Chapter 25, thank you

    At 8 o'clock in the evening, Lu Chen started the live broadcast of [Whale TV] on time.

    Online number 520!

    When he held the image of the guitar with the high-definition camera and appeared on the screen through the network, the barrage from the fans immediately floated, all the warm greetings.

    "Great, Lujia Legion is born again!"

    "Wow, I finally saw Lu Shuai again, so happy (*^__^*)!"

    "Warmly welcome Lu Fei to land in the whale TV, and the four seas are just around the corner!"

    "Tonight, the anchor must sing a few more songs and sing you at the same table!"

    "Brothers, fly the fish balls!"


Along with the barrage, there is a piece of reward information, which is constantly flipping in the dialog box on the right side of the screen.

    System System Notification: Little Little Apple (Black Iron VI) presents the anchor 100 fish balls!

    System System Notification: Super Bulls (Bronze II) presents the anchor 100 fish balls!

    System System Notification: Kitty (Bronze V) presents anchor 100 fish balls!

    System System Notification: Crystal Jelly (Bronze II) presents the anchor 100 fish balls!


    [Whale TV] The virtual currency is based on fish balls. 100 fish balls are equivalent to 1 yuan. Although the number of live broadcast online users is only 500+, it is called a barrage or a reward screen. The momentum is like a rainbow!

    This is very difficult. Many anchors with tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of fans are often only one-tenth of the popularity that can be taken away. Not to mention the newcomer anchor, let’s take a different place. The ratio is yes.

    System System Notification: Call me Li Bai (Silver I) to give an anchor to an aircraft carrier!

    The next moment, a cartoonized aircraft carrier drove through the screen, the sound of the guns rumbling, thousands of fireworks bloomed, brightening everyone's eyes!

    Behind the aircraft carrier is a barrage of "Wow Tuhao", "Seeking for the Legs" and "Seeking Communication".

    [Whale TV]'s reward Item Carrier is the same as the [Starlight Show] Star Wars, which is equivalent to 100,000 fish balls / 1,000 yuan, giving one full platform floating red 1 time!

    Take action The nature of such a bold atmosphere is Li Bai, who also has a membership account in [Whale TV], but the membership level is not as high as [Starlight Show], and does not bother to let the administrator adjust.

    This local tyrant wants one's own to come back!

    "Thank you all, thank you so many friends for your support…"

    Lu Chen said to the microphone: "The most grateful is the Li Bai Chief of Staff of Lu Jiajun. He not only writes poems well, but also builds aircraft carriers. Even I want to pack/raise!"

    The screen is full of Hee Hee's barrage.

    Lu Chen looked at the number of online users who continued to soar and continued: "Tonight is my first live broadcast on the whale TV. To be honest, my mood has been very embarrassing, I am afraid to live up to everyone's expectations, but now I see you so. Support and love, I told one's own don't need to be afraid, be sure to work hard!"

    "The name of the first song I will sing below is called.<谢谢你>Thank you all! ”

    The fierce prelude seemed to be like a sudden rain in the summer. Under the friction of Lu Chen’s fingertips and steel strings, he slammed into the microphone and slammed into everyone’s ears.

    "Thank you" is the first light rock and roll work. It was once a smash hit in the 1990s, and it is often used to cover or re-interpret it. It is a classic old song that everyone knows well.

    This song is not good to sing, it is easy to make a ugly sing, and Singer, who has no strength, simply does not dare to touch it.

    Lu Chen didn't use software to accompany him. It depends on the guitar in his hand. The difficulty of playing is undoubtedly greatly improved!

    At the beginning of the prelude, Lu Chen's performance was perfect, and the fingering was as familiar as it was after thousands of exercises. Under the ever-changing complex movements, there was no syllable.

    In one go, he began to sing with the rhythm.

    Those who are familiar with Lu Chen and listened to his songs, all eyes are bright, because at this moment, Lu Chen is performing a completely different style, without the nostalgia of "You at the same table", no "Cinderella" Sentimental, and some are passionate and hot emotions!

    "Thank you for spending every minute of my life, let me have sunshine, let me have Strength!"

    "Thank you for your support without regrets, let me get rid of the darkness, and let me not be weak!"

    "thank you!"

    With a little hoarse, a little deep Voice, exciting!

    Lu Chen used this song to express his gratitude to the supporters. He also recalled the dark Era that one's own had. He was proud of one's own. He did not choose to be weak, even if there were setbacks and failures, he was never fate. Really beaten.

    At this moment, his soul seems to be completely integrated with Xu Bo in the dream, and there is no difference between the two!

    "thank you!"

    Lu Chen sang to the audience in front of the screen and sang to the memory of one's own.

    Life is so beautiful!

    After singing a song, Lu Chen clenched the guitar and did not speak for a long time.

    The barrage is like a tide, the fish balls fall like raindrops, and the whole screen is full!

    System System Notification: Call me Li Bai (Silver I) to give an anchor to an aircraft carrier!

    System System Notification: Whale Big Brother (Golden VI) gives an anchor to an aircraft carrier!

    Li Bai sent another aircraft carrier, and another local stranger with an ID followed closely to send the aircraft carrier.

    The first show was only less than 10 minutes, and the total reward for Lufei live broadcast exceeded 4T!

    In addition to the rewards, there are also online people.

    When the live broadcast was just opened, the popularity index was 520, and then it went up 1000, 2000, 5000…

    Now it has reached 11238!


    In such a short time, the popularity of the climb to such a high level, of course, there are reasons for the new home recommendation and the local aircraft carrier to reward, the key is the strength of Lu Chen.

    This "Thank you" he sang very well, and bluntly said that even if the rock and roll singers who wrote this song were so far, they might not be better than Lu Chen.

    This song will also completely ignite the atmosphere of live broadcast!

    "Thank you for the aircraft carrier that Li Bai and the whale big brother donated…"

    Breathing deeply, Lu Chen let one's own too much mood to relax and said: "I am really excited now, I feel that my heart is about to jump out of my throat. Everyone is too enthusiastic, so I decided to sing next. Before the song, let me tell you a little joke."

    In order to become a good anchor, communication with the audience is very important. It is definitely not okay to sing alone. It is one of the important conditions for being popular. It is at least understandable and good at adjusting the atmosphere.

    In addition, the interactive communication process can also reduce the work intensity of live broadcast, answer the questions raised by several fans, and by the way open a few innocuous jokes, greatly increasing the audience's adhesion, and can better control the rhythm.

    Lu Chen's live broadcast is still very few, but he is good at learning, his personality is not rigid, and there is no experience in the bar performance, even if the current eloquence is not really exercised, a little joke can be said. How much is there.

    Fang Mingyi, the freelance writer in his memory, is a famous player on the Internet in the world of dreams!

    "In a mental hospital, a patient sings in a hospital bed while he is being treated. When he sings, he turns over and turns over and sings again. This is a cycle."

    “The doctor asked very curiously: You sing and sing, why should you turn over?”

    "The patient gave the doctor a blank eye: You are stupid, of course, I have to turn over and sing the B side!"


    In the city of Deep Sea, 2000 km away from Beijing, in the transportation department of the Whale Technology Headquarters, Wu Shanshan’s coffee in his mouth has all been sprayed out, and his desk, computer screen and keyboard are everywhere!


    She quickly put down the coffee cup in her hand and yanked the paper towel to wipe it.

    Despite the embarrassment, Wu Shanshan is still happy, smiling.

    Previously, because of signing Lu Chen’s 50,000 signing money, Wu Shanshan made a joke in front of her uncle. Although Wu Hongming did not blame too much, her heart was always full of energy.

    Lu Chen night live broadcast first show, Wu Shanshan has been nervously watching, and the ever-increasing data, so that she suddenly has the confidence to face BOSS again.

    She believes that Lu Chen will be able to make a big splash in [Whale TV] and become the best anchor!

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