Chapter 306, Public Opinion Resound

    As the first heavyweight Awards ceremony for 2016 Pan-Entertainment, the end of the 16th [Asian Chinese Gold Melody] is undoubtedly a major event for Entertainment Circle, especially the popular Musical World.

    The next day, February 19th, the headlines of major entertainment newspapers and websites were basically occupied by the contents of the Awards party. Various Eight Trigrams commentary articles were filled with the media, which was the authority that lasted for more than ten years. Music award farewell.

    [A decade of hard work, Zhang Linyi finally picked the best female Singer crown in the Chinese song list! 】

    [Chen Feier cherished Zhang Linyi, facing a difficult transition!]

    [The end of an era, Tan Hong with the Chinese songs list to withdraw from the popular Musical World! 】

    [Lu Chen lived up to expectations and won the Best Newcomer Award in the Golden Melody. 】

    [First win the best newcomer, and then pick the best composition, Music talent Lu Chen shocked the Chinese Golden Melody Awards Party! 】


    In the morning, Lu Xi deliberately emptied the file cabinets displayed in the office, placed the two Jin Bailing trophies in the solemnity, and put the glass of the cabinet door clean, so that it can be seen more clearly. point.

    This is the first time Lu Chen has won the Music category, and it is still two gold-rich trophies.

    My sister will cherish his honor as a eternal commemoration.

    In addition, she will also receive an interview video clip of the 15th Music Channel of CCTV and send it to the blog of Lu Chen studio.

    Like many Celebrity artists, there are currently three Vs related to Lu Chen in the Inspur blog.

    The first one is Lu Chen one's own registered Lu Chen FMX, with more than 15 million fans, belonging to the Celebrity personal blog, mostly in the life entertainment category.

    The second is to register Lu Chen studio official V two months ago, the current number of fans is 3 million+, mainly to release news related to Lu Chen, such as he wants to launch new song, or to participate in a certain endorsement activity. .

    The last one was the Lu Chen fans support group (Lu Jiajun), and the fans numbered 5 million+.

    The first two blogs are mainly Lu Xi management, especially Lu Chen studio official V, the older sister is personally personally complete the daily content update.

    The situation of the last support group is relatively complicated, and there are several managers including Li Mubai.

    With Lu Chen's Music and film and television works constantly appearing, his fame is getting bigger and bigger, and his influence in the network and reality is getting bigger and bigger. When he debuts in less than a year, there is a faint A-list Star. The momentum.

    Of course, the world is so big and complicated. It is impossible for any Celebrity idol to get the love and worship of everyone. Just as there is light, there is darkness. If there is a real meal, there will be black powder. Some people will sell it.

    One of the largest portals in China, the entertainment channel of Yiwang, the title of the headline of the day is [the best composition of the Chinese song list, the biggest upset or the biggest shady? 】

    In the four major portals of Domestic, has always been known for its boldness, and often earns more traffic attention for popular debates that have prioritized sensitivity.

    Many national news events, entertainment, Eight Trigrams, military economic news headlines are extremely stimulating, and Editor's entrainment of private goods is often unscrupulous, making a lot of jokes, so many netizens dubbed "pigs."

    For example, the report [Asian Chinese Gold Melody], the Yiwang Entertainment Channel is obviously not willing to be similar to other media, directly set Lu Chen into a target, and the article is slammed with insinuation, and the title is quite horrified.

    In this article, Editor first introduced the other three composers who were nominated for the Best Composer Award, and introduced the identity, qualifications and works of Dong Zhen, Zhang Keyi and Tang Xia in detail, and then underestimated Lu Chen. A stroke of it.

    In this way, if the reader who does not know the truth sees it, I feel that the first three of them can smash the three streets of Luchen. How can Lu Chen take away the best composition award? Is there a shady scene?

    This article will not tell readers that in 2015, Lu Chen’s works, both in quantity and quality, have steadily surpassed the three competitors, and they have not clearly told readers that Lu Chen’s award is “I love you. China 》This song sings the red songs of the north and south.

    Slamming CCTV and slamming Lu Chen, by the way, I provoked the relationship between Lu Chen and Senior in the circle. The headline of Yiwang Entertainment Channel let Lu Xi, who just watched the news online, almost blew his lungs: "I want to sue them!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Don't ignore them, the more they care, the more they make fun."

    Celebrity artists deal with the media is a very deep learning, some Celebrity is smeared by the media, some Celebrity is a favorite of all parties, how to say how good, because the morality of the two has a difference Don't you?

    The answer is completely no, there is a public relations department in the Entertainment Manager Corporation, which is responsible for the media. The Celebrity artist's manager also has this responsibility, which is very important daily work.

    Like an ordinary entertainment reporter to interview, it is necessary to put a red envelope. The large media, the transfer point benefits are equivalent to paying protection fees. In the event of a scandal by Celebrity artists, how to make emergency public relations is very crucial.

    The speed of Lu Chen’s rise is too fast, so Lu Chen studio really lacks a lot of experience and connections in this area. Even if you want to spill money, you have to sprinkle the right place, otherwise you will be treated as a big head in vain.

    The headlines of the EasyNet entertainment channel actually gave him an alarm.

    Of course, as Lu Chen said, this matter does not need to be taken care of. The more the defense is refuted, the more easily it is smeared. As for the lawsuit, what is purely Lu Xi’s words.

    Lu Chen is really not pissed off, and the Tang Yi Yi net has to smear one's own, indicating that he is very influential.

    Any cat and dog generation, Yi network is too lazy to waste the layout!

    Lu Xi also understood: "In fact, they are revenge. In the past, our album was not on the side of Yi Net, and the drama series did not broadcast to them."

    Yi Net owns Easy Net Game, Easy Network Music, Easy Network Video, Easy Network Live Broadcast, Easy Network YY, etc. When Lu Chen’s "The Same Table" album was released, Yi Net Music also took the initiative. There is also the right to broadcast the network of "Blue Life and Death", and there are contacts in the video of EasyNet.

    However, Lu Chen has chosen the more powerful Fetion Music and Fetion video. If there is no such thing as a little bit of it, it is a strange thing! — Even Senqi, who is endorsed by Lu Chen, is making a big announcement at the Fetion portal.

    If the album "You at the same table" is also a mosquito leg, but "Blue Life and Death" is simply a big fat, so far this 20 episode of the drama series has more than 35 total hits in the video. Billion, created the highest record of the average number of hits in the episode!

    By relying solely on video advertisements and new memberships, Fetion video earns a lot of money, so I don’t know how many peers envy and hate. Yiwang video is undoubtedly one of them.

    Now is a normal morning.

    Of course, the exercises like this kind of media are basically negative. If Lu Chen sells the new drama series network right to the EasyNet video, he will definitely be taken to the sky immediately!

    Lu Xi thoughtfully: "We need to ask a professional media public relations."

    As mentioned above, the speed of Lu Chen’s rise is too fast, and Lu Chen’s studio can’t keep up. So far, the members are still two or three kittens. Lu Xi’s own work is not hard work, and many aspects are still unnoticed.

    It is imperative to hire more professionals to join in. Only in this way can we better support Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen agrees: "Then recruit people, and we have to change places in studio."

    Not only is the number of personnel to be increased, but the size of the studio has to be expanded. Lu Chen and Lu Xi have already said that they have already prepared the recording studio. Lu Xi also agreed.

    The key to deciding on the superstructure is the foundation. There is a strong team and a foundation that belongs to one's own, so it will not be easily controlled by people.

    The only question now is where is the new studio?

    In order to avoid repeating the same mistakes, coupled with the need to build a studio, the new studio has to have a large-scale venue, as well as the potential and space for subsequent development.

    In places like the capital of the capital, such a place is not easy to find, unless it is moved to the outer suburbs.

    Lu Xi said: "I have asked Lin Director to help and see if the art park can find the land."

    The New Era Art Center was established in 2001. It is located between Haidian Park and Beijing University. It covers an area of ​​nearly 700 acres and is one of Beijing's key cultural and cultural construction projects.

    After more than ten years of development, the New Age Art Park has gathered a large number of well-known films, music, lectures, and art production units. There are thousands of companies and studios in Xiaoxiao, which is a place of humanity.

    For Lu Chen Studio, there is no more suitable development place than the art park, but the problem is that the place is too good, there is no free and no rent, unless there is another company to withdraw.

    This requires luck and relationship, otherwise it will not be able to get it if it is let out.

    Lu Chen thinks that he also feels a headache. He has promised Wang Hui to build the studio as soon as possible.

    "I will ask Mayfair again, she should have someone who knows how to do it."

    Compared with Lin Zhijie of Fei Shi Records, Chen Feier’s network resources in the circle are undoubtedly stronger.

    despair! despair!

    At this time, the door of the manager's office was squeaky.

    Lu Xi and Lu Chen turned their heads at the same time. They saw Lu Xi’s assistant Chen Xin appear at the door and said: “Lu Xijie, Lu Chenge, Miss Chen Feier are coming.”

    Chen Feier?

    Lu Xi and Lu Chen look at each other in dismay – I really say Cao Cao is Cao Cao!

    Lu Chen immediately jumped out of his seat: "I am going to meet."

    Chen Feier had called Lu Chen before, knowing that he was in the studio, and did not expect to come directly now.

    Then she must have something to do.


Today, my daughter had a birthday and gave her a small birthday party in the evening. The update was a bit late forgive me. (To be continued~^~)

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