This year, the [Asia Chinese Songs] was held for 15 times. The awards were as early as 17 and later increased to 21, but there has been no lifetime achievement award.

    This year is the last edition of the [Asian Chinese Gold Melody], which means that this lifetime achievement award is unique.

    The amount can be imagined!

    Everyone did not expect that this Awards ceremony had a big suspense from the beginning.

    In the tide of applause, a silver-haired old man stepped onto the stage and took the envelope with the winners from Xia Jun.

    Fang Xinghai is a very famous Musician in Domestic. He not only works on classical Music and traditional Music, but also on modern pop music. In the 1990s, he also wrote several popular works.

    In front of him, all the guests present here are small characters!

    Fang Xinghai, who is over 80 years old, is still very healthy, and his face is ruddy. He tears open the envelope and takes out a piece of cardboard from inside. Then he yells into the microphone and says: "Get the 16th [Asia Chinese Songs] for life. The achievement award is…"

    Everyone’s heart was lifted in an instant, and the theater hall was silent.

    "Tan Hong!"

    Since the Lifetime Achievement Award is a temporary award, there is no nomination list, so apart from a very small number of people, everyone does not know who the candidate is, and there is no way to guess the winner.

    Therefore, when Fang Xinghai said the winner's name, the audience of the scene did not immediately react, but the loud applause suddenly thundered like a thunder, and it immediately spread to the entire hall.

    Lu Chen patted the palm of his hand, and the first stood up and sent the most sincere congratulations to Tan Hong!

    On Lu Chen's Music Road, Tan Hong gave him a lot of help and support, and it was unconditional.

    Lu Chen never forgot this profound human feeling, but unfortunately there has been no chance to repay.

    Then there is Chen Feier, and a Celebrity artist…

    Tan Hong was born in the 1970s. He has been in the past 25 years since he debuted. He has produced 17 original singers. The album "Flying Pigeons" sold more than 5 million copies in 1999 and wrote popular Music record sales. The final glory, the total sales of its records ranked in all of Singer's top three.

    "Flying Pigeons", "After the Rain", "Tian Ya Long Zi", "Chang Xiang Yi", "Love"…A first classic is still sung by people.

    In addition to his talent in Music, Tan Hong's character is also one-of-a-kind. He has never heard of anecdotes since he debuted. He is recognized as a good husband and a good father inside and outside the circle.

    And Tan Hong also likes to bring new people. Singer has received numerous instructions and help from him. The most famous is Chen Feier. The friendship between the two has always been a story in the circle.

    Just like helping Lu Chen, he helps people never ask for a return, so friends in the circle are all over the world!

    On the achievements of qualifications, there must be a Musical World big coffee that can be compared with Tan Hong, but on the character and popularity, he took this life achievement award, which is absolutely true.

    The applause was like a tide, and a wave was higher than a wave. Tan Hong stood up from the seat of one's own, thanked him for moving forward and backward, and then stepped onto the stage.

    He did not immediately take over the glorious Golden Lark trophy from Fang Xinghai, but he stooped to the Musician home with a two-step distance.

    Fang Xinghai used to be Tan Hong's Teacher. The organizing committee of the Golden Melody Club chose him as Tan Hong Awards. There is no reason.

    Fang Xing will lift up Tan Hong in front of the sea and put the trophy into his hand. His face is full of gratifying smile.

    Holding Jin Bailing, Tan Hong stood in front of the microphone.

    There is a faint tear in his eyes. The old man in his forties is really revealing: "Thank you, thank you for my teacher Fang Xinghai, thank you CCTV Yang Guang, thank you for the songs group, thank you and everyone! ”

    He is long again.

    All 5,000 spectators stood up and applauded perfectly.

    At this moment, many people have a feeling of faintness in their hearts. This is Tan Hong’s farewell to everyone. This song has no choice but to retreat, leaving the stage that once gave him the glory of supreme glory.

    The era that belongs to him has finally come to an end!


Originally, I wanted to give more to Tan Hong, because his prototype is a Singer that the author likes very much. Now he is letting him end. It is really a bit sad.

    Seeking subscription and guaranteed monthly ticket support! ! (To be continued~^~)

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