Chapter 309 Jumping Beam Clown

    Lin Zhijie’s friend, Yu Jizhong, opened an art studio in the New Age Art Park.

    It is not far from the flying stone record headquarters. It is only a 5-minute walk away. It is located in a unique building consisting of large-area glass and outer steel frame. It is an art square separated by a green belt.

    The buildings in the New Era Art Park are very distinctive. There are basically no high-rise buildings here. Most of the buildings are only two or three stories high. The studios in the Jiji are no exception.

    In addition to the front desk, most of the space on the first floor gives the exhibition hall a display of art. The main exhibits include oil paintings, small sculptures, photographic works and modern art.

    On the second floor, there is an art workshop, including a studio, a sculpture room and an office.

    Lu Chen saw the Yuzhong in the studio.

    The artist, who is forty or fifty years old, wears a set of oil-filled overalls. His body is solid and his face is full of brilliance, with a typical artist-style messy hair and beard.

    Lin Zhijie introduced the two: "Lu Chen, this is the teacher of the middle school, the real art everyone!"

    Lu Chen immediately reached out and greeted him: "Hey, you are good, and you have a long time."

    In fact, he did not know each other at all, and he did not hear the name of this person.

    "This is Lu Chen, Musician, one's own open studio."

    Chen Feier has already gone back in advance, so only Lin Chen came with Lin Zhijie.

    In the Juji period, it was estimated that he did not watch entertainment news. He calmly looked at Lu Chen and estimated that he did not know Lu Chen. He shook hands with the latter and said, "Hello."

    Lin Zhijie smiled and said: "Daddy, Lu Chen wants to rent your land, you have to give me some face!"

    The face in the Juji finally showed a smile: "Talk to my office."

    There is Lin Zhijie's matchmaking, and the middle ages are quite quite face-to-face.

    He changed the clean clothes, let the assistants come to the tea, and talked like a friend in the office.

    This building, which is exclusive to Studio in the Jiji, has an area of ​​about 1800 square meters. It can be separated by a maximum of 1,000 square meters in the Jiji period, from single rent to shared rent.

    Of course, the cost of subletting is quite a lot. According to the artist, as long as he releases the news, some people are willing to rent at a high price. This location is very good in the entire art park.

    Since Lu Chen is a friend of Lin Zhijie, he is willing to give priority to Lu Chen, but there is a prerequisite.

    "If you engage in Music, you can't argue with us, otherwise you won't have to talk about it!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "This is simple, I promise to be soundproof when I redo the decoration."

    The sound insulation of the studio is the best. There is no noise problem. The only trouble is the practice room. But as long as the decoration is in place, it will definitely not affect the neighbors. The office where I work is also afraid of noisy.

    As the saying goes, I have proved that this matter is basically no big problem.

    As for the price of subletting, it is necessary for the two sides to sit down and talk about it again, not in a few words.

    In general, it was very smooth, and the exchanges between the two sides were quite enjoyable. There was no such temper in the Jizhong.

    Just when he said goodbye, he suddenly seemed to think of something, and asked: "Lu Chen, have you ever written a song called "Blue Lotus"?"

    Lu Chen screamed: "Hey…Yes. ”

    Min Zhong nodded and said: "I have heard that this song is very well written."


    When Lu Chen returned to studio, the sky was getting dark.

    I have already got off work, there is no one in the office, but the manager room is still lit.

    In the past, he found that Lu Xi was still working in front of the computer, and the ten fingers were knocking fast on the keyboard.

    Lu Chen greeted: "Sister, it's too late, let's go eat together."

    Lu Xi turned his head and asked: "What about Mayfair?"

    Lu Chen said: "She has something else…By the way, the studio new place has been found, I have seen it in the afternoon is very suitable, tomorrow you have to talk to them about rent. ”

    Lu Xi wondered: "So fast? Is Lin Director helping? ”

    Lu Chen nodded: "Yes, this time he really helped a lot, it owed a lot of people."

    He said: "Let's go, talk while eating."

    "Not in a hurry…"

    Lu Xi opened the web with a mouse and said, "Look at this first!"


    Lu Chen walked curiously and found that Lu Xi opened the one's own personal post.

    Although his post is built by fans, but after passing the qualification, Lu Chen studio also has management authority, so it is semi-official and is also within Lu Xi's scope of work.

    In the future, Lu Chen studio will move and expand. This work must be carried out by a special person.

    In his post, the home page was topped with a red mark and it was a suede post!

    Lu Chen quickly browsed this post and found that the object of being minked was a guy named ID [Heavy Metal Element]. This is not a fan member of Lu Chen, but he has spoken many times.

    [Heavy metal elements] posts are basically based on sniper.

    Celebrity Idol artists, some people like that people don't like it is a very common thing, reaction on the Internet, there are natural powders, there will be sunspots, and it will not be praises in the post.

    Under normal situation, as long as there is no bad situation, such as swearing, personal attacks or smearing, the post manager will not delete the post and keep a certain dissent Voice.

    But last night, when Lu Chen won the Best Newcomer Award and the fans in the post bar celebrated the day, the [Heavy Metal Element] jumped out to say something strange, and also bet with others that Lu Chen could not pick up the Best Composition Award.

    The result was a dead dog after the face-smacking, which completely angered many fans.

    Therefore, some experienced and technical strength fans have traced the "heavy metal elements", wanting the human body to come out of the real identity of the other party.

    By tracking the traces of [heavy metal elements] left in the post bar, the results have really been harvested.

    The true identity of this [heavy metal element] is actually the assistant of Ling Xiaoxiao!

    Ling Xiaoxiao is Lu Chen’s oldest family. The grievances between the two can be traced back to Lu Chen’s debut, but at that time the two sides can still say that they are on the same starting line, which is now completely different.

    Ling Xiaoxiao's assistant actually went to Lu Chen's post bar to stir the wind and stir the rain, which was both unexpected and not so unbelievable.

    The search for the evidence chain is very complete, and the final point is clear and unmistakable. It is a very successful human action, so it was announced in the Post Bar for condemnation.

    In this post, some people pointed out that it is likely that Ling Xiaoxiao one's own by means of the number of the rumor!

    Jumping beam Clown!

    After reading the post, Lu Chen couldn't help but shook his head and felt very funny.

    He said: "Don't worry, let's eat!"

    In Lu Chen’s heart, this break is not as important as eating with his sister.

    Ling Xiaoxiao? He is about to forget this name.


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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Paula Viviescas
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I forgot who is ling xiaoxiao