Chapter 404, Glory Moments

    Since the debut in 2015, Lu Chen's fans have increased the speed of the fans, especially the fans in the wave of blogs, just over half a year, from tens of thousands to 15 million +.

    However, the core of his fans' support group has always been the Lu Jiajun established by Li Mubai.

    So far, Lu Jiajun has more than 500,000 members, supporting Lu Chen’s backbone. The number of Fetion groups has reached 200+, to [Whale TV] Lu Chen live broadcast, Inspur blog Lu Chen fans, V and Lu Chen. For the base, it has formed a rather large scale.

    On the evening of February 18th, 2016, the “Asian Chinese Gold List” Awards ceremony was held by CCTV and Yang Guang, and live broadcast broadcasted the “Asian Chinese Gold List” Awards ceremony. Because Lu Chen has four nominations, it has attracted the attention of thousands of fans.

    There are many, many fans, watching TV or live broadcast video, while discussing with other people in blogs and post bars, there are new posts every second in Lu Chen, and PV traffic has set a record.

    These fans don't like [Whale TV], and they don't like the style of blogs. They keep posting in the post bar all the year round. Once there is any activity, they often call it a "troll army".

    There are two types of "troll army". One is mineral water and the other is tap water. The former is for money, and the latter is free.

    In Lu Chen, basically all of it is tap water!

    Therefore, when Lu Chen won the best prize, the post bar was a piece of boiling, and countless congratulations were like a magma that was pierced through the earth's crust, and the home page was red!

    However, this hot atmosphere did not last long. As the Awards ceremony continued to calm down, especially Lu Chen lost the best lyrics award, and the post was lamented.

    "The best lyrics really didn't play, expect it!"

    "Don't say me ignorant and inexperienced, who are these people, I really don't know!"

    "Wang Guangzong does not know? Haven't heard of "Chunxiao", "Tianya Mingyue's Hometown", "The End of the Road"? ”

    "Don't say, Wang Guangzong is still very powerful. The real big coffee, Lu Chen lost is normal."

    "What is normal? Even if he used to be very powerful, I have never heard of this award-winning work. Lu Chen’s "I Love You China" has never heard of it? ”

    “The award is not about the popularity of the song…”

    The fans of Lu Chen Bar have the best lyrics for Lu Chen’s defeat. I regret a lot of regrets and a lot of indignation, but basically it is acceptable, there is not too much extreme remarks, or shouting CCTV to do anything. .

    Compared with Lu Chen’s cold reception on the [Chinese-Music Music List], he now has the honor to make it impossible for ridicule CCTV's exercise – at least fairness can be guaranteed.

    Of course, there are also many optimists in the post bar.

    Someone posted: "Don't panic, there is the best composition and the best album!"

    His post immediately received the agreement of other fans: "Yes, the best composition has begun, Lu Chen has a play!"

    However, not everyone supports his point of view. A friend named ID [Heavy Metal Element] replied: "The best lyrics are not played, and the best composition still wants to have a play?" Dreaming? "I love you China. It is just like the general, it is nothing more than the light of the main theme, otherwise nomination will be there. ”

    "You're welcome to say that Lu Chen was held too high, and the newcomer Lin Chuxuan is no worse than him!"

    [Heavy metal element] obviously belongs to passers-by, his fan value in Lu Chen bar is 0, so this reply immediately angered the friend, slamming the reply and brushing a long slip.

    "Where are the sunspots, how far is the thought, how far you will go!"

    "Oh, see red eye."

    "This sour tooth is gone, saying that you are Lin Chuxuan's fans?"

    "Everyone should not be fooled. This product is to intentionally pick things up. Don't take care of him best."

    Faced with the siege of many friends, fans [heavy metal elements] returned a post: "Oh, Lu Chen's fans are such qualities? It’s really up, I’m here today, if he can get the best composition, I will eat this custom version of the magic keyboard in front!”

    This ridicule is too powerful, and it has pulled countless hatred in an instant, annoying more friends!

    Bet to eat the keyboard is a bar and a forum for netizens who often play tricks, but also bet to eat, of course, it is not within the scope of discussion, there is really a gambling lose the keyboard – chocolate keyboard.

    Because it is a routine, no one will take it seriously, but the attitude of [heavy metal elements] is too irritating, and Zhangkou will all black out the friends and fans.

    In addition, what he said "customized version of the magic keyboard" is also a very concealed mockery.

    The magic keyboard is a nobleman in the keyboard. The general production version must start at a thousand dollars. The customized version of thousands of thousands is very common, and ordinary people can't afford it.

    The netizens in the post bar are basically ordinary people.

    But many fans have kept silent about the ridicule of [heavy metal elements].

    Because of the truth, Lu Chen’s chances of winning the best composition are really low. The best composition is higher than the best lyrics and the best newcomers, and in the history of the Asian Chinese Gold List. No one has ever won the best newcomer and best composition.

    The most important thing is that Lu Chen’s competition is too strong – Dong Zhen, Zhang Keyi and Tang Xia!

    Generally speaking, the popularity of songwriters is much weaker than that of Singer. The two are not a series at all.

    A good song that sings the north and south of the river, people will only remember who the original singer is, and rarely care about the author, unless the author is Singer itself, and the songwriter's status in the circle can not change this phenomenon.

    Dong Zhen, Zhang Keyi and Tang Xia are all composers who can make many fans remember their names!

    [Heavy metal elements] Dare to open the ridicule in Lu Chen’s bar, so precisely because of this.

    What use is it with him? The result will only make him more proud.

    At the same time as the Flames of War in the Post Bar, the best composer in the National Theatre will be announced soon.

    It is Li Xing who is responsible for the announcement of the winner.

    Li Xing, 32, is one of Domestic's rare amphibian superstars. She has been in the past 17 years and has published more than a dozen albums, starring in many films and drama series, and has achieved great success in all aspects.

    On the coffee table in the circle, she also surpassed Chen Feier's A-list, but now Chen Feier has a tendency to take advantage of the hot blue "Love and Death".

    Tonight, Li Xing wore a set of royal blue deep V evening gowns. Under the spotlight, the crisp/chest half matured style could not stop.

    I saw that she elegantly tore open the sealed envelope and remove the jammed paper from it.

    The next moment, Li Tianhou showed a surprised expression, as if he had seen something incredible.

    Her look is also displayed on the big LED screen behind her, and is seen by hundreds of millions of viewers.

    However, everyone's Awards ceremony has seen more. It is this kind of expression trick that Awards guests like to play. It is often suspense that there is not much suspense. It is nothing more than creating a dramatic effect.

    The courtesy guests at the scene were more accustomed to waiting quietly for her to unravel the mystery.

    However, Li Xing Zhang had a red lips and spit out two words.

    "Lu Chen."

    Lu Chen…Lu Chen? How could it be Lu Chen!

    The audience of the audience was horrified, and it felt like a supporting role that had been accompanying the race suddenly became the protagonist.

    It’s incredible!

    But the Music that sounded in the main hall instantly made everyone know that one's own didn't get it wrong.

    "Larks fly from the blue sky, I love you China~ I love you China, I love you China~"

"I love you spring sprouts, I love you the golden fruit of autumn…"

    That's right, Lu Chen is his "I love you China"!

    With this one that is already a household name, Lu Chen took the title of the 16th [Asian Chinese Gold Songs] best composer and won his second Golden Bailing trophy, and it is a heavier one!

    Li Xing smiled: "Congratulations Lu Chen!"

    The spotlight hit the body of Lu Chen in an instant.

    Lu Chen didn't even think of it. After losing the best lyrics, one's own could win the best composition. It was really caught off guard and couldn't help but look awkward.

    Of course, his reaction is normal, but it is not a robot. If you are indifferent, it is a strange thing.

    Chen Feier gently pushed him and turned and smiled: "Congratulations you!"

    She first slammed the palm of her hand.

    The audience of the audience seemed to wake up as if they were dreaming, and they also made a loud applause.

    Who would have thought that CCTV would release such a big bomb, and it is estimated that tomorrow’s entertainment news will be torn off.

    In fact, strictly speaking, Lu Chen’s award for the best composition is also deserved. He’s nominated this “I Love You China” combines popular elements with the theme of the main melody. It can be said that in the same type of works in recent years. The best, most popular songs that the public likes.

    The reason why everyone was not optimistic about Lu Chen was that his competition was too strong.

    The most embarrassing thing about the more than a dozen [Asian Chinese Gold Melody List] is the existence of seniority. Most of the important awards will not be awarded to young people who have just debuted.

    The result came to the last session, and actually made a big news!

    But discerning people can see that CCTV is not intentionally sensational, but is intended to encourage and support the popular Music's new strength, so that young Music people can have more opportunities to emerge.

    This is a good thing for Domestic's popular Musical World, and people can't help but expect to be held on December 31 this year. The [Asia Chinese Gold Song List] and [Chinese Original Music List] will be upgraded. Gold Melody]!

    Therefore, everyone was surprised and also gave warm applause to Lu Chen who stepped onto the stage.

    This is his glory moment!


Yesterday's chapter 302 chapter name should be [real name], [name to reality] is an incorrect usage, corrected here, and thanks to the readers who pointed out the mistake.

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