The ninety-ninth chapter live broadcast room to watch live broadcast

    July 10, 7:30 pm.

    Beijing Satellite TV station, the daily fixed 7 o'clock news has just ended, the live broadcast of the "Singing China" qualifier officially started, attracting a large number of viewers to watch the channel.

    Since 2008, the Domestic Film Variety Program has seen a blowout situation. A large number of reality show competitions are crowded on the screen, forming a fiercely competitive Red Sea, and inevitably causing aesthetic fatigue.

    Under the survival of the fittest, many savvy or false-creating reality show programs have been slashed, and the basics of survival are all boutique productions. As the old TV station's Beijing Satellite TV, its first live-action draft program "Singing China" is also Caused a high level of attention outside the circle.

    In the previous sea election, Viewership Ratings was 3.27% on Gundam, and the live broadcast tonight's qualifier will undoubtedly hit a new high.

    Like all other TV stations, Beijing Satellite TV also has a live broadcast channel to simultaneously broadcast program content to hundreds of millions of Internet users, taking into account the two most important media on TV screens and computer screens.

    Just this evening, the Program broadcast on the Beijing Satellite TV network station was linked to the live broadcast of Lufei TV, and the online fishermen Gundam 500,000+.

    500,000+ netizens gathered around the live broadcast of the Internet to watch live broadcasts. This kind of situation is really rare. It should be known that most people have TVs at home, and the TV viewing experience is definitely far stronger than the computer network.

    But the network has an advantage that TV can't match, that is interactive communication!

    The logo of "Singing China" has just appeared on the screen, and Lufei live broadcast is already very lively.

    "Get started, start, my wife is coming to see the anchor!"

    "Where is there an anchor now? Don't say anything! ”

    "Who do you know when Lu Fei is playing? I am looking forward to his singing! ”

    "Do you say that the anchor can get the rematch pass?"

    "Is not this nonsensical? If we are not good, Lu Shuai, who else? ”

    "I have seen the sea election before, and the anchor is handsome!"

    "According to the most reliable news, the anchor will be on time at 8:35, welcome everyone to pay attention, squid pills!"



The barrage was densely packed, and the question that everyone was most concerned about was when Lu Chen appeared.

    They can't wait to see Lu Chen's debut on the big stage.

    Lu Chen's participation in the "Singing China" draft was announced early in the live broadcast, fish nest and Lu Jiajun group, and was supported by the majority of fans.

    Everyone is very much looking forward to his more exciting performance in the wider world.

    The qualifiers this evening are very important, plus Friday night, so there are a lot of people on the line.

    Instead of Lu Chen's Host live broadcast, of course, Li Feiyu.

    Although Little Brother Fei didn’t play live broadcast very early, he still has a bit of skill. He relies on the salesman who is a salesman to make a joke, and he brings the atmosphere in the live broadcast room. Very good.

    From 7 o'clock to the present, just half an hour of Kungfu, he drank a full 3T fish ball for Lu Chenxi!

    Many [whale TV] small anchors, hard work for a year or two of live broadcast, one's own posted a lot of traffic charges and electricity bills, have not yet earned so many fish balls.

    "I repeat it again, our Lu Fei big number is 0030!"

    Li Feiyu said loudly: "The order of his appearance is definitely behind. I don't know the exact time. So don't ask the same question. I will inform you immediately if you have the latest news. Let's watch the live broadcast of the draft!"

    On the live broadcast of the network, the female anchor, especially the beautiful female anchor, has many advantages over the male anchor, even if it is a live broadcast every day, it can attract a large number of otaku attention.

    In the male anchor, the game anchor is much stronger than the live entertainment anchor. Now Lu Chen is a popular entertainment anchor in [Whale TV], which is a lot worse than the popular game anchor like Xiaogu, even if he used to be in PK theme. The show was better than the latter.

    As a male anchor, sitting in front of the screen to sing and sing, although the support of original good songs, the audience will still be aesthetically tired, not as strong as the life-like wild adventures give people a sense of freshness and excitement, not like the game Live broadcast is so exciting and has a natural disadvantage.

    Lu Chen knows this very well, so he regards [Whale TV] as a springboard for life. He does not have the idea of ​​sticking to the anchor business for a long time, and at most he insists on the end of the contracted time.

    On the other hand, he is also seeking new changes. For example, the live broadcast of the last light blue Music night is a very good form. This time, the "Singing China" draft can also stimulate the G points of the fans. Come to pay more attention.

    Lu Chen even thought about whether he could bring the live broadcast into the backstage of Beijing Satellite TV. However, people are not allowed to do this. They can't even take pictures, let alone video shooting.

    So he changed to Program broadcast, please Li Feiyu as Host.

    The fans' response was very enthusiastic and enthusiastic, especially when the first judges appeared.

    "Tan Hong!"

    "It is actually Tan Hong, my male god!"

    "Beijing Satellite TV is really awesome, actually put Tan Hong as judges, the strength of the lever."

    "I remember that the anchor sang a lot of songs by Tan Hong. You said that he will sing at night?"

    "Can sing the best, because Tan Hong is judges!"

    "Don't pull it, Lu Shuai definitely sings the original, still can conquer Tan Heavenly King!"

    "Weakly ask, who is Tan Hong?"

    In addition to excitement and excitement, there are also stupid and stupid guys asking questions that are stupid.

    The result was that the body was sprayed on the spot: "Tan Hong doesn't know?" Expose the age, come to eat jujube pills! ”

    Tan Hong has been playing for more than 20 years. His influence is mainly concentrated in the post-70s and post-80s. After 90, he knows a lot. After 00, it is a lot worse.

    The latter two are more concerned about the popular male group and female idol new emerging artist!

    Chen Feier, who played after Tan Hong, also set off a wave of joy and praise in the live broadcast.


    "Tan Hong + Chen Feier, dream judges combination!"

    "If you don't say anything, just look at the two. I have to watch the live broadcast tonight."

    "Look at +1!"

    "You said, will Chen Feier like our anchors?"

    "Like, I will definitely like it!"

    "Ha ha…"

    As for the third judges, "Music" magazine editor-in-chief, and the fourth judges Fei Shi records, Music Director Lin Zhijie, was ignored by everyone.

    Some people even asked: "Is these two goods to make up the number?"

    Fortunately, Zhen Zhen and Lin Zhijie do not watch the live broadcast of the network, otherwise they must vomit blood – we are not passers-by!

    Since the start of the 0001 player, the qualifier of "Singing China" has continued.

    The atmosphere in Lu Fei's live broadcast room tends to be peaceful, and the barrage is much less. Most of them are comments on the players.

    Compared with the comments of the on-site judges, the barrage comment is undoubtedly more poisonous!

    Until the 0029 player Gao Feng played.

    One of his "In the Spring" instantly reignited the hot atmosphere in the live broadcast room.

    "In the Spring? Isn't that what we Lu Fei wrote? ”

    "Yes, it was written by our anchor to the band. There are three songs in total, and they are all on the original list."

    "Lu Fei greatly forformable mighty!"

    "Singing very well, it’s also a good song for our handsome coach!"

    "Hahaha, it's so interesting. Here is where Lu Fei played a lot, and he actually sang his song!"

    "Isn't it the program group specifically arranged?"

    "It's possible, otherwise it's too coincidental, it's interesting."


Front section time The band's mini album hits the list. Lu Chen made an advertisement in the live broadcast room, calling on everyone to support, so many people know "In the Spring", "I want to have a home" and "strong reason" Three songs.

    It was written by Lu Chen!

    Among them, "In the Spring", Lu Chen personally sang in live broadcast!

    Therefore, seeing the player in front of him actually chose this song to participate in the competition, everyone is happy.

    However, this is not the point. The key point is that after Gao Feng sang, Lu Chen went on stage.

    Although "Singing and Singing" did not meet the highest demands of the fans, it was also worth waiting for everyone.

    However, the real surprise is still behind.

    Lu Chen, actually got Lin Zhijie's direct promotion to the golden egg!


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