Chapter 28—A good song

    Very beautiful hand, slender and sleek, muscle white as jade perfect, five fingers slender like spring onions, nail trimming is very neat, no nail polish on the nail surface, moving a healthy pale pink.

    Undoubtedly, this is a woman's hand. She took the goblet elegantly and skillfully, as if the cup was burned specifically for her, instead of robbing Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen turned his head and looked at it, and saw a face that made him very impressed.

    Su Xiaomei, Light Rain Media Director!

    In the evening, this Su Director changed a set of casual women's clothing, it looks a lot of dignity, there is no such confusing charm.

    Lu Chen said politely: "Hello, Su Director."

    Politely with a little alienation, Lu Chen did not think that the woman who had been rejected by him once again appeared here, just to grab a cocktail.

    He instinctively has a kind of vigilance.

    "Hello, Mr. Lu Chen…"

    Su light eyebrows faintly back, she sent a cocktail to the mouth and gently sipped a small mouth, and then commented: "The juice too much dilute the wine, the taste is sweet rather than mellow, Burning name is not true."

    David exaggerated his mouth and said, "Miss.Su, the burning alcohol content is already high! ”

    "But it's not high enough, is it?"

    Su Xiaomei put the goblet back on the bar and said to Lu Chen: "Do you want to try it?"

    On the top of the glass, there is still a shallow lip print that belongs to her.

    Is this a provocation?

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Thank you for not using it, alcohol is not good for the scorpion, and I am Singer."

    He also drank a lot of beer last night. Of course, for those who love to drink, beer is not really a wine.

    Pointing at the other party nodded, Lu Chen got up and left the bar.

    Su Xiaomei feels that one's own power is like hitting on cotton, empty and not working. If you want to attack, you can't find any reason. You can only scream with awkwardness.

    David shrugged and continued to modulate his cocktail with nothing to know.

    As a ghostly bartender, he does not want to get involved in a war between a man and a woman.

    Carrying the guitar, Lu Chen came to the backstage.

    There are not many people in the big room, only Wang Xiaoshuai is wearing headphones and shaking his head to listen to the song.

    He did not notice the appearance of Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen sat down in one's own position, opened the box and took out the guitar, and retuned the tuning.

    Then prepare the performance tracks for the evening.

    The two originals of "You at the Same Table" and "Cinderella" are undoubtedly a fixed program that can't be beaten. In addition, several songs are played. He wants to change two soothing Love Songs, or a light rock that is not intense. And roll.

    Many of the guests in Houhai Bar are very picky. The former Lu Chen fooled those customers who didn't know how to do it. Now he has a higher pursuit, even if he is singing on the stage of the bar, he has to have style and quality.

    Before the success of the fame, the bar Singer, the career Lu Chen will continue to do it, but to do it is best, can not be perfunctory!

    Time passed quickly, and it was almost 8 o'clock in the evening, and more and more guests appeared in the bar.

    Li Hong and Ye Zhenyang both came. The former was very polite to Lu Chen, and he also greeted him. The latter still did not leave the shelf, and his attitude was not hot or cold.

    Lu Chen didn't care. His former perhaps would envy Ye Zhenyang's signing of Singer, but now he doesn't need to envy anyone, no matter what level of Singer!

    Just after 8 o'clock, Na sister also appeared in the back room.

    She greeted everyone with enthusiasm, and then pulled Lu Chen to the side and said: "At night, there are several boss friends who are coming over, I will arrange you to play at 9 o'clock, you have a good performance, a very good opportunity!"

    "I know, thank you, Sister Na, right…"

    Lu Chen nodded. He took out the things he had already prepared: "This is for you."


    Na sister took it curiously and smiled. "Isn't it a love letter?" Your sister Na is too old. If I can be twenty years younger, then I will take the initiative to chase you, haha! ”

    Lu Chen gave her a folded A4 printing paper: "A song, I hope Na sister likes it."

    "Do you really write songs for me?"

    Najie unfolded the paper and looked at the laser-printed score on the top and said with amazement: "Thank you!"

    She joked with Lu Chen two days ago and said that she wanted to write a song for one of her's own. After she said it, she didn't remember it at all, so she did not expect Lu Chen to write a song for her.

    Her Voice is very loud, and Li Hong and Ye Zhenyang, both in the background, have heard it, not to look at each other in dismay.

    Lu Chen writes a song to Na? seriously?

    Ye Zhenyang snorted with some disdain and looked very disapproving.

    He admits that Lu Chen’s two original works are doing well, but this nostalgic folk style is not suitable for Na, and it is so easy to write a good song. It is estimated that it is a pleasing tribute.

    In addition to being moved, Na sister did not have much hope for the song written by one of her in the morning, but it is not easy to popularize the original music. A good song is really impossible.

    However, when she read the score and sang softly, the look quickly changed.

    Although she is not a Celebrity Singer, she is not a graduate of the class. But she has been playing in this circle for 20 years and has sung too many songs. The experience can be said to be rich.

    A song is good, she can see it again, even if it is a brand new original work.

    When I sing halfway through Na, I can't continue, not because her level is not good or her song is too bad.

    "This song…"

    She held thin thin paper with both hands, as a devout believer holding the Bible, as if it were heavy, and asked with an unbelievable tone: "Is it really for me?"

    She does not believe, even dare not write!

    Lu Chen nodded and said with certainty: "It is for you!"

    In the eyes of Sister Na, there was a burst of crystal tears.

    She was born in a cold, and because of her love for life, she embarked on the road of Music very early. However, her career has not made her famous for more than 20 years of her career. She still sings in the bar.

    Many people can't be famous because their own talents don't work, and they can't stand out from the crowd.

    Kena sister is different. She has a high talent in singing, a wide range and a unique voice, which allows her to easily control many difficult songs. It is the real strength of Singer.

    Chen Jianhao once said in private that the reason why Na sister has been mixed for more than 20 years without red is that she has not encountered a good song belonging to one's own and a real understanding of Music. Bo Le.

    Bo Le often has a good song.

    And Na sister one's own, eager to have a good song belonging to one's own, it is really too long!

    She has given up for a long time, no longer wants to miss.

    But the fate was so wonderful. Suddenly a real good song appeared in front of her, put it in her hands and was owned by her!

    This song is not only melodic, but the lyrics of the lyrics have hit her heart, just like she has specially tailored for her, so that she can not suppress the inner feelings, and burst into tears.

    "thanks, thanks!"

    Ms. Na suddenly opened her arms and hugged Lu Chen, and the tears flowed down her cheeks: "Thank you!"

    Lu Chen first stunned, and immediately patted her back and said: "You're welcome."

    He took out the song to give to Na, because he was grateful that the latter had given help and concern to one's own. Without the care of Na, he is unlikely to sing on the stage of the forget-free grass bar.

    Drinking water as a source of thought, self-conduct to know how to be grateful, Lu Chen is a proud person in the bones, he can only manage one's own when he is in trouble, and when he has the ability, he is willing to reward those who deserve to repay.

    A good song is his reward for Na sister!

    Li Hong and Ye Zhenyang and Wang Xiaoshuai, all look at it.

    They saw Lu Chen giving a good song to Na, who was singing to the score, but the voice was too light to hear anyone, and then Na sister was crying, and she embraced Lu Chen.

    what on earth is it? The three have never seen Na sister so mad!

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