Chapter 308 Good News

    After the eighth day of the first month, the company in Beijing, which has a large Xiaoxiao, has already started business.

    The flying stone record is no exception, but the banner of the "Happy Chinese New Year" is still hung on the porch on the lower floor of the building. A row of long red lanterns still enjoys the taste of the year, and the residual red of the firecrackers is left on the ground.

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier visited together. Lin Zhijie and a vice president of Fei Shi Records personally greeted at the door.

    This kind of courtesy made Lu Chen secretly surprised.

    He and Chen Feier are friends with Lin Zhijie. The two sides are very familiar with each other, and it is not once or twice to come to Fei Shi records. Even if Lu Chen’s coffee room is improved a lot, don’t need to be so formal.

    Under the ceremony, people must ask for it?

    Lu Chen thought about it and smiled and asked: "Linda, what are you doing so kindly?" This time I am embarrassed to go to the door next time! ”

    Chen Feier also smiled: "Yes, Big Brother Lin is too far out."

    Lin Zhijie haha ​​smiled and said: "You're welcome, you two are the first guests to visit this year. Of course, you have to be a little more solemn. I haven't had Congratulations. Lu Chen won the best newcomer and best composition award. It is not true now. that's too regretful!"

    As the Music Director of Fei Shi Records, Lin Zhijie is of course eligible to participate in the [Asia Chinese Songs] Awards ceremony, but he just returned from abroad yesterday, so he failed to catch up with the party.

    Of course, it is not too late to send a congratulation.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Thank you."

    The group talked and laughed and came to the conference room of Fei Shi Records.

    Because Chen Feier has already notified in advance, the flying stone has already been prepared. The conference room has already taken the backbone members of many record companies. The LCD TV on the wall also shows "Chen Feier New The words "Flower Woman" production seminar".

    Seeing Lu Chen, Chen Feier and others come in, these flying stone record elites have got up and say hello.

    Fei Shi Records attaches great importance to Chen Feier's transformation, and strives to make a good start in 2016. Therefore, she has formed a lean strength headed by Lin Zhijie to specialize in the production and distribution of the new album.

    "Flower Woman" is the name of the new album. This Lu Chen is a tailor-made work for Chen Feier. It is also the album's main song. According to the plan, the MV will be pre-heated in the next week.

    Today's little meeting is the production of the album, publicity, etc., because Chen Feier has one's own independent studio, the new album is outsourced to the Fei Shi record, there must be a lot of cooperation problems.

    In addition, there is also the addition of Lu Chen, and all aspects need to be coordinated.

    In addition to Lu Chen, Chen Feier, and Lin Zhijie, there are also producers, songwriters, arrangers, recording studios, publicities, etc. of Fei Shi records.

    It will take almost two hours to complete, and the atmosphere is friendly and warm.

    Lu Chen did not speak much, but no one dared to ignore his existence. He was responsible for the creation of half albums, and he also took on the responsibility of co-arranging and supervising. The weight of the album even exceeded that of Lin Zhijie.

    After the meeting, Lin Zhijie took Lu Chen and Chen Feier to the office of one's own.

    The Music Director of the Flying Stones personally brewed coffee for the two.

    The coffee he used was excellent, the taste was rich and fragrant, and the peculiarity was that there was not much bitterness and it was particularly smooth.

    Although Lu Chen is not an expert in coffee, he can taste the extraordinary.

    In contrast, Chen Feier is more knowledgeable. After drinking a few mouthfuls, she is quite moved: "Linda, are you an authentic Blue Mountain coffee?"

    Lin Zhijie said with a smile: "Yes, the Blue Mountain coffee I just brought back from Japan is only two pounds. If you like it, take a pound back when you go."

    Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the best coffees in the world, but it is also the most counterfeit coffee brand. In the Domestic, it is like a pearl milk tea. Any city can walk into a coffee shop and get a cup. Dozens of so-called Blue Mountain coffee.

    In fact, this type of coffee from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica does not exceed 100 tons per year, and most of them are supplied to the United States, and there are very few Domestic imports.

    Because Japanese has invested heavily in the industry chain of Blue Mountain Coffee and has a large market share, it is still possible to buy authentic Blue Mountain coffee in Japan, but the price has been greatly speculated.

    "A pound?"

    Chen Feier grinned and said: "Linda is too polite. If you have something, just say it."

    How clever she is, where can't see that Lin Zhijie is looking for something, so it will be extraordinarily polite.

    "Sure enough, but Maya…"

    Lin Zhijie was not embarrassed to be seen, and smiled: "In fact, it is not my business, I would like to ask Lu Chen, have you planned to shoot a new drama series this year?"

    Lu Chen suddenly understood, and Fei Shi records also stared at his new drama.

    The great success of "Blue Life and Death" made Lu Chen become a hot person in the film and television circle in just a few months. This 20-episode urban emotional drama was first broadcasted in Haijin Satellite TV, creating the same in recent years. The highest Viewership Ratings record in the type drama series, with a number of newcomers including Lu Chen one's own.

    For example, like the first male in the play with Han Taixi, Hu Yang, the first female with Cui Xinai, Zhang Liwei, is an artist who has been debuting for a short time, but before the broadcast of "Blue Life and Death", several people heard Have the names of these two?

    Now Hu Yang's commercial performance price is 200,000, the brand endorsement is at least 3 million, the price has skyrocketed dozens of times, the brush notice has been flying, I don't know how many peers envy and hate.

    There are also Zhang Junzhi and Ye Qing, who played the role of Junxi and Enxi in their childhood, and they all became famous overnight.

    As for the investment in the filming of "Blue Life and Death", the Gande Brothers Film Industry is even more mixed.

    The success of "Blue Life and Death" is really a miracle. The influence outside the circle is very big, and the Viewership Ratings in the first episode of Beijing Satellite TV and Zhedong TV replay exceeded 1%, which is enough to prove the popularity of the show. Not reduced.

    Under such a situation, Lu Chen's new drama this year has become one of the focus of attention in the circle. Many people in the industry think that Lu Chen is likely to shoot the second part of "Blue Life and Death".

    After the Chinese New Year, the phone calls of Lu Xi and Lu Chen studio were quickly smashed, and they came to the door to seek cooperation and recommend artists. Even many Celebrity also inquired about the news through various channels.

    Even Chen Feier was harassed by people – her relationship with Lu Chen is not a secret in the circle.

    It’s just normal for Fei Shi’s record to come together.

    Lu Chen said: "Linda, if you want to ask me, should this coffee be given to me?"

    Lu Chen is of course a joke.

    As a result, Lin Zhijie gave him a mocking look – what is the difference between Chen Feier and you? Have it?

    Ok, there is no difference!

    Lu Chen sighed and said: "We plan to start preparations next month. If everything goes well, it will probably be officially started in April."

    Lin Zhijie suddenly brightened his eyes: "Is the second part of "Blue Life and Death"?"

    Lu Chen shook his head: "No, I will not make a sequel to this drama. I have conceived a new drama."

    This time, even Chen Feier has an interest: "What is the content of the story?"

    The new drama thing Lu Chen told her to shoot, but does not involve specific things, such as the story outline.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Temporarily confidential, but this drama will not be a tragedy again, you are still the heroine."

    Chen Feier gave him a sly look, but his heart was sweet and happy.

    Due to the unpredictable consequences, Lu Chen and Chen Feier have no public relationship for the time being, but they have no intention of concealing them for a long time. The best way is to let the fans accept both through this subtle influence. Human love.

    After the broadcast of "Blue Life and Death", in the eyes of many fans, the two are the best CP combination.

    "Your career is getting bigger and bigger…"

    Lin Zhijie sincerely lamented that as one of the four big judges in the original "Singing China", he can be said to look at Lu Chen all the way to the present.

    The Music Director of the Flying Stone record said: "Your sister told me that you are interested in changing the studio to another place?"

    Lu Chen replied calmly: "Yes, I merged a Music studio and prepared to build a high-standard studio. The renting place is too small. If there is a suitable place here, then it is best."

    “A man who is a Musician should have a one's own recording studio!”

    Lin Zhijie smiled and said: "This is what my mentor once told me. I really envy you."

    "Your luck is also very good. I know a friend who has opened a large art studio here. Now I am interested in transferring half of the venue. The subletting fee is not cheap, but enough to accommodate your new studio."

    "Is it good news?"

    Lu Chen surprise: "Really?"

    He didn't expect to be able to take root in the art park. The property here is so popular that there is no space at all, so it is Luck's business to share with others.

    Lin Zhijie is a professional. He said that it is enough to use it.

    I saw Lin Zhijie nod. "Of course it is true. It is also very clever. My friend recently needs money. Otherwise, he is absolutely reluctant to divide one's own site into half."

    "It’s better to hit the sun than to choose the day. Since you are here today, I will take you to talk to him now."

    Lu Chen grateful: "Thank you, Brother Lin, I really bothered you."

    He was secretly admire in his heart. Lin Zhijie just asked him if he had a plan to shoot a new drama. After asking, he would not say anything about it, but he would first ask for help.

    Once this is synthesized, the human condition will owe it.

    Lin Zhijie's work for people, a little bit of moist and quiet taste, it is worth learning.

    Of course, Lu Chen’s own is also very happy, and deeply feels the importance of personal connections.

    If there is no Lin Zhijie, others want to sublet the venue, he can't even get the news, let alone talk.


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