Chapter 305, grab the limelight

    Accident, absolute accident!

    The best composing award in the [Asian Chinese Gold Melody] is undoubtedly the first unpopularity that broke out this evening.

    The fans who saw Lu Chen appearing again on the award-winning stage were crazy.

    In Lu Chen, half a minute ago, he bet the keyboard of the heavy metal element, and immediately met the irony of countless fans, and the reply was extremely ridiculous.

    "Haha, someone wants to eat the keyboard, the custom version of the magic keyboard!"

    "I believe the taste must be very good. Remember to live live broadcast when you eat, otherwise everyone will not recognize it."

    "Lu Chen greatly forformable might, the sunspot eats!"

    "I didn't expect it, this is the biggest surprise at night? This brother-in-law tragedy who eats the keyboard! ”

    "Come and eat fast, everyone is waiting, don't pretend to be a grandson."

    In fact, since Li Xing announced the winner of the Best Composition Award, this [heavy metal element] really put up the turtle grandson, shrinking his head and letting his friends do not sneer at it, as if nothing happened. .

    As for betting on eating keyboards…if you serious you lose!

    But the vast number of friends are uncomfortable, although the miraculous face-smacking is successful, but it is very helpless for someone to play the head turtle. It is impossible to penetrate the screen and pull him out through the network cable.

    However, there are many fans of Celebrity, and naturally there will be a variety of characters. Some people don't see the difference between ordinary people on the Internet. The actual combat power and action force may burst into a watch.

    Immediately, there are fans who hold the "special Skill", and the ID [heavy metal element] is displayed in the legendary god-level big move – human flesh search, want to see what the black kid is!

    Don't give up his skin, they will never stop!

    On this side of the celebration of the celebration, mocking ridicule, on the stage of the National Theatre, Lu Chen took the Golden Bailing trophy from the hands of Li Xing.

    "Congratulations you!"

    Li Xing showed a bright smile and extended his arms to Lu Chen for a hug. Of course, it was pure and courteous.

    She and Lu Chen met at the opening ceremony of the Hangxi Xizi Cultural Festival last year. At that time, the party had a great storm because of the sulfuric acid incident. Li Xing was very appreciative of Lu Chen’s bravery and fearlessness.

    And Li Xing is a Hangcheng person, and Lu Chen is half a fellow, so he has to be close to performance.

    Before and after the two heavyweight awards, the two singers, Awards, really made people laugh at Lu Chen’s innocence and hate–Tonight’s [Asian Chinese Gold Songs List], all of which he was robbed!

    "Thank you!"

    Lu Chen said to the microphone: "It's really very unexpected, because in my one's own view, I have too much to learn compared to Dong Town Teacher, Zhang Keyi Teacher and Towniesie Teacher."

    At this time, under the command of the pilot, the lighting division placed the spotlight on the three composers.

    At the same time gave a close-up scene.

    These three seniors are still very graceful. Although they lost to the newcomer Lu Chen, they are not excited or dissatisfied. They are still smiling with a smile.

    "I Love You China" is a work that won the Best Composition Award. The choice of the judges group is not wrong.

    Lu Chen continued: "I am very grateful to CCTV and Yang Guang for giving me such a high honor. I am also here to thank my mentor in life and career. They are Xu Bo, Mo Ran and Fang Mingyi…"

    "Without them, there will be no me today!"

    Lu Chen didn't think that he could get the best composition award, so he didn't prepare a speech. If he said that he didn't repeat it, he would say it in his heart.

    Without the bizarre dream, if there are no three characters in the dream, no matter how hard Lu Chen works, he can't stand here. He thanked Luck for giving it to him, and Xu Bo, Mo Ran and Fang Mingyi.

    It’s a dream that you can’t tell, remember that you don’t forget your gratitude!

    "Thank you all again!"

    For the second time, Lu Chen was deeply stunned to all the guests, and also paid tribute and thanks to the three people in the memory.

    In the tide of applause, he returned to the seat of one's own.

    After re-settling, Lu Chen still had a little real feeling, and could not help but hold the trophy in his hand.

    The trophy is truly incomparable.


    Sitting next to Li Mubai quietly rushed to the morning and gave a thumbs up.

    He also played Music, knowing how difficult it is to get this award, and it’s like hanging up.

    Lu Chen smiled a little, and his heart was quite emotional.

    Unconsciously, he came to this step so quickly, and the two grand prizes were handed.

    Li Mubai’s eyes shone and said: “There is also a best album award!”

    He obviously hopes that Lu Chen will be able to make another city.

    But Lu Chen's own is very clear, one's own will stop here tonight, the best album is impossible.

    If something goes on like that, then he has to write a big "service" to CCTV.

    In fact, getting the best composition, Lu Chen has already looked at CCTV.

    The best album of the Golden Melody album was released after the best combination. MSN was nominated for the best newcomer combination, but lost to another men's team in July. It was a bit unconvinced to lose the truth.

    MSN's debut album "Lover's Not Full", the sales results are completely explosive!

    As for the best album, Lu Chen was defeated normally. The CCTV and the Golden Jubilee judges group gave him enough scenery. It is impossible for him to always be proud of the end.

    The fans who watched the live broadcast on the Internet accepted them calmly, and they were already satisfied.

    [Asian Chinese Gold Melody] There are only 21 awards. In addition to the best men and women Singer, it is the best album, and it is a high honor in the industry.

    In addition, Chen Feier was nominated for the best female Singer, but this title was taken away by Zhang Lin.

    Zhang Linyi is also the female Singer of the Domestic A-list. Although Chen Feier is more famous than her, she has no personal albums in 2015. Several songs written by Lu Chen have not been officially listed, so last year. The influence is weaker than the very active Zhang Linyi.

    Chen Feier was a bit sorry, but she still sincerely wished Zhang Linyi.

    As for the best male Singer, he was taken away by Hu Gong, this is also the A-list power singer of Domestic.

    After more than two hours of ceremonies, the 16th and final [Asian Chinese Gold Melody] officially ended in the National Theatre of Beijing.

    This popular and important Music Award is now coming to an end and will be ready for new glory.

    After the party ended, Lu Chen was interviewed by the CCTV Music channel.


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