Chapter 95—The Real Pressure

    Tan Hong + Chen Feier's two superstar combinations make the "Singing China" studio a star-studded scene.

    The reaction of the audience was naturally very enthusiastic. All of them stood up and gave the warmest applause!

    The exciting scene lasted for a few minutes to end.

    Host introduces the third judges.

    Although everyone is very much looking forward to, Beijing Satellite TV can continue to burst into amazement, but the two singers are obviously enough to suppress the scene, and do not need to add any more in this regard.

    The third judges of "Singing China" is the editor-in-chief of "Popular Music" magazine.

    Over the past 30 years, the popularity of Domestic's popular music has been greatly developed. Today's market has expanded to a point that was previously unimaginable. The scale of the industry is quite large. Therefore, there are not a few newspapers and magazines related to popular music, and the simultaneous distribution of entities and networks.

    The popular Music magazine is undoubtedly the leading role in the industry and is recognized as the authoritative media in the industry.

    Its editor-in-chief, Zhen Zhen, was once a famous Musician and enjoys a wide reputation in the industry.

    The fourth judges is the Music Director of the Fei Shi record.

    Flying Stone is one of Domestic's most famous record companies. It has produced a number of Heavenly King singers. Its music tape and CD sales have been among the best in the industry in the 1980s and 1990s.

    After entering the network era of the new century, the rise of a large number of new media has caused the operation of Fei Shi Records to suffer an unprecedented dilemma, and once faced the edge of bankruptcy.

    Later, this old record company painstakingly thought about it, stripped away the bad assets and redundant personnel, and followed the trend of lightly loading up, opened up a variety of new business, and revived.

    In the range of Domestic and even Asia, the Flying Stone record is still a famous sign!

    Two men and two women, two superstars plus two authoritative media representatives, Beijing Satellite TV is undoubtedly painstaking in the composition of the judges group, the structure is perfect.

    After the four big judges were in place, the first qualifier of "Singing China" was officially launched.

    According to the rules, the qualifiers also use the judges decision system. The players go to the stage to sing to the end. If three or four judges do not show a red light, they will pass the successful re-entry pass.

    If two red lights are lit, then enter the waiting area, and all the candidates will be voted by the audience to decide who can get the last three Luck places to enter the rematch!

    The first player is Zheng Kai from Beijing. He graduated from Beiyin at the age of 24. He started with an "Autumn Love Song" and won the applause of the audience. He passed the first rematch pass. !

    Then the second and third places…

    The qualifiers are different from the sea elections. The players on the go on stage are carefully selected by thousands of people. Therefore, each has its own characteristics. Some of them have excellent appearances, some have solid foundations, some can play and sing. The dance of hot songs…

    The attitude of the four judges is very serious and professional. There is no such exaggerated emotional expression. Whether it is through or not, it will give appropriate evaluation, praise or encouragement.

    The response of thousands of spectators at the scene is also not bad. They think that if the players sing well, they will applaud and even stand up and cheer. If they feel bad, they will be silent or even snoring, and they will not give face.

    Several players were estimated to be too nervous, and the opening sounds were floating, and the result was collapsed on the spot.

    This kind of situation is not seen in the draft program a few years ago.

    At that time, each David regarded the mad robbing variety resources and launched a large number of reality show programs. In order to create a gimmick, it is really useless. The Program group will pay special attention to the kind of "intractive inspiration, strange personality, terminal illness, hanging silk Attacking Gao Fushuai and other Korean drama-style bridge sections, to speculate on the topic to enhance the effect.

    The draft contestant at the time, if there was no touching story, was embarrassed to say hello to people.

    What if there is no story? It doesn't matter, the programmer of the Program group will help you edit one!

    If you don't want to cooperate with fakes, then you are very sorry. The next round will be eliminated. There is no reason to speak.

    Not only the players, but also the relatives and friends group must cooperate with the acting lyrics. Most of the audience on the scene is supportive, intoxicated and tearful, and the expression is exaggerated to make people unable to bear witness, resulting in a large number of ridiculous expression packages on the network.

    Many draft programs, even by netizens, dubbed "the strongest than the miserable king" "Chinese good story"…

    Players, friends and relatives, and the audience are all playing, and of course, judges can't stay out of it.

    The Program group carefully designed the lines, actions and even the character of the judges. Some of them are keen to pick things up, some like to sell cute, some from time to time, some tears, some things and things, and it’s right!

    Since the so-called live broadcast was recorded a few days in advance, the time for post-editing was sufficient, so this set of "players wiped the tears, judges, listened to the audience, sobbed under the audience, and various "Eight Trigrams" every other day. The fixed mode of “exploding the material” is not only easy to operate, but also looks very informative.

    It is said that the Shonan Satellite TV Draft Program has a behind-the-scenes editing and editing team with hundreds of members!

    However, the vast number of TV viewers and netizens are not fools. They will be touched twice and twice, and they will be touched three times and five times. It is IQ that needs to be recharged. It is naturally natural to have great resentment and resistance.

    So many lottery programs that want to continue to fool the audience, there is not much survival soil, the new Program wants to win recognition, it must be Kungfu in timeliness and authenticity, can not take the reality draft as a movie to shoot.

    The story can be, the tears can flow, can be excited or disdain, but can't fake!

    In this regard, Beijing Satellite TV is doing very well. Although the live broadcast is separated by one hour, the response from the judges or the audience is real. Players don't want to be able to overturn with a tragic story.

    Some players only took a minute to finish the red light and stepped off the stage. Some of them could also interact with the judges after singing and give enough scenes. The treatment is different.

    The difference in such treatment is not to say that there are any shady or unspoken rules, but based on the judges and the audience's evaluation of the player's performance, it is also true and credible.

    And this kind of realism also gives the players who are still waiting in the background, quite a lot of pressure!

    Since the large-screen TV is hung on the back wall, the scene from the studio is broadcast in real time, so the players who played in front of the show can be seen and heard.

    There is no rehearsal, no prior arrangement, and good or bad performance depends on personal strength and psychological quality.

    If you sing well, you can make a profit from the limelight. If you sing badly, you have to lose face in front of the people of the whole country!

    Lu Chen, who is also waiting, is interested to find that different people use different methods to decompress. Some close their eyes and raise their spirits. Feitian, some wear headphones to listen to Music, some friends and relatives. The group is talking non-stop, and some are holding the guitar and practicing repeatedly…

    Also, actually peek at the handsome guy!

    Lu Chen turned his head and showed eight teeth to Mu Xiaochu.

    Mu Xiaochu is the contestant from the Beijing Foreign Languages ​​Institute. Just 19 years old this year, it is the most beautiful age for girls.

    Her character is ashamed and cute, and people always want to tease her.

    With Lu Chen’s gaze on the face, Mu Xiaochu really blushed, just like stealing candy and being caught by the current Xiao Nizi.

    But what Lu Chen expected was that she did not choose to escape, but hesitated and took the initiative to get up and walked over.


    Xiao Nizi asked softly and slyly: "Can you accompany me to a song, I want to practice it again."

    Lu Chen fully saw that she made such a request, and it was a great courage. Therefore, she nodded and said nod. "No problem, what song?" I hope not to be too difficult! ”

    "It's not difficult…"

    Mu Xiaochu quickly shook his hand and said: "It is the sweet memory of Chen Feier."

    Lu Chen was amazed and amazed: "Choose it!"

    "Sweet Memories" is Chen Feier's famous work, and is also a representative work in Sweet Song. Mu Xiaochu certainly does not know that Chen Feier is a judges. It is no coincidence that this song is chosen.

    And her Voice plus image, singing sweet songs is just the most suitable, it is easy to impress judges!


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