Chapter 90—Niepan Studio

    At 8 o'clock on the evening of July 5, the Chinese original Music rankings were updated on time in the first week of July.

    The original Chinese music list, referred to as the original sound list, was founded by dozens of media such as China Music Association, Fetion Music, Easy Network Music, and popular radio station. With its professional Music attitude, strict auditing system and credibility Data collection has become a popular authoritative Music list for Domestic.

    The original sound list is released once a week on weekends. According to the popular index, the top 50 popular popular songs are released. The list index is based on the data provided by the major Music media, including playback, download, on-demand, purchase, etc. .

    Although the data of the website and the media are subject to human operation, the huge amount of data and the way of multi-point collection, together with the existence of the official Strength, basically guarantee the fairness and fairness of the original sound list.

    Therefore, compared to the various lists launched by different media, the Chinese original Music list is undoubtedly recognized by hundreds of millions of listeners, and is regarded as NO in the popular Music list.1.

    The original sound list in the first week of July and the last week's change is not very big, the biggest highlight is the rapid rise of a band called the singer in the list, this week a total of 3 songs at the same time!

    彷徨 Band "Strong Reasons" / Popularity Index: 2044, ranked 47th this week!

    The band "I want to have a home" / popular index: 3505, ranked 29th this week!

    彷徨 band "In the Spring" / popular index: 5780, ranked 17th this week!

    For the majority of fans, the original sound list is the best basis for songs and songs. Except for those fans of Singer, most people don't care much about the data ranking itself. What are they listening to? .

    However, the newly released original sound list, in the eyes of the people in the circle, can see a lot of famous.

    The first is the stunning appearance of the band. As a band that was previously unknown and has not been heard by many people, there are actually three works that kill the original sound list at the same time. This is undoubtedly a sign of great heat.

    In fact, last week's band "In the Spring" has been on the list, ranked 43rd, and jumped to the 17th this week. The momentum of the increase is amazing and shows great potential.

    And the evaluation of this song is very good, the proportion of praise is 97.26%.

    Those in the industry who have been in the circle have also noticed the details of an ordinary audience not focusing on the Grand Conference. That is, the three songs on the band’s list are all from the same stranger’s hand!

    "Strong Reasons" word / song: Lu Chen!

    "I want to have a home" word / song: Lu Chen!

    "In the Spring" word / song: Lu Chen! ! !

    Today, when the original Original Strength fell into a recession, the sudden appearance of such a talented songwriter could not help but let many people in the circle use the relationship to inquire.

    Who is Lu Chen?

    Therefore, the Chinese original Music list in the first week of July list, in the red band of the band, but also let Lu Chen's name in the circle he will enter, for the first time shines a slight light.

    Unfortunately, Lu Chen’s own does not know this yet.

    In the afternoon of the same day, he rushed to the Blue Sky Creative Park in Beijing's Fifth Ring Road.

    Established five years ago, the Blue Sky Creative Park was specially established by the capital government to support innovative and creative small businesses. The policy is open and efficient, especially for young entrepreneurs in the metropolitan area, thus attracting a large number of small companies and small companies. .

    Take the subway line 9 and get off at the Blue Sky Park Station. You can see the main entrance of the park.

    Wang Changsheng has been waiting for him at the exit.

    Lu Chen was a little surprised. I didn't expect the other party to wait for one's own here. It was an accident.

    The middle-aged man was Lu Chen’s last time at the Delong Building in Tianzhu Workshop. At that time, he was deeply impressed by Lu Chen’s business of recruiting albums to him. There was also a business card.

    Lu Chen had never thought of handing over the first album of one's own to the unknown Nirvana studio. His first collaboration was with the well-known Tianzhu workshop.

    Lu Chen has already heard the mini album produced by the Tianzhu Workshop for the band, which is very good.

    However, the emergence of Juxing Company Jin Hongwei changed his mind.

    Jin Hongwei is a director of Tianzhu Workshop. He holds the shares of this music production unit, and Lu Chen has completely turned his face with the other party. How can he put one's own album into the Tianzhu workshop?

    Therefore, Lu Chen found the business card of Wang Changsheng.

    Of course, without understanding the details of the other party's details, Lu Chen could not rush to the entire album, just in time, there was an opportunity, so he took the initiative to contact Wang Changsheng and came directly.

    The manager of Nirvana Studio should wait for a short time at the subway.

    "Mr. Lu, hello!"

    Seeing Lu Chen, Wang Changsheng immediately showed a pleasant expression, and stepped forward to reach out to him.

    "Manager Wang, we met again."

    Lu Chen smiled and shook hands with him and said: "Trouble you to pick me up, in fact, I can't own one."

    Wang Changsheng explained: "The blue sky park is very big. I came over for the first time and I am worried that you can't find a place."

    Lu Chen relieved: "Then let's go."

    Because the time established is not long, the buildings in the Blue Sky Creative Park are still very new. Many green trees on both sides of the sidewalk are newly transplanted. Most of the people on the road are young people.

    Perhaps because of this, the feeling here is full of vitality and vitality, even the shops along the street are different, and the design of the signature door is very distinctive.

    On the way to studio, Lu Chen and Wang Changsheng talked.

    Through dialogue and exchange, he learned that Wang Changsheng was originally a Music Teacher in middle school. He resigned from the teaching position last year and took out his life savings to start this Nirvana studio!

    For a middle-aged and old man of about 50 years old, Wang Changsheng’s enthusiasm made Lu Chen marvel.

    To know the age of knowing the destiny, under the stable and comfortable work situation, not many people are willing to run out of business, especially the ones of one's own.

    For Lu Chen’s feelings, Wang Changsheng smiled bitterly: “In fact, I have no choice but to be a child…”

    It turns out that Wang Changsheng has two children. His daughter graduated from the composition department of Beijing Music College two years ago. His son graduated from the Music Engineering Department of Northern Music College last year. It was for them that they started this studio.

    Music family!

    Lu Chen could not help but awe.

    Zhongyin, Jingyin and Beiyin are the three major music schools in the capital. They are well-known at home and abroad, and enjoy high reputation in the world. They are loved by thousands of students, and the number of applicants each year often reaches more than 100,000.

    But only one-tenth of the students who can really be admitted to the three major music schools!

    Wang Changsheng's daughter Jingyin graduated, and his son graduated from Beiyin. As a Music Teacher, he usually devoted countless efforts to the cultivation of his children.

    How can such a person not be respected? He is totally different from the shrewd businessman.

    However, Lu Chen can see that the operation of Nirvana studio is not ideal.

    Of course, he won't say this, because self-conduct is still good.

    Nirvana studio is on the 7th floor of an office building in the park. The location is not very good, and the rent is estimated to be cheap enough.

    Take the elevator up, turn left in the elevator and you will see the logo and guide mark of the studio on the wall.

    Wang Changsheng is very embarrassed: "Our studio has just been established, so the place is not big."

    A standard music production unit, including the office area, the electric room, the reception room and the most important recording studio, the area is not too small, otherwise it will not be able to display.

    From the perspective of scale, Nirvana studio is undoubtedly disappointing.

    The narrow office area and the narrower reception room are adjacent to each other. The limited space makes people feel depressed. There are only two employees in the office, and there is no connection at the door.

    Wang Changsheng called Lu Chen to sit down on the sofa and personally poured tea on him. He explained: "I just received a list yesterday. They are all busy in the studio. I let Wang Jing talk to you."

    Wang Jing is the daughter of Wang Changsheng and another leader of Nirvana Studio.

    The work of the arrangement is done by her.


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