Chapter 303 is always proud!

    CCTV's [Asian Chinese Gold List] Awards ceremony is a big event for the popular Musical World. Two live channels of live broadcast, plus a large number of Celebrity lineups, Viewership Ratings are naturally high.

    For Lu Chen's fans, Lu Chen's four nominations are undoubtedly the best reason for watching live broadcasts on TV or online.

    Xiangnan Satellite TV’s [Chinese Music List] made everyone disappointed and angry once, so they have more expectations for the authoritative and gold-rich list.

    Four nominations, can you always get one?

    The result did not disappoint everyone. The first one was also recognized as the most confident and best newcomer award.

    The network suddenly boiled!

    Especially in the [Whale TV] Lu Chen live broadcast room, this Lu Jiajun has been sticking to the position, from the beginning to the end is Lu Chen's most solid backing, in the condensed popularity and fans loyalty has an irreplaceable role.

    Tonight's [Asian Chinese Gold List] Awards ceremony, due to copyright reasons, [Whale TV] official can not directly publicity, but Lu Chen's nomination news was hung up early, so the broadcast of the evening broadcast in Lu Chen live broadcast At the time, the number of online viewers hit a new high.

    "Ouye, Best Newcomer Award!"

    "Lu Chen greatly forformable might!"

    "Oh, as early as expected, this award is in addition to our Lu Chen, who is eligible?"

    "Hahaha, I still open the game and gamble with others, gambling Lu Chen can win two big prizes, one is at hand!"

    “Best newcomer, and the best composer, the two awards are fine.”

    "Don't think about the best composition too simple. This is really a qualification. I don't think it can be obtained."

    "See also the seniority, the most hate this!"

    "We have to believe that Lu Chen is big, the best newcomer award is just the beginning, and there is even bigger behind!"

    "Long live, finally got the prize!"

    Due to the large number of online users, there is a slight stuck phenomenon in the live broadcast. As for the barrage and the rewards, it is unnecessary to say that if you do not set and mask the Special Effect, the picture can't be seen.

    In blogs and forums, there are countless blog posts and posts that celebrate Lu Chen’s first newcomer award.

    "It is still more reliable for CCTV. Lu Chen should have won the newcomer award."

    "Shonan Satellite TV that urine, huh, huh, now face-smacking?"

    "face-smacking is not afraid, the face of Shonan Satellite TV has long been as thick as a city wall, you can not wear Iron Palm!"

    "This is finally the idea of mastery, the last time I gave to the depressed, alas, do not want to say." ”

    "The hardships come, the name is the truth!"


    On the stage of the National Grand Theatre, the brilliant and dazzling main hall, Lu Chen took the trophy from Chen Feier.

    The main body of the [Asian Chinese Gold List] is a lifelike Lark, with a note in its mouth, a pure copper surface with a gold surface, a very delicate shape, and of course a light weight.

    The two eyes are touching, although they are speechless, but each other's eyes are enough to explain everything.

    Chen Feier opened a charming smile and suddenly hugged Lu Chen with her arms open and whispered: "Congratulations you!"

    Lu Chen naturally accepted her hugs and congratulations.

    The two showed a kind of love in front of hundreds of millions of viewers in a calm and hidden way!

    In this situation, the scene suddenly became awkward, and the laughter and applause on the audience floor sounded at the same time.

    The relationship between Lu Chen and Chen Feier is gradually moving from the underground to the sunshine. Step by step, like spring rain, the people who understand it naturally understand, and those who do not understand will gradually understand.

    Accompanied by the flash of light, this scene was promptly taken into the scene by reporters and photographers on the scene, I believe it will become one of the best photo photos in the relevant entertainment news report!

    Of course, Xiu En love can not be excessive, especially in the eyes of the public, in order to avoid the single-dogs, Lu Chen and Chen Feier released their hands at the same time, the latter smiled and retreated to the side.

    The protagonist now is Lu Chen!

    Holding the heavy trophy in his hand, Lu Chen took a deep breath and pressed down his inner excitement and excitement.

    He said to the microphone: "Thank you all, thank you CCTV and Yang Guang, thank you to the judges group of the Golden Melody Awards to present this important award to me, so that I have the biggest surprise this year!"

    The applause sounded again.

    Lu Chen continued: "It was an accident to go to Music, but it was this accident that made me find the most important goal in my life. Walking all the way to today, I need to thank a lot of people, like Big Brother Tan, like Miss Chen Feier, and a lot of fans who support me. Without you, there is no present and future! ”

    "And what I am most grateful for, is my mother…"

    "I think she must be sitting in front of the TV at this moment. I want to tell her that I will always be her pride!"

    "Thank you!"

    Lu Chen took a step back and bent down deeply, thanking him!

    The applause at the scene was like a storm, and it sounded in the main hall of the National Grand Theatre. One by one, the guests stood up and sent a sincere congratulations to Lu Chen.

    After a full tenth of a second, Lu Chen just got up again. He raised his trophy and waved twice. Then he returned to the one's own seat together with Chen Feier.

    [Asian Chinese Gold Melody] The Awards ceremony is still far from the end.

    The next issue was the best producer and best lyrics. The former had no relationship with Lu Chen, and Lu Chen received a nomination.

    But unlike the Best Newcomer Award, the other three nominees are the top authors in the industry. They are far superior to Lu Chen in terms of literacy, both in terms of qualifications and fame.

    Therefore, although Lu Chen’s nominated work “I Love You China” was sung in the north and south of 2015, this award still missed him, and was finally taken away by the famous songwriter Wang Guangzong.

    Wang Guangzong is the old Senior in the circle. He has been working with Singer for many big cafés for decades. He doesn’t know how many awards he has won, so his performance is very light and windy. After saying a few words of thanks, End.

    The best lyrics are followed by the best composition, which is another great prize.

    Lu Chen also won the nomination with "I Love You China", but unfortunately, his competition opponent is exactly the same as before, is the famous figure in the industry – Dong Zhen, Zhang Keyi and Tang Xia.

    More than qualifications, fame, and connections…Lu Chenchao is the three great gods at least a few streets.

    His only advantage is that Dong Zhen, Zhang Keyi and Tang Xia did not have any very classic and outstanding works in 2015. Their nominations were worse than the "I Love You China".

    However, in addition to Lu Chen's fans, not many people are optimistic that he can win this trophy.


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