The twenty-seventh chapter is not a dream!

    [Whale TV], Lu Fei live broadcast.

    Lu Chen was the first show of [Whale TV]. It has been two hours since the broadcast. He has played a total of nine songs, including one's own original "You at the same table" and "Cinderella".

    8:30 online popularity 15000+, 9 points online popularity 20000+, 9:30 to reach 30000+!

    Just after 10 o'clock, online popularity 49742, Kankan will break through the 50,000 mark.

    The number of fishmeal attention is 500+ when it is broadcast, and now it has jumped to 45000+, and it has turned 90 times!

    Such data is undoubtedly terrible, especially for a new anchor that was not famous. It is an incredible miracle, because Lu Chen’s data is real and there is no water at all.

    His total rewards exceeded 10T, and Li Bai contributed five aircraft carriers. The "Liu Jiajun Chief of Staff" used a super item to bring a lot of popularity to Lu Chen. Otherwise, it is recommended by the newcomers of the homepage. There is absolutely no such good effect.

    It’s one thing to pull the audience. It’s another thing to keep the popularity. The most powerful thing about Lu Chen is that the conversion rate of popularity and attention is very high. At least 80 people come to live broadcast. More than % have chosen to pay attention and become his live broadcast fans!

    Now Lu Chen still doesn't understand the power of one's own data, but the full-screen barrage and the crazy brushed fish balls give System Notification, which still makes him feel very happy and satisfied.

    "Thank you for the fish balls that you have given. There are too many people. I just express my gratitude…"

    Lu Chen said to the microphone: "Today is my first live broadcast on the whale TV. I really didn't expect so many friends to listen to me singing. I really appreciate everyone's support and love!"

    A new wave of fish balls has been brushed on the screen. Although they are all 100 rewards, they can also accumulate more.

    "Lu Fei is greatly keep it up, we support you!"

    "The anchor forformable might, the people of Jiangnan sent a congratulatory message, congratulations on the success of the anchor broadcast!"

    "The people of Xiangbei sent a congratulatory message!"

    “The people of Shengjing sent a congratulatory message!”

    “The Chaoshan people sent a congratulatory message!”

    "The people of Baodao sent a congratulatory message!"

    "I am going, there are still people in the island of Baodao watching Lu Fei's big live broadcast, fate, fate!"

    "Oh, even Xiangjiang, I also sent a congratulatory message to the anchor!"

    "The passing of the ring Asia…"

    I asked Li Bai to "snap" two songs, not much nonsense, and directly donated an aircraft carrier!

    The total amount of rewards for Lu Fei live broadcast reached 11T!

    Lu Chen and [Whale TV] signed a formal contract, which has 65% of the tax on the item, which is 15% higher than the 50% when it was not signed.

    Don't underestimate the 15% increase. You must know that the personal income tax that the anchor has to pay is a fixed 20%. Therefore, [Whale TV] can only be separated by only 15%, although there are other interests in the platform. The bulk of the income is still owned by the anchor.

    11T's Item rewards, Lu Chen if necessary, then he can immediately withdraw more than 7,000 yuan, and this is only the income he got for live broadcast 2 hours!

    He finally understands why today's online live broadcast will be so hot, the popular anchor is millions of tens of millions of signing fees, and so many people are eager to join in it – this cake is too big!

    [Starlight show] is not a cause.

    Lu Chen put down the guitar in his arms, reached for the mineral water bottle resting on the table, unscrewed the bottle cap and drank two mouthfuls of moisturizing scorpion, and took a break for a while.

    The continuous long time live broadcast performance makes him a little tired, but the spirit is still very exciting.

    If you always have such income, then it will not be a big problem to pay off your family's debt in the future. What can one's own hard work be?

    "Thank you for the aircraft carrier that Li Bai gave!"

    Lu Chen put down the mineral water bottle and picked up the guitar again, revealing a smile from the heart of the high-definition camera.

    "The song below…"


    The stubborn biological clock, let Lu Chen wake up on time in the morning.

    The basement room where the sun could not shine was incomparably dark. It was impossible to distinguish between day and night. He opened his eyes but could not see anything. He followed the memory and opened the small table lamp next to the bed.


    The orange light flashed on Lu Chen’s face in an instant, and he couldn’t help but blink and frown over his head. He reached for his temple and felt his head still dizzy. The hangover wine did not completely disappear.

    Lu Chen didn't get up immediately, lying in bed and staring at the gray concrete board on top of his head.

    It seems to be still in a dream.

    Last night, Lu Chen live broadcasted for 3 hours in the first show of [Whale TV]. By the end of the day, Lu Fei’s live broadcasts had successfully broken through the 50000 mark and the highest online popularity 60000+.

    Although compared to [Whale TV] the most popular anchor of millions of attention and millions of online popularity, he is still far away, but as a new anchor, Lu Chen has succeeded in success.

    A "You at the Same Table", a "Cinderella", let him as the singer Singer's reputation in the [Whale TV] initial, and received a considerable Item reward.

    The total reward of 12T makes Lu Chen enough to defeat 90% of [Whale TV] colleagues, and to complete such a transcendence, he only used the time of live broadcast.

    It is the gold that always shines, even if it is faced with temporary frustrations and failures, but after all, it cannot be buried!

    Lu Chen jerked over and the explorer found one's own cell phone from under the pillow.

    He couldn't wait to open a short message and read the latest text message.

    This text message is a push notification from the bank, telling Lu Chen that his account has a revenue of 7,800 yuan.

    This is the reward score that Lu Chen took out from the [Whale TV] account after ending the live broadcast last night. The 65% of the 12T fish balls is 7800.

    Resting in the past, equivalent to Lu Chen’s hard work for a month!

    So he still has little to believe now, one's own is so easy to earn the salary of the previous month, a little worried that this is just a dream, when the dream wakes up, nothing is gone.

    Fortunately, it is not a dream!

    Lu Chen couldn't help but hold the cell phone and waved with excitement, but the faint brain had not fully adapted to the new mood, and the sudden pain made him helpless.Snorted.

    Last night, the live broadcast just ended. Li Feiyu, who was next door, ran over, screaming for Lu Chen to treat him, celebrating his [Whale TV] winning live broadcast.

    Where can Lu Chen object, so he and Li Feiyu ran to a nearby small restaurant, and the two men sipped a box of beer!

    This guy!

    Lu Chen smiled and shook his head, got up and put on the bed and went to the bathroom.

    After washing and cleaning, he left home and went out to exercise.

    When I returned to the dwelling, it was already 9 o'clock in the morning. Lu Chen put on a sweatshirt that was soaked, and started a busy day of work. He called the takeaway at noon and then arrived in the afternoon.

    He went out at 4 pm, printed the contract with a USB flash drive, and sent the letter directly to Shenzhen City.

    At 5 o'clock, I ate a sumptuous buffet big meal to work on one's own, and went to the bar until 6:30.

    At 7:10 in the evening, Lu Chen arrived in advance to forget the grass bar.

    The bar usually opens at around 5 o'clock. Since it is not a weekend, there are no guests at this time. It seems very deserted and you can't even see the customer service personnel.

    Bartender David is making cocktails behind the bar. When he sees Lu Chen pushing the door in, he immediately waved and said, "Let, come and taste the cocktail I just researched. I think you will love it!"

    Lu Chen walked over and said with a smile: "I think I will only fall in love with beautiful women…"

Still early, he sat down in front of the bar.

    The crystal clear goblet is filled with Yinhong bloody wine, reflecting the light of the bar.

    David said with a flutter: "I gave it a name called Burning!"


    Lu Chen looked at the cocktail that David handed over with a skeptical look and said, "I feel that it is no different from bloody Mary. It is nothing more than a brighter color."

    David immediately showed an insulted look, but his expression was a bit fake.

    At this time, suddenly appeared in the morning of Lu Chen, and took over the Burning!

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