Chapter IX debut starlight

    A table, a computer, a camera and a microphone.

    Lu Chen’s live broadcast of the live broadcast of the [Starlight Show] anchor platform started in this simple and simple way.

    In front of the microphone, he played a "Blue Crystal."

    "Blue Crystal" is a classic that many people are familiar with a few years ago. The lyrics are catchy, and with the beautiful and beautiful melody, the singing rate in the KTV box is in the forefront.

    Lu Chen used to sing a lot of guitars before, and the lyrics of the scores have long been remembered.

    Now Lu Chen’s singing skills have experienced the night’s long dreams. He is like a teenager who has fallen into the cliff to get an adventure. It’s a great piece of food to deal with such scenes.

    "Tomorrow, I will go to a distant place and embark on a journey of never returning…"

    "Do you still remember the blue crystal I sent you?"

    "There is your real name on it…"

    With the clear and clean, slightly sad songs of Lu Chen, the screens on the screen have been reduced a lot.

    But such a situation only lasted for a while.

    "nice !"

    "blue crystal? My favorite song, ah, ah, ah, ah~"

"Small land guitar is really good, really sincerely ask for a teacher, ask for cheats!"

    "Too moved, obviously you can rely on your face to eat, but you have to rely on strength, sprinkle PFS!"

    "I finished the egg, I listened to the handsome pot and sang, how can I face the ugly face and broken of Brother Fei in the future?"


System System Notification: New Yorker (Silver IV) presents 100 stars to the anchor!

    System System Notification: New Yorker (Silver IV) presents 100 stars to the anchor!

    System System Notification :……

    The New Yorker began to frantically smash the screen, and in the blink of an eye sent 10,000 stars!

    Again, I easily covered a few sporadic rewards.

    Lu Chen sang in a self-satisfied manner and then said to the microphone: "Thank you for your support from New Yorkers!"

    He now has a basic understanding of the rules of live broadcast on the Internet. There is no essential difference between singing and singing on the bar stage, but the network is vast and vast. The fans in the [Starlight Show] are obviously forgetting. The customers in the grass bar are unmatched.

    A song ended, Lu Chen noticed that the attention of the anchor "Little Brother Fei ABC" increased to 1623, and the popularity increased to 548, with a large increase, indicating that his singing can attract people and retain people!

    This made him feel a little more proud, coughing and said: "Please listen, flying pigeons."

    The second song, Lu Chen still chose "flying pigeons."

    Compared with the previous "Blue Crystal", Lu Chen mastered "Flying Pigeons" better, although the latter's playing difficulty is far more than "Blue Crystal", but it gives him the opportunity to show off his skills.

    The little finger slides the string and then quickly changes the hand, and the continuous hook, plus the middle of the large span finger, as for the chord, not to mention, he added a casual fancy on the original score.

    Sitting next to Li Feiyu looked dazzled and heard it was stunned!

    He heard Lu Chen singing and also watched Lu Chen playing, but never gave him such a shocking feeling. He felt that Lu Chen seemed to be a personal changer. He used to be amateur to play tickets. Now it is a professional performance. .

    The gap between heaven and earth!

    On the computer screen, the barrage is like a tide. Although the popularity is only over 500, the momentum of the screen and the shining starlight are as good as those of the popularity anchor.

    "Oh oh oh~"

"awesome! awesome! awesome! awesome! awesome! ”


"Little Brother Fei, I love you!"

    "Hahaha, what's new? This is not a small Brother Fei, it is Xiaolu, Xiaolu, Xiaolu, and repeats it three times! ”

    "Uh? Did I miss something? ”


Li Feiyu is speechless.

    His previous live broadcast, online popularity more than 1500, is nearly three times now, but the number of barrage is at least ten times worse, as for rewarding…

    The gap between people is so big?

    "Little Brother Fei ABC" children's shoes are crying silently in my heart – this is really a time to look at the face!

    Lu Chen didn't have so many thoughts. He seriously played the "Flying Pigeons".

    One's own is also very satisfied.

    System System Notification: New Yorker (Silver IV) presents 100 stars to the anchor!

    System System Notification: New Yorker (Silver IV) presents 100 stars to the anchor!

    System System Notification :……

    System System Notification: Prophecy Emperor Li Bai (Gold II) presents the anchor a starship battleship!

    Originally, the "New Yorker" brushed the starlight and brushed the screen, but the star-war battleship that was suddenly sent out by the "Prophecy Emperor Li Bai" came into the screen with the unparalleled momentum of the tyrant, and crushed thousands of pieces. Point starlight has become the focus of attention for everyone.


Li Feiyu jumped up in shock and stuttered: "War…Battleship! Battle warship! ”

    Lu Chen didn't understand it before, but he knew the new barrage.

    "Star Wars!"

    "true.Tuhao is unparalleled! ”

    "Which GG can tell me what the Star Warship is?"

    "Star Warship is equivalent to 100000/1T starlight, which is 1000 yuan, and local tyrants seek thighs!"

    "Husband! Husband! Husband! Husband! Husband! ”


Lu Chen is speechless.

    In the "Starlight Show", 100 stars is equivalent to 1 yuan. The previous "New Yorker" brushed a hundred stars and even a 100-dollar reward. He just thought that the other party has money and willfulness. Now Sanguan is immediately "Prophecy Emperor Li Bai" re-refreshed.

    1000 yuan reward!

    After giving out the Star Wars, the "Prophecy of the Emperor Li Bai" succinctly hit three words: singing well.

    It's also cool!

    Lu Chen woke up and said quickly: "Thanks to the prophecy of Li Bai's friends, and New Yorker friends, thank you, I will send you a one's own original song, the name is called you at the same table, I hope everyone likes it!"

    Originally, he intended to end his two songs, and his stomach was already protesting.

    But now, "Prophecy Emperor Li Bai" sent a starship battleship, and he was so embarrassed to leave.

    "Original? Xiaolu will also write songs by one's own? ”


"The same mud?"

    "Mud your sister, should you be at the same table, do you have a paste in your ears?"

    "My desk is a foundation!"


Lu Chen looked at the barrage and was very happy.

    It’s so interesting! It is completely different from the atmosphere in the bar and the level of interaction is very high.

    At this time, he noticed that the number of popularity displayed at the top of the screen has actually increased geometrically, from a sudden increase of more than 500 to 1400+, and is still increasing.

    On the contrary, there is not much change in star powder, at least not so amazing.

    Later, Lu Chen knew that this was the so-called “local tyrant effect”. After the local tyrants rewarded the heavy items, the website would brush out the red celebration barrage in most other live broadcast rooms, and the barrage can directly enter In this room, so the popularity will increase.

    But can you turn the attracted tourists into real fans, you have to look at the ability of the anchor.

    "Will you remember tomorrow, the diary you wrote yesterday,"

"Don't you still remember tomorrow, the one you ever loved to cry…"

    Once again, singing "You at the same table", Lu Chen did not brew too much feelings.

    But this classic ballad from the dream world, under his sing, is sent to the computer through a microphone, and then sent by the network to an online audience or expensive or cheap computer, tablet, cell phone, and finally with the sound and headphones of different quality. Restore it.

    Still has an unstoppable Charm!

    The lively screen was quiet, and Lu Chen’s song seemed to be like a torrent of water. It flowed through Xiaoxiao’s room and flowed into the hearts of many people.

    "Whoever meets you with sentimentality, who comforts you who cry,"

"Who saw the letter I wrote to you, who dropped it in the wind…"

    Halfway through the sing, the barrage gradually increased.

    "Suddenly there is a feeling of crying, so hateful!"

    "I have sand in my eyes…"

    "Chen Qian, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you!!!"

    "I remembered the same table in my high school, I don't know how she is doing now."

    "No one of you should stop me, tomorrow I will confess to the same table! Ok, he is also a man. ”

    "I miss the past, when I miss reading, I also want to cry a little."

    "What is this song called? Very nice, have you never heard of it before? ”

    "The song title is my boyfriend, then ask suicide!"

    "You at the same table, the original anchor!"


If most of the previous brushed curtains were youth, then the current style has become a youth and art youth.

    Or touched, or nostalgic, or embarrassed, or hurt…Even if it is the first time to listen, it will still be touched by the soul. This is the Charm of Music, this is the magic of the classic!

    There is no whisper of disease-free **, and there is no impassioned high-pitched voice. A "You at the same table" gently pops up from the fingertips of Lu Chen, slowly sings from his mouth, so that everyone who hears is touched by it. .

    Until a song ended, countless stars shine!

    System System Notification: Sweet Baby (Bronze I) presents 100 stars to the anchor!

    System System Notification: Pineapple 1990 (Black Iron VII) gives 100 stars to the anchor!

    System System Notification: Crystal Jelly (Bronze II) gives the host 100 stars!

    System System Notification: Give away the end of the world (silver I) to give the anchor a meteor!

    System System Notification: Iron Fist Undefeatable (Black Iron III) gives the host 100 stars!

    System System Notification :……

    Different from the previous local tyrants, the number of viewers who sent out the stars increased greatly, and the online number has exceeded 1900. The number of stars has jumped to 2,700+, reaching 2,722, which is very close to the 3000 mark!

    "thank you all!"

    Lu Chen put down his guitar in his arms and said, "Come here today, goodbye."

    The barrage fluttered, and they were all texts that were unwilling, retained, and allowed him to sing two more songs.

    Some people even sent a lot of stars and meteors.

    "Thank you!"

    Lu Chen was really touched, but he still stood up – can't even eat rice?

    Li Feiyu came over quickly, and both of them took a apology to the audience and then closed the live broadcast.

    He grabbed Lu Chen’s shoulder with one hand and wiped the tears that did not exist on his face. The language focused and said: “Brother, I am at the noon of Old Chen’s kitchen today, I’m going to have a good time!”

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