Chapter 3: Small Shrimp in Jiang Hu

    The backstage of the Forgetful Grass Bar is a separate room separated by two small suites.

    The backstage is the space belonging to the Singer of the bar.

    Outside the large room is a row of dressing tables and storage cabinets, plus five or six soft chairs for resident Singer and singing Singer. The two small suites have sofas, TVs, wine cabinets, separate washrooms, etc. The facility is a signing site for Singer and the band.

    Also singing in the bar, Singer's status is different.

    When Lu Chen came in, the outside had already taken a man and a woman and two resident Singer. The male Singer was playing cell phone, and the woman was making up makeup. No one cares about Lu Chen who just pushed in.

    Because in this Xiaoxiao circle, Lu Chen's status is the lowest.

    "Ye Ge early, Rainbow sister early!"

    Lu Chenzhao often said hello to the two, then sat down in one's own position and placed the box.

    His position is at the far corner of the background.

    Male Singer ignored the "hmm", and the woman Singer put down the cotton pad in her hand and smiled: "Small land, you are late today, have you been criticized by the boss? Ha ha! ”

    Hongjie is more than 30 years old this year. She has been at the Forgetting Grass Bar for five years. She is good at Love Song. The voice is very good. Although her appearance is not good, she is still in the Singer circle of Houhai. A little famous.

    However, she was still a lot worse than the signing of Singer Na's sister Zhang Nana, one of the pillars of the forgotten grass bar.

    Despite this, she always maintained a kind of condescending arrogance for Lu Chen, and it sounded like a question of concern, but there was a hint of embarrassment and ridicule.

    Resting on Lu Chen yesterday, it will definitely be depressed and unbearable.

    However, in the dream, I experienced a different life in 3rd Rank. His mentality has changed even without one's own consciousness. He smiled lightly: "Thank you, my sister cares, I admit my mistake to the boss."

    The rainbow sister stunned, and the words she wanted to say later could not be said.

    She gently snorted and did not pay attention to Lu Chen, and picked up the cotton pad she had just dropped.

    At this time, the door in a small suite suddenly opened, and a man in a black jacket and long hair shawl came out.

    "Qin Ge!"

    Rainbow sister and male Singer reacted very quickly and immediately stood up and smiled and said hello to each other.

    Lu Chen took a slow shot and followed up: "Qin Ge early…"

    The jacket male Qin Qin Qin Hanyang is the real big class in the grass, the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the band, he is an indispensable soul figure of the band, even the boss Chen Jianhao is polite to him.

    The band is always stationed in the grass, there are five members, in addition to Qin Hanyang, there is also a lead guitarist, a Bass hand, a drummer and a keyboard player.

    It is not easy to support a band in a bar like Forgetting Grass. In turn, the presence of the band also enhances the reputation and popularity of the bar, so it is a well-deserved pillar.

    There is no expression on Qin Hanyang's face. Nodding a nod is a response.

    He picked up a few manuscript papers placed on the dressing table, then folded back into the one's own room and closed the door.

    The face of Hong Jie and male Singer is a bit embarrassing, but where the two are more qualified than Qin Hanyang, it is necessary to know that the latter's words will allow them to get out of the grass, even in the circle of Houhai.

    Lu Chen smiled in the heart, he and Qin Hanyang are too far apart, one's own has no idea of ​​climbing, then it does not matter the attitude of the other party, of course, there will be no embarrassment of hot face posted cold ass.

    A bar is also a small Jiang Hu, and Lu Chen is just a small shrimp in Jiang Hu.

    He sat down again and began to sort out one's own messy hair.

    The atmosphere of the Houhai Bar is different from that of the Sanlitun, which is mixed with fish and dragons. The singularity of the singularity and the smashing of the Singer is not popular here, so its image is very important.

    On the outside stage, the Voice of the live Host has already arrived, which is the beginning of the warm-up.

    Lu Chen had to hurry up to prepare for the time, and soon he was going to play.

    As for what song to sing tonight, there is already a preliminary thought in his heart.

    While Host was telling a joke to be active, the waiter who had been at the door of the bar sneaked into the electric room on the right side of the backstage.

    The electric sound room is very small, and there are equipment and computer for controlling sound and light. Various cables and wires are densely like a spider web, and the red, green and blue LED lights are flashing.

    Sitting in the middle of the "cobweb" is a fat man who weighs at least 200 pounds. He is carrying a huge monitor earphone and is shaking his head to listen to the song. There is still a half-not-eaten burger on the workbench in front of him.

    "Fat brother, fat brother!"

    The waiter called twice, and the other party did not hear it. In desperation, he had to push forward.

    The fat man opened his eyes and saw the waiter. He couldn't help but frown. He took off his headphones and said with dissatisfaction: "Small, you are not picking up outside, running to me, doing something, go out!"

    He is the sound tube of the electro-acoustic room. In this small room, even if Chen Jianhao came, he would have to listen to him.

    Xiao Gao certainly knows this. He quickly laughed at Hee Hee and sent a Jinwei beer.

    The fat man took the beer unceremoniously and asked him a look: "Let's say, your kid has nothing to offer, what do you want to do?" I ugly said that in front, small things are good to discuss, big things are free to talk! ”

    "It's a small thing…"

    Xiao Gao suddenly got a good spirit, and quickly rushed to say a few words in the ear of the fat man.

    The fat man became strange when he listened to his face. He looked up and down like a re-recognition and said, "Your boy is too yin, is this a trivial matter?"

    Xiao Gao accompanied the laughter: "It's a trivial matter. I just watched Lu Chen's kid as unhappy, and looked at the little white face. We just gave him some lessons, let him know that he couldn't do it in the grass."


    The fat man nodded thoughtfully, raised his hand and rubbed his fat chin and said: "There is also reason to say, you say that others are handsome and Singing is not good, don't go to Sanli to be a young master, go to Houhai to install Heritage and Art youth. I still have a fat brother, I wiped his ass, this…Is this not the end of the game? ”

    Xiao Gaoyin laughed and said: "Yes, yes, fat brother, you are also good for him…"

    Suddenly, he looked at the single glass window of the electric studio and said: "Lu Chen to go on stage!"

    The electro-acoustic room and the stage are separated by a single-sided see-through glass. The people inside can see the scene of the whole stage, but the outside people can't see the inside.

    The man who is holding the guitar and walking to the middle of the stage is not Lu Chen or who?

    "Fat brother, fast hands!"

    Xiao Gao eyes stared at Lu Chen, and his mouth anxiously urged.

    "What are you panic!"

    The fat man took a look at Xiao Gao and said, "I have a number in my heart, I don't have to teach you how to do it!"

    As he spoke, he reached out and closed a button on the console, and the LED on the auxiliary mixer next to it turned off immediately.

    Singer in Houhai Bar is basically a live singer or even a live accompaniment. People who don't have the skills are hard to mix here, but Singer's Voice can be adjusted in the sound room, and the sound repair is good. The ability to decay into magic.

    The real professional tuner is disdainful in the bar, and I can't afford to forget the grass, so the background repair is done by a semi-professional sound tube. With the professional digital equipment, it is no problem to cover the amateur.

    In the customers who come to the bar to consume, there are also people who know how to do it, but not many, knowing the insider will not say it.

    Lu Chen's playing level is very common, he has the opportunity to go on stage to show off the foreign fast, in addition to the appearance advantage, the background tuning of the fat sound tube also has merit.

    What makes the fat man unhappy is that Lu Chen never gave him a benefit, and he is still a big name than the resident Singer!

    So now I was stunned by Xiao Gao, and his resentment started, and the console was temporarily closed.

    In this way, the morning voice that Lu Chen played on the stage will not have any optimization treatment, and it will be presented directly in the JBL speakers worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    He will reveal the original shape!

    The fat man smiled and lost his eyes to Xiao Gao: "You wait and watch the show!"

    Xiao Gao nodded hard and clenched his fist with excitement – Lu Chen, see what other faces you continue to continue to forget in the grass!

    At this moment, Lu Chen does not know that one's own is being calculated.

    He sat on the bench, holding the guitar in his arms in his right hand, and freeing his left hand to adjust the angle of the microphone.

    After 8 o'clock in the evening, and on weekends and weekends, more and more guests appeared in the bar. Up to now, almost two-thirds of the seats have been occupied, many of them are old customers.

    After the preparation, Lu Chen said to the microphone: "Thank you for coming to forget the grass, today I will sing for you first, a flying pigeon, I hope everyone can like it!"

    There was a faint applause in the bar, and a female guest who knew Lu Chen blew a loud rogue whistle.

    "Little land keep it up!"

    Many guests laughed and the atmosphere became lively and active.

    Lu Chen sweated and waved at the other side, then prepared to start one's own performance.

    "Building Haoge…"

    Behind the bar, the charming woman looked at Lu Chen on the stage, and there was a flash of light in her eyes: "You guy is a good guy, very handsome, and will play, let him come to my company." ”


    Chen Jianhao laughed and shook his head and said: "The hardware of Xiaolu is okay, but the level of playing is too amateur. The padding field is the limit here, and you have to rely on the back to repair the game. Do you really want to sign him?"

    "That's it…"

    The charming woman said decisively: "No, no, no, my little company can't afford it."

    Beijing has more than three officials, many rich people, many handsome guys, and excellent talents.

    In terms of Music alone, Beijing has three major music colleges, plus various music training institutions. The fresh people who come out every year don't know how many, why bother to work hard to train a guy without foundation?

    The charming woman is just talking about it, not too seriously.

    At this time, Lu Chen plucked the guitar strings.

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