The 97th chapter sings while walking

    "In the Spring" is already very red.

    The Chinese original Music ranking ranked in the first week of July, this song ranked 17th, 26 points higher than last week.

    Although this week's ranking did not announce the time, I believe it will be greatly improved.

    Ascend the summit The capital is not a dream!

    Therefore, in the first qualifier of "Singing China", it is too normal for the player to cover the song.

    Gao Feng is very good at the interpretation of "In the Spring".

    The life experience of Jingping Singer has determined that he has a unique understanding of one's own for this rock and roll song with vicissitudes. He used a hoarse voice to sing a heartbreaking singer, fully demonstrating his inner uneasiness and struggling emotions, and deeply infected and impressed the audience.

    "If one day, I quietly leave, please bury me, in this In the Spring, In the Spring ~"

When he sang the last few lyrics, more than 1,000 spectators stood up and gave warm applause.

    "it is good!"

    Among the four big judges, Tan Hong was the first to stand up and shouted: "It's good!"

    Then there were Lin Zhijie, Yan Zhen and Chen Feier, who also got up and applauded.

    Faced with the tide of applause and the praise of the superstar judges Tan Hong, the beard's high-end eye circles are red.

    "Thank you!"

    He held the guitar deeply and expressed his excitement and gratitude to everyone.

    As a wandering Singer who is wandering around and struggling at the bottom, Gao Feng has never been so highly praised and welcomed on such a large stage. If it is not strong enough, he may have already burst into tears!

    In the background waiting area, Lu Chen also applauded Gao Feng.

    "In the Spring" is undoubtedly a true classic, but for Lu Chen, this song is too vicissitudes, not enough life experience and years of precipitation, can not sing its essence.

    Lu Chen's own singing "In the Spring" is not good. He must use the memory from Xu Bo to transform one's own into the unseen Singer in the dream world, and then he can express the song from the beginning to the end. The end of the confusion, despair, and self-examination.

    It is enough for him to sing this song. If it is a single's own single, it is too easy to give others a strong sense of violation.

    Now seeing "In the Spring" has touched so many people, even including the superstar-class big coffee such as Tan Hong, Lu Chen also has a strong sense of satisfaction.

    Even if it's not one's own singing, this classic can make it shine in this world…

    No regrets!

    In the big studio, the tide of applause lasted for half a minute.

    After everyone sat down again, judges Lin Zhijie said: "If I remember correctly, this song is a new work of the band? I have heard the original sing, you have a little worse in the singing skills, but the expression of emotion is more real than the original singer, so I will give you a perfect score! ”

    "Thank you Lin Zhijie Teacher!"

    Gao Feng suppressed his excitement and said: "This In the Spring is the title song of the debut album. I personally like it very much. I feel that this Singing has the voice of Singer like us. I I dare not compare with the band, but I am very grateful to the person who wrote this song."

    "If there is a chance to see this extraordinary author, I want to say to him, thank you!"

    The audience applauded.

    Modest and not arrogant people are most likely to get the favor and recognition of others.

    Tan Hong said: "I agree with you. Now there are really not many original works with real strength and emotions like this. Whether it is the original singing of the band or your cover, I hope to be heard by more people. ”

    "I think this should be the biggest meaning of singing China. I will give you a perfect score!"

    The applause that just weakened again became fierce again, and the atmosphere at the scene reached a new climax in an instant.

    Gao Feng deeply said: "Thank you Tan Hong Teacher!"

    Then Zhen Zhen and Chen Feier also commented on two sentences, all of which were passed.

    Gao Feng received the rematch pass card.

    "There is a request below, No. 0030 player Lu Chen to go on stage!"

    Lu Chen, who had already prepared for it, took a deep breath. He reached out and took the wireless microphone that Host had handed over. He stepped on the steady and powerful step to go to the stage and walked to the middle of the big stage.

    The bright spotlight hit the body, Lu Chen faced four big coffee judges and 1,500 spectators on the scene.

    There will also be tens of millions of viewers in front of TVs and computer screens!

    His mood is unprecedented calm.

    "It’s a handsome guy…"

On the judges' seat, sitting on the right side of the first Tan Hong, Chen Feier smiled and said: "Please introduce yourself."

    “Four judges teacher!”

    Lu Chen said very politely: "I am Lu Chen, No. 0030, 22 years old, from Zhedong."

    I really asked: "So what song are you bringing to you today?"

    Lu Chen replied: "I bring the name of this song to everyone, singing and walking, which I wrote one's own."

    "Sing while walking?"

    I was really surprised: "Isn't that the theme of singing China?"

    The editor-in-chief of the popular Music magazine is over forty years old, but because of its proper maintenance, it looks quite young, and the voice of talking is a bit like a girl.

    [Singing and singing while singing] is the theme of Beijing Satellite TV's first live-action draft program.

    This theme is closely related to the rules of the game. "Singing China" is divided into Beijing, Shengjing, Huhai, Hangzhou, Tianfu, Huacheng and Bihai. It uses a unique tour PK method to decide the final champion.

    The first stop of the competition is the Beijing singing area. Through the sea election, qualifiers and rematch, 32 strong places will be decided, and then the knockout will be entered. The knockout will be the first thirty-two Jin 16th, and then the top ten from the top 16 .

    Then the top ten players in Beijing singing area will go to Shengjing, Huhai, Hangzhou…Waiting for the six major singing districts, with the top ten in each singing area to conduct PK, the winner of the fittest finally selected the top ten in the country, and then return to Beijing for the final election!

    It is because of the unique system, so there is a corresponding theme slogan.

    Lu Chen nodded and said: "Yes."

    "Let's get started…"

Lin Zhijie, one of the judges, seems to be not flustered by Lu Chen. He said faintly: "I wish you success."

    When he spoke, there was a slight disappointment in his eyes.

    In Lin Zhijie's view, Lu Chen chose this song name to be suspected of opportunistic, and he did not think that Lu Chen could create a good work, and said the sentence for the professionalism.

    As the Music Director of Fei Shi Records, and in the area of ​​Beijing, Lin Zhijie has seen too many young people like Lu Chen, who are handsome and handsome, can sing and play guitar piano, but often refuse Working hard and working hard, I dreamed of becoming famous overnight.

    Among them, a very small number of Luck children have succeeded because of one reason or another, and they are famous.

    But Lin Zhijie has no good feelings for their successors or losers!

    Today's Entertainment Circle is too impetuous.

    Tan Hong said: "keep it up."

    Lu Chen nodded. He inserted the microphone into the microphone stand and then gave a thumbs up to the sound tube outside the field.

    The prelude to Music sounded.

    Debuting on the big stage of the screen, Lu Chen made careful preparations for the first qualifying round.

    This song "Singing while Walking" is also a masterpiece from the dream world. In order to achieve the best results, he also spent money to re-arrange and accompaniment recordings in Nirvana studio, waiting for the moment!

    "It is already very accustomed,

Looking out from the wind to the south.

    Crossing the mountain across the sea,

Is there a gaze waiting for you?

    A little sad,

Suddenly felt confused and flustered,

The cold wind hurts his face.

Let the tears soak the eyes.


    Beautiful melodies, excellent lyrics, under the tender and affectionate interpretation of Lu Chen, just sang a few words, four judges and four movements under the stage!


Actually, I also want to know,

Which time are you in this embrace?

    Those words that have been said,

After all, none of us can do it.

    |||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START|||There is always a glimpse of one’s own,

Don’t quit,

But the past is like yesterday,

I can’t forget it!



Note: “Singing while walking”: Yan Zhikang, Zhang Fanglu / Qu: Chen Zhiyuan / Listen to the song recommended by Li Ronghao.|||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_END|||

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