The twenty-first chapter has its own place!

    "Lu Fei is big, really fake?"

    "Is there a mistake, wow, the account is sealed? What the hell! ”

    "Oh, the store is bullying, the star show has always been such a urine."

    "What do we do then? There are still groups of stars that have just been built. Is it going to be scattered? I want to cry! ”

    "It’s too overbearing. If you don’t sign a contract, you’ll be the title, too much!”

    "We all think about it together…"

    When Lu Chen told everyone in the Lu Jiajun flight group that one's own was caused by the contract signing, the Xiaoxiao chat group suddenly exploded.

    The online fans all came out, all of them were filled with indignation, some scorned the arrogance of the star show, some regretted the results of Lu Chen's just starting, and some said that they must not give up.

    Prophecy Emperor Li Bai: "You don't have to say anything else. If you support Lu Shuai, everyone will post a protest to the forum. If you get things big, you can let the high-level star show the high-level attention, let them understand that even if they are small anchors, they are not arbitrarily bullied. Object!"

    Li Bai appeared late, but as soon as he spoke, the whole group seemed to have found the backbone of the heart. Everyone agreed with his suggestion and prepared to go to the forum to brush up.

    Lu Chen grateful: "Thank you for your support. I just don't want to stay any longer in the star show. I don't have to bother to argue with the official. I can't change the platform."

    These fans are very enthusiastic and sincere, and Lu Chen does not want to use them to fight for one's own.

    The prophecy Li Bai said: "Lu Shuai, this is not only your business, but also our business. Even if we go, we must go vigorously, and we must not let people bully!"


    "Li Di forformable might, support Lu Shuai also supports you!"

    “Dry, dry, dry!”

    "Don't say it, I have started to brush up, everyone keeps up with the rhythm!"

    "Well, put our banner of Lu Jiajun together on the star circle!"

    Even if he experienced 3rd Rank in the dream world, Lu Chen was essentially a bloody young man. When he saw the passion, he could not help but be infected: "Let's do it together!" I recorded the conversation with the super-management, which exists in the group sharing. When you post, you can attach it as evidence! ”

    He had a long time with the Super Tube 002 conversation, and specially opened the "Screen Recorder" software to save the chat records between the two parties.

    "it is good! There is evidence best! ”

    "I downloaded it, starting with ammunition, expedition star circle!"

    "I saw it, I am going to Super Tube 002, this number should be a small BOSS!"

    "Take him a big BOSS or a small BOSS, do it again!"

    "Brothers, I am going one step ahead!"

    "kill and kill!…"

    Although there are not many members in this newly-built fan group, the group members have shown great unity and are very combative.

    The helpless thing is that their opponent is too powerful and not reasonable at all.

    The members of the group landed on the website and soon discovered that the star circle that was just established yesterday no longer exists.

    When they ran to the public section to protest, but the front foot just posted a post, the back foot was deleted, and the forum administrator's handling of Speed ​​is simply staggering.

    Deleted the post is not counted, the ID of the post is also banned or even the title, do not give any opportunity to defend!

    If this is a battle, it is definitely a contrasting battle between Strong. The members of Lu Jiajun are like trying to stop the wheels from moving forward, and they are crushed into slag in the blink of an eye.

    Everyone is very angry about this, but there is no means to counterbalance.

    "Sleeping! Our star circles have been dissolved! ”

    "555~ I just deleted the post and the account was blocked."

    "Me too, the forum has an administrator staring at it. It is estimated that the keyword is set. Just post it and you will know."

    "The old stickers are all deleted, they are really fast, and they are too embarrassing!"

    "Oh, everyone is the same…"

    The prophecy Li Bai said: "I have also been banned. They simply don't give us the opportunity to speak."

    In the face of a strong website official, the local tyrant is also very helpless, can only be angry and swearing: "Fuck! Later, if Laozi spends another penny in that place, Lao Tzu and his surname! ”

    Lu Chen said: "Everyone stops first, we think about it again."

    He didn't want to pour cold water on the fans, and he didn't want to see them banging their heads.

    This feeling is really bad, but what about the arm but not the thigh?

    The atmosphere that was originally soaring and warm in the group suddenly became low and gray, and many people sighed.

    It’s all like this. Is there any way to think about it?

    "Forget it, let's go to another website, I will always support Lu Shuai!"

    Someone suggested: "I Believe Lu Shuai's strength, we Lu Jiajun will not admit defeat!"

    "Yep! Never admit defeat! ”

    "Like Lu Shuai said a lot, go to his mother's star show!"

    "Haha, go to his mother!"

    Lu Chen looked at the dialogue on the screen, and there was a hint of warmth in his heart.

    At this time, a group of IDs displayed as "coral fish" said: "Lu Fei is big, I am the administrator of the whale TV, I want to invite you to our whale TV to be the anchor?"

    The chat group suddenly exploded.

    "I am going to be the administrator of the whale TV? Really or fake? ”

    "Don't be kidding!"

    "Hahaha, I can't think of our great reputation, even the whale TV knows!"

    "If it is true, then go to the whale TV!"

    "I can't think of it, we can't think of a 007 in our group!"

    "Don't bother, look at what Lu Shuai said!"


The coral fish didn't talk, just posted a screenshot showing the management background of the whale TV.

    This screenshot strongly proves his identity.

    Predicting the emperor Li Bai's private Lu Chen: "Lu Shuai, do you want to go to the whale TV to try?"

    Lu Chen's time has made up a lot of things about the live broadcast of the network. I know that [Whale TV] is one of the earliest live broadcast platforms created by Domestic. It has been dominated by game live broadcast, and it is the most popular three online games. CKG, Hero City-State and Planetary players have a high share of live broadcast.

    However, the veteran [Whale TV] recently faced fierce competition between [sky live broadcast] and [Starlight show], and was dug away many popular anchors. The popularity is not as good as before.

    Of course, the dead camel is bigger than the horse, talking about [Whale TV], it is still a well-known name on the Internet.

    [Whale TV] Of course, it will not be willing to decline. On the one hand, it will increase resources to open up new fields. On the other hand, it will also focus on several competitive opponents. Therefore, it is not surprising that some administrators appear in Lu Chen’s group.

    The newcomers who have no contract and have the strength are the targets they are recruiting!

    And the water is flowing low, people go to the heights, then Lu Chen to join [Whale TV] is the right choice?

    It is predicted that Emperor Li Bai also expressed concern about one's own.

    Lu Chen thought about it and replied directly in the group chat: "It is OK to go to the whale TV, but if you want to sign a contract, then I can't promise a demanding contract!"

    This is the bottom line he must stick to, and he doesn't want to repeat the mistakes of [Starlight Show].

    The coral fish replied: "Lu Fei is very big. I have seen you in the star show. Our whale TV is not so harsh, but my authority is not high. Please let me know the contract terms. How about replying to you after consultation?"

    "In addition, I can make a difference. All members of Lu Jiajun can have the same level as the Star TV show because they are also a member of Lu Jiajun!"

    Finally he attached a smiley face symbol.

    The member account level of the network live broadcast platform is basically the same. In addition to the ordinary members, the main points are diamond, gold, silver, black iron, bronze, and the fifth order is divided into I, II, III, IV…IX nine small.

    Level Up is based on points. The most important source of points is paid rewards. Like the prophecy Li Bai is gold II, he has at least 200,000 in the [Starlight Show], which is considered a small local level.

    Under normal situation, transfer to other live broadcast platforms, all need to re-accumulate points, but some live broadcast platforms in order to win over customer resources, will promise to give the same level, in the [Starlight show] is a gold member, then come over [ Star show field] start is also the golden level!

    High-level members enjoy a variety of special treatments and privileges, often in turn being followed by many anchors.

    Only this kind of means used to be used by small live broadcast platforms. The big platform is disdainful. Now the coral fish has come forward, and it shows that [Whale TV] is really not very good.

    However, this just makes Lu Chen see the sincerity of the other party, and there is really no imaginary thing.

    Lu Chen typed a word on the keyboard: "Good!"

    He has already decided that as long as the contract given by [Whale TV] is not harsh, then there is another stove!

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