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    Tan Hong straightened his waist and looked more serious.

    Chen Feier's eyes wide open, and there is a faint surprise in her eyes.

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    Lin Zhijie silently, do not know what is thinking.

    The 1,500 spectators at the scene were quietly listening to Lu Chen’s singing.

    The style of "Singing and Singing" is completely different from the "In the Spring" sung by Gao Feng. The lyrics are sad and nostalgic, but the genre is not gray and depressed, but full of gentle affection.

    Lu Chen's interpretation of this song, without any impassion or heavy wounds, his singing is casual and even lazy, giving the impression that it is like an afternoon in the autumn, covered with frost red The deciduous avenues, sitting alone on the benches, sing and sing, telling the passers-by about the one's own love story.


Love sing while walking,

I can’t sing for a long time.

    On the empty road,

Covered with confusion.

    Willingly struggling,

Hope of mixed feelings,

After all, it is still the same.

Can't change the ending you want,



    In the chorus part, the emotions have changed, the question is also the answer, and the strength of the Strength is greatly strengthened!

    In all fairness, "Singing and Singing" is inferior to "In the Spring" in the realm of hierarchy. It lacks the passion and climax of scalp and trepidation, so it is difficult to touch the hearts of the audience, if not the name of the song. Just in line with "Singing China", Lu Chen may not choose it as the first qualifier.

    But it is still a good work, at least nice, able to show off talent!

    And the audience listened very comfortably, just to smooth out the mood fluctuations caused by listening to "In the Spring".


Not as good as everything,

You and me are fine!

    Everyone is afraid of complexity,

Let's simply live a life! ”

    For a full 4 minutes, Lu Chen sang the song "Singing and Singing".

    There was a loud applause in the studio, but not as passionate as before, only a few spectators got up.

    The four judges also applauded, but they didn't stand up.

    The applause quickly took a break. Chen Feier said first: "Lu Chen, I like this song very much. You are a very talented singer, so I am very happy to give you a perfect score!"

    The applause sounded again.

    Lu Chenxi walked the ceremony: "Thank you Teacher Chen!"

    This sweet Singer King is really beautiful, and she really likes this song, it is not hypocritical, so Lu Chen’s evaluation is very good, and it is also a perfect score.

    It’s just that Lu Chen feels one's own. This sentence seems a bit weird.

    I really said: "Now in the popular Musical World of Domestic, there are not many people who can really sink and create, especially young people, and you let me see the future of original Strength. I hope that you will continue to work hard and create. Better and better works!"

    "I am the same as Mayfair, and I will give you a perfect score!"

    "Thank you for your friend!"

    At this moment, Tan Hong coughed twice and asked: "Do you have any other works?"

    Lu Chen nodded: "Yes."

    Tan Hong’s eyes lit up and he asked: “Can you sing another one?”

    Also in the draft qualifying competition, some players to go on stage half songs have not finished singing, they are lit up with four red lights to sneak off, and some sing a complete song, and can continue to stay on the stage and superstar Judges exchange.

    Strength makes it!

    Tan Hong himself is a very good singer. His attitude towards originality is always very serious. Therefore, unlike Chen Feier, he does not think that Lu Chen’s handsome song, Nice, gives him a perfect score and pays more attention to the latter’s talent.

    In the circle, Tan Hong also has a good reputation for bringing in the younger generation.

    He is giving the opportunity to Lu Chen performance one's own.

    Lu Chen hesitated.

    Chen Feier quickly said: "Tang Big Brother, would you let him put other works in the quarter-finals and sing again?"

    Lu Chen’s hesitation made her misunderstood, thinking that Lu Chen could not get a better song than this one, “Singing and Singing,” which made Tan Hong disappointed and affected the popularity of one’s own.

    Don't look at this is a very small thing. You must know that the qualifier is also a live broadcast for the national audience. The performance score in front of Lu Chen is already very high, but if other works are inferior, the singing will be unsatisfactory, but it will lose points.

    Chen Feier’s thoughts were exquisite, and she was very fond of Lu Chen, so she reminded me one by one.

    Tan Hong wakes up and says, "Well, it’s better to sing in the quarter-finals."

    He is purely eager to see the hunter, like Lu Chen's talent, and forget this at the time of the draft.

    Let Lu Chen sing another original, then it is illegal.

    What everyone didn't think was that I only listened to Lu Chen and replied: "Tan Teacher, Teacher Chen, in fact, I still have a work that has been sung by the No. 0029 player in front."

    Player 0029?

    The four judges, along with more than a thousand spectators at the scene, stunned – what works?

    The real reaction was the fastest. She asked in an incredulous tone: "You said that In the Spring was written by you?"

    As the editor-in-chief of the popular Music magazine, I really can't ask questions, but everyone can understand her shock, everyone feels incredible!

    The main song of the band's debut album, "In the Spring", which is hot inside the circle, has just been sung by Gao Feng and won numerous songs, and it is still so vicissitudes and deep works, actually it is From the young hand of Lu Chen?

    Many people can't believe that there is a sigh in the studio!

    Tan Hong and Chen Feier look at each other in dismay.

    Neither of them thinks that Lu Chen is lying, so as the first reality TV show of Beijing Satellite TV, "Singing China" is not only for Domestic, but for most of Asia, the influence is bound to be great.

    If he lie, then this lie is too easy to be debunked. What other faces will be mixed in the circle?

    Lu Chen is not like a person who wants to self-destruct the future here, so what he said is definitely true.

    Although it is incredible, it is true.

    Lin Zhijie suddenly said: "I remembered, the band's In the Spring is Lu Chen's lyric composition, and their other two songs, I want to have a home and strong reasons, it is also your work!"

    Lin Zhijie is the Music Director of Fei Shi Records. He has always paid great attention to the new trends of the industry and newcomers to the newcomers, so he immediately recalled.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I and the band, I used to sing in the Houhai Forgetting Grass Bar."

    He made a small advertisement for the forget-me-not, and it was also the referral of Chen Jianhao.

    Chen Feier muttered: "That is very powerful…"

    She has heard the three songs of the band, and the favorite is "I want to have a home."

    Unexpectedly, I thought it was written by Lu Chen.

    The opening game of "Singing China" is really a big treasure!

    Tan Hong nodded hard.

    Lin Zhijie shook his head with a smile, and he continued: "Lu Chen, I have to apologize to you!"

    "Because I thought you were the kind of Singer who liked to be sensational, now I know that one's own is wrong, so in order to make up for my fault, I decided…"

    His voice did not fall, his right hand suddenly raised high, and the big golden button in the middle of the judges table, he took it heavily!


The deafening tweet rang through the entire studio, accompanied by the muffled sound of “砰砰砰”, and numerous colorful strips fell from the high ceilings, giving the scene an atmosphere of joy and joy.

    On the background screen of the big stage, there are several large gold characters in the "Congratulations Advance to the Top 32"!

    Direct promotion!

    Lu Chen does not need to participate in the rematch, and is directly promoted to the 32 strong!


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