Chapter 92—You are correct

    "I once dreamed of taking the sword to the end of the world and seeing the prosperity of the world…"

    In Lu Chen’s heart, the favorite song is this song.

    The words are heartfelt, the song is ambiguous, this "You Once" sang the dreams and experiences of Lu Chen, and also contains firm courage and confidence in life, which is his portrayal of today.

    So even if he sang in the studio for the first time, he still sang a strong emotion and sang the true self!

    "The young heart is always a little frivolous, and now you are home to the world."

    The songs passed through the high-quality monitor speakers, and they were clearly introduced into the ears of everyone in the control room. The members of the Nirvana band were silent, and the laughter, ridicule, and ridicule disappeared.

    The more you understand Music, the more you understand the weight and strength of a good song. They are the first to hear this "Once You", so it is even more shocking!

    Such songs, isn’t it that they want to write works that they want to sing and struggle to pursue?

    Even the most unruly long-haired young man also took away his contempt for Lu Chen and dismissed it.

    Listen quietly.

    “…Experienced the warmth and warmth of life in the world, this smile is warm and innocent! ”

    In the studio, the sound is lingering.

    Lu Chen refers to the steel string, which is still unfinished!

    Perhaps it is a special environment here, maybe he has long wanted to sing once, so the state is particularly good.

    In this state, the acting is called entering the play, and the singing is called the intention, which is the most touching.

    Wang Hui turned his head and said to Wang Jing very seriously: "Sister, he wrote more songs than your nice."

    Wang Jing smirked with his eyes, but did not shoot.

    Because she can't refute.

    The T-shirt male is not convinced: "How do you know that this song was written by one's own?"

    Wang Hui did not answer, but pointed to the computer screen.

    On the 30-inch LCD screen, the page of the "Greater China Music Library" is clearly displayed, and everything is explained based on the results of the latest lyrics.

    Works: "You Once" / lyrics: Lu Chen / Composer: Lu Chen / registered copyright owner: Lu Chen!

    Thanks to the great technology, the arts house can easily listen to the songs and arbitrarily by moving the mouse. It is irrefutable to say that the face is uplifted – you can’t say that the “Greater China Music Library” is fake. ?

    The T-shirt man suddenly became dumb.

    Lu Chen finished the whole song and found the feeling, and then recorded the guitar accompaniment and the accompaniment.

    Because it is recorded and played, the two soundtracks are recorded once and each end, and the finalist is synthesized by the sound engineer.

    He pushed the soundproof door out and handed the guitar back to Wang Jing, saying, "Thank you for your guitar."

    Wang Jing took the past silently and looked complicated.

    Proud as her, I have to admit that such a song she can not write, Nirvana band does not work.

    The long-haired youth took the initiative to extend his hand to Lu Chen: "Hello, my name is Chen Zhiyong, the drummer of the Nirvana band!"

    Lu Chen smiled: "Lu Chen, I am very glad to meet you."

    Nirvana studio belongs to the Nirvana band with a total of four full members and a non-staff member. Chen Zhiyong is a drummer. Compassionate male Zhang Yang is a Bass hand, and another small man, Sun Hao, is a keyboard player.

    The captain of this little band is Wang Jing, also the lead singer and guitarist!

    As for the non-staff members, it is naturally Wang Hui.

    The Nirvana band usually mainly plays for the studio soundtrack, and also goes out to the show, but most of them are not in the bar.

    "Morning brother, how come you listen to the effect!"

    Wang Hui's action was fast, and the synthesis was done in software in just a few minutes.

    He handed the monitor headphones to Lu Chen attentively. Although the two talents had just met, they were very intimate.

    Can you be a little fucking!

    Wang Jing bit his lip and stunned Wang Hui.

    Wang Hui turned a blind eye to his sister, and he stared at Lu Chen with a sigh of relief.

    "Thank you…"

    Lu Chen took over the monitor headphones and listened to the synthetic recording playback.

    Due to physiological structural reasons, one's own hears one's own Voice, which is different from what others have heard.

    Lu Chen also heard the song of one's own, but it was a video of the live broadcast of the network. Don't talk about the sound quality at all. It is no problem to fool ordinary music lovers, and it can't be tolerated for the picky ears.

    Now the audio recorded through the professional studio is completely different. What makes Lu Chen feel that Wang Hui is obviously over-the-spot and has been properly modified, so it sounds very good.

    No one's Voice is flawless. The high-quality vocals recorded by professional equipment, if not trimmed, will be amplified at any point, and the sound will be clear and clear.

    So the post-processing is very important. A high-quality album often requires the sound engineer or the sound engineer to spend a lot of time to make adjustments, and finally achieve perfection.

    Wang Hui is the current record, of course, it is impossible to be perfect, but Lu Chen sounds very good. The song is pure and pure and contains emotion. The overall tone is warm and full, letting people listen to the tide!

    Especially in the treatment of the climax part, he is more satisfied.

    Taking off the monitor headphones, Lu Chen gave a thumbs up to Wang Hui: "Great!"

    "not good enough…"

    Wang Hui one's own is not very satisfied, said: "There is only five or six points. I use software to adjust the effect. The effect is still a lot worse. This song has to be accompanied by a rich timbre of arranger accompaniment. Give me three or four. The day of the day is trimmed, and at least it can have an effect of eight or nine points!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "It's really good enough."

    Lu Chen didn't know about the other people in Nirvana studio, but for Wang Hui, he already had a sense of trust.

    At least there is no white today.

    Chen Zhiyong asked: "Lu Chen, is this song ready to be placed in your album?"

    Wang Changsheng had an account of them before, and he did the songs that Lu Chen took over, and there was an entire album.

    Lu Chen nodded and said: "If there is no accident, it should be."

    Sun Hao asked: "Which company are you signing now?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I have not signed any entertainment company, and I am not ready to sign. I am currently one's own."

    “One's own alone?”

    The members of the Nirvana band looked at each other in dismay, although Lu Chen’s answer was not very unexpected, but it was confirmed that they were surprised.

    Chen Zhiyong said: "One's own alone is too difficult to get out, even if you have a good work."

    This is indeed the case, Lu Chen one's own is also deeply touched.

    In today's era, don't say Celebrity celebrities in Entertainment Circle, those net red on the network alone, if there is no professional hype and publicity, and you want to rely on one's own Strength to kill the Red Sea, it is basically impossible.

    Some people are speculating, some are holding, some are black, some are blowing, are you still alone and want to be red? Dreaming to go!

    Even Lu Chen's own, currently in the [Whale TV] mixed quite successful, but also after the signing, got the support and promotion of the website, in order to really emerge.

    And the competition in the Entertainment Circle, it is fierce and cruel too much!

    He topped Jin Hongwei and went straight out in the "strongest singer" sea election.

    This is the end of no one behind.

    However, Lu Chen has decided to take a different road. His determination is firm and he is working hard.

    Wang Jing, who has never spoken, suddenly said: "You are right."

    Lu Chen looked at her a little surprised.

    When talking, Wang Changsheng came back.

    When I saw everyone in the control room around Lu Chen, he asked, "Is it?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I am talking to you. I just heard the song that Wang Hui recorded for me. I believe in your strength now. I think it is correct to put the work in Nirvana studio."

    If you say a little nice and don't want money, Lu Chen hopes that they can treat one's own works well.

    Wang Changsheng was simply surprised, hehe smiled and patted the shoulder of one's own son: "Okay, good!"

    Lu Chen said: "Manager Wang, I am going to invite everyone to have a meal at night. After all, let everyone work hard."

    Wang Changsheng said quickly: "No need to use, let me come, please!"

    How can I let customers please eat?

    The idea of ​​Teacher Wang is very simple.

    Wang Jing cold eye spectator, her heart's evaluation of Lu Chen added two words: traitor.

    At the same time, a little Xiaoxiao's depression – how can such a person write such a song?

    Lu Chen certainly can't know Wang Jing's evaluation of one's own, but he has a one's own idea for Nirvana Studio and Nirvana Band. Without any surprise, there should be a lot of cooperation opportunities between the two sides.

    Therefore, he is willing to have a good relationship with Wang Changsheng, Wang Hui and others.

    In the evening, I would like to invite guests from Lu Chen.

    Two days later, he successfully got the arranger accompaniment works completed by Nirvana studio.

    All is ready except for the opportunity!


I wish you all a happy Lantern Festival!

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