Chapter 94—Sparkling Stars

    The clock hanging from the wall firmly pointed the minute hand straight down to the number "6".

    At 6:30, Beijing Satellite TV's first live-action draft program "Singing China" live broadcast recording officially started!

    The atmosphere in the backstage of the studio immediately became tense.

    The picture in the studio hall appeared on the large wide screen, and Host first appeared.

    Beijing Satellite TV boldly launched a newcomer anchor named Zhao Zhe, who came to Host's highly anticipated draft program. He was a little nervous and excited, but quickly entered a normal state.

    After talking about a passionate opening remark, Zhao Zhe looked condensed and looked straight at I'm free.

    "Next, let us use the warm applause, please come out tonight to sing the first judges of China!"

    The auditorium with 1,500 seats has already been filled with people. The voice of Host has just fallen, and the audience suddenly applauded the tide, to welcome the judges on the stage.

    Beijing Satellite TV has done a good job in the judges' selection. It didn't go out of publicity as early as other peers, and used the reputation of the judges to preheat the hype, but deliberately kept the mystery and left the suspense to the audience.

    No one doubts the strength and connections of Beijing Satellite TV. The judges invited are inevitably heavyweights. Beijing Satellite TV can do a good job of keeping secrets. Then everyone will naturally make all kinds of conjectures. Let's discuss it with forums and other places to form enough topicality.

    The publicity aspect of Beijing Satellite TV, although it is playing with Shonan Satellite TV, has not fallen much.

    The live broadcast of the first qualifier in Beijing this evening, the announcement of the four major judges is undoubtedly the biggest highlight.

    Therefore, the applause of the audience is particularly enthusiastic.

    The lighting of the studio was suddenly extinguished, and the whole stage was plunged into darkness.

    After a while, a bright spotlight hit the center of the stage from top to bottom.

    Hit down on a man.

    He turned his back to the auditorium, standing tall and standing still, and the huge background screen showed the "Singing China" logo.

    The studio was quietly quiet.

    Host Zhao Zhe stood in the dark, but his Voice echoed in everyone's ear.

    "He has an unbelievable super talent…"

    "He is a superstar that is renowned in Asia…"

    "He has won countless awards!"

    "His song, once accompanied by A Generation, is still a classic…"

    "he is the one…"

    The big screen suddenly exploded, accompanied by fierce shocks, and two golden characters leaped out!

    "Tan Hong!"

    Tan Hong, the first judges of "Singing China", turned out to be Tan Hong!

    No one thought of it, anyone was surprised!

    The lights were all bright, and the applause that had just been quieted again and became more and more fierce, forming a storm that was so eager to fly over the roof.

    Many, many viewers stood up and they applauded Tan Hong’s name while applauding.

    Born in the early 1970s, Tan Hong began to study Music at a very young age. At the age of 17, he won the National Youth Singing Competition and embarked on the journey.

    He has been debuting for 25 years, and has produced 17 original singers. The album "Flying Pigeons" sold more than 5 million copies in 1999, which is regarded as the last glory of popular Music record sales.

    Although Tan Hongren is not very handsome, his voice is highly recognizable, and he is outstanding in his creation. Many albums are all personally arranged, and he writes such as "Flying Pigeons", "After the Rain" and "End of the World". The prodigal son, "Chang Xiang Yi", "Love" and many other classic works.

    When he turned around with a smile under the spotlight, the atmosphere of the audience suddenly reached a climax!

    In the backstage of the studio, many contestants and friends and relatives stood up.

    Everyone's eyes are all focused on the TV screen.

    "Tan Hong, actually Tan Hong!"

    "I like Tan Hong's song the most, I really think he will come to be judges!"

    “Beijing Satellite TV is too big!”

    "I want to sign…"

    In the excited crowd, there is also Lu Chen.

    He is also a fan of Tan Hong!

    Lu Chen did not expect that Tan Hong would come to be judges, and did not know what method Beijing Satellite TV used.

    Although Tan Hong has been a big red and purple for more than ten years, his temperament is indifferent, he does not like to join in the fun, and basically does not participate in the Variety Program. His personal feelings are inconsistent with the wife of his first girlfriend, and there has not been any scandal.

    After 25 years of debut, he did not even shoot a few.

    Therefore, Tan Hong boarded the "Singing China" judges seat this evening, and he will definitely be on the headlines tomorrow!

    Beijing Satellite TV has been smashing for several years, and finally it’s a big move.

    Although Tan Hong is almost half-retired in recent years, his popularity is still unbreakable, especially in the 70s and 80s, with the most loyal fans.

    It must be noted that Tan Hong was originally signed at Juxing Company. He was trained by Jin Hongwei, and later he turned to the face of the industry. The lawsuit at that time was soaring and sensational.

    With Tan Hong’s personality and personality, he is so resolute and determined that he can’t bear it.

    Tan Hong, who is in his forties, is in the midst of a successful man with Charm. He is no longer young, but his smile is still sincere, his eyes are still bright, and he is still so handsome.

    Brought up memories of countless people!

    It can even be said that at the moment when Tan Hong appeared, "Singing China" had already achieved initial success.

    After Tan Hong was seated, an LED light above the big stage lit up, showing his name.

    The applause continued, and the lights in the studio were extinguished again.

    Host Zhao Zhe began to introduce the second judges.

    The previous Tan Hong has fully satisfied everyone's appetite, then who is the second judges?

    Will it be dull under Tan Hongying?

    No one knows the answer now.

    "Her song, we are familiar…"

    “Her beauty is the most beautiful scenery of the popular Musical World…”

    “She has set a record for the sales of the Domestic Singer record, which has not been broken yet!”

    "She, or Mr. Tan Hong's little Junior Sister!"

    "She is…"

    "Chen Feier!"

    The name on the background screen has not been shown yet, and many people in the audience have shouted out loud.

    "Chen Feier!"

    The second judges of "Singing China" is a famous jade girl song after Chen Feier!

    Speaking of this song superstar, really no one knows no one, Chen Feier is famous for singing sweet songs and Love Song. Her Voice is sweet and moving, and her album has achieved great success.

    Unlike Tan Hong, after entering the Internet era, Chen Feier is still active in the Entertainment Circle, and has been developing towards film and television. He has appeared in many blockbusters and is the spokesperson of many big brands.

    The most talked about is the friendship between her and Tan Hong, the relationship between the two, the relationship between the two is very good, but did not make any anecdote, and Chen Feier and Juxing company canceled the contract, if not Tan I am fully supportive, I am afraid it is not so easy to get out.

    When Chen Feier opened his personal studio, Tan Hong even invited more than a dozen big cafés to join in.

    As the second judges, she instantly dispelled everyone's concerns.

    There is a small piece in Entertainment Circle, saying that Jin Hongwei’s most hated person is Tan Hong, but if Tan Hong is willing to return to Juxing Company, Jin Hongwei can greet him directly!


    Tan Hong obviously didn't know that Chen Feier would appear here. He stood up in horror and then quickly returned to the big stage: "How come you?"

    Chen Feier is over 30 years old, but it looks like she is only in her 20s. She smiles sweetly and embraces Tan Hong with her arms open. She said, "They said you are coming, so I am coming."

    The simple two sentences have made the friendship between the two people.

    The applause thundered, and many fans even shed the excited tears, because they have seen it many times before, and there is already a long-standing memory.

    Reproduce now.

    Tan Hong and Chen Feier have made countless people believe that there is a real friendship between men and women in addition to love!

    Comparable to family friendship!


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