Chapter 96 is shocked.

    The first qualifier of the "Singing China" Beijing Division has a total of 35 participants.

    Lu Chen's number is 0030, and Mu Xiaochu is still behind him, which is 0032.

    At this moment on the stage is the player No. 0017.

    So the time is still very good, he opened the box and took out the guitar again.

    Skillfully plucked the steel strings, Lu Chen played a song "Sweet Memories" to accompany Mu Xiaochu.

    This first sweet song is very simple. It doesn't need to use any complicated fingerings. It is a piece of the song that is on the guitar playing. Although Lu Chen hasn't played many times, it is still easy.

    He even added a little Xiaohua's fancy.

    At the beginning, Mu Xiaochu was ashamed, and there was a hint of uneasiness in his expression. However, under the encouragement of Lu Chen, she accurately followed the rhythm and sang the Voice that belongs to one's own.

    "I am with you, passing the most beautiful coastline…"

    “Happiness, lingering, sharing the same world…”

    "That sweet memories, staying in my heart…"


    Mu Xiaochu's voice is very beautiful, sweet and moist, listening to the ears, as if to be able to break into the soul of the soul, people like honey, cool and sweet, unconsciously will sink into it.

    Naturally, many players and friends and relatives around the group came around. Everyone politely kept silent and listened to her singing quietly. Everyone had a smile on their faces.

    People are beautiful, how can they be pleasing to the eye.

    A live staff member quietly lowered the volume of the wall-mounted TV.

    Mu Xiaochu, who was onlookers, was obviously a bit nervous, but she quickly adapted and finished the whole Singing!

    "La la la ~ This is our sweet memories!"

    Song ended The sound is rested, and the remaining sounds are lingering, as if they are still in the heart, enough to recollect for a long time.

    Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

    The applause sounded, though not so enthusiastic, but full of sincere love.

    Mu Xiaochu was embarrassed to be ashamed of his face and bowed to the crowd: "Thank you…"

    "Little early…"

    The two classmates bosom friend hugged her and said with a smile: "You are the best!"

    Mu Xiaochu struggled to get rid of the hugs of the two. Her eyes looked at Lu Chen brightly and said: "Schoolmaster, you are also coming to sing a song for us, okay?"

    Everyone's attention was suddenly concentrated on Lu Chen's body.

    Among all the 35 players, Lu Chen is undoubtedly the most outstanding in terms of appearance.

    He is tall, young and handsome, and his smile is like a boy next door. It is the type that the public likes.

    Besides talent, Lu Chen’s fingering level is very good, and it is undoubtedly a matter of understanding Music.

    So everyone wants to hear how his Singing is. After all, "Singing China" is the Singer draft.

    There is no quota for qualifying promotion. The players present are still not really competitive opponents, but those who have the strength and ideas will still pay attention to one's own strong enemy.

    Lu Chen is a strong enemy!

    Does he have any weaknesses? For example, is Singing dull or sound normal?


    The two unrelated people patted the palm of their hand first, lest the world be chaotic.

    Lu Chen was dumbfounded and thought about it: "Then I will come to offer ugly songs. Since Xiaochu’s sister sang Chen Fei’s song, I sang Tan Hong’s song.”

    Everyone could not help but reveal the smile of the heart – Tan Hong and Chen Feier.

    Lu Chen re-adjusted his sitting position and started playing with his guitar.

    "Flying pigeons!"

    Just played a prelude to a small section, and immediately someone heard that it was Tan Hong’s famous song, the classic in folk songs.

    "It’s raining, I am walking in the empty street…"

    "Look at the flowers, thank you…"

    "I am standing in front of you, dreaming, becoming a pigeon flying in the blue sky…"

    "La la ah ~ flying pigeons!"

    This song Lu Chen has already sung countless times, is his repertoire in the forget-free grass bar, even if there is a time has not practiced, and now the interpretation is still perfect, fingering, singing, emotions are impeccable!

    The basic Music judgment is available regardless of the level of the players present.

    They listened and listened, their eyes and even their faces changed.

    Some admiration, some surprise, some envy, and some are vigilant!

    After Lu Chen sang, Mu Xiaochu first patted the palm of his hand, and he shot very hard, and his palms were red.

    The applause of others followed.

    Lu Chen smiled and smiled: "Thank you! Tan Hong, flying pigeons. ”

    In his eyes, flashing inexplicable light.

    This song, once carried Lu Chen’s original dream, is now playing here, how can I not feel it?

    Someone asked: "Lu Chen, are you preparing this song?"

    All people in the background, including friends and relatives and staff, wear identity cards, and the name is known at a glance.

    Lu Chen shook his head and said: "No, I have prepared another original work of one's own."

    There is no need to cover up the qualifiers. Anyway, no time can be heard.

    Original works by one's own?

    He is really confident – many people think so.

    For most people, Lu Chen relies on this "flying pigeon" to win the rematch pass. He actually took one's own original work to go on stage, which is simply full!

    What original works can compare with Tan Hong’s Flying Pigeons? It happened that Tan Hong was a judges, Lu Chen sang, if you get the guidance of this superstar big coffee, it would be a big show!

    Playing the original can also be a show, but if the quality of the work is not good, it is self-defeating.

    A similar situation has not been seen in previous drafts. Some players are too self-conscious and have to use original works to perform one's own. The result is hard to see.

    "Singing China" is not "the strongest singer"!

    Many people have the feeling that Lu Chen is running the wrong studio. When he is surprised, his looks are different.

    Of course, it’s indispensable to secretly.

    Lu Chen saw their expressions in their eyes, but the heart was bright but didn't care, because the facts would prove everything.

    Mu Xiaochu is simple and supports: "Lu Chen, you will definitely get the pass card!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Let everyone work together."

    "Please come with me on the 0021 player!"

    At this time, a field staff appeared in the background and said loudly: "No. 0202!"

    The onlookers have dispersed and the game is still going on!

    Mu Xiaochu and her classmates also returned to the position of one's own, and did not peek at Lu Chen.

    Time passed by.

    For many people, waiting is a torment, and in the eyes of some others, time goes too fast.

    0022, 0023, 0024…One player after another came back and returned. Some of them passed the assessment of judges, and they got a beautiful rematch pass, and some were relentlessly eliminated.

    Cried and left.

    There are fewer and fewer people in the Beijing Satellite TV studio.

    Just after 8 o'clock, player 0029 came on the court.

    Lu Chen, which is behind the number 0030, also appeared in the waiting area near the stage.

    The 0029 player is the middle-aged man who was previously sitting on the right side of Lu Chen. He should be a street performer or a Singer. His name is Gao Feng.

    Standing on the stage, Gao Feng first made a brief self-introduction. He came from Heijiang in the northeast, and it really was a Beijing drift.

    Tan Hong said: "You can start, I wish you success!"

    Gao Feng nodded and said, "Thank you."

    He turned his head and gave a thumbs up at the sound tube that was on the sidelines.

    The accompaniment Music immediately rang.

    However, the familiar melody suddenly shocked Lu Chen, who was standing in the waiting area!

    "Remember the spring many years ago…

    "At that time, I didn't cut my long hair, I didn't have a credit card and didn't have her, and I didn't have a 24-hour hot water home."

    "I was so happy at the beginning, although there was only a broken acoustic guitar…"

    Gao Feng sang, it is "In the Spring"!


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