Chapter 26—Battle in the Forum

    Beihai City Forum, Freedom World.

    In the evening, the popularity of the forum gradually flourished.

    Especially the single dogs in the university, do not play the game, do not soak the library, often like to mix in the forum sections, wearing different vests pointing to the mountains, and then because of eating tofu brain sugar or soy sauce problem The bricks and the bricks of each other flew out.

    The Jiang Hu of the forum is big and big, and the mouth is the biggest!

    [At the Houhai Bar in the evening, I found a handsome guy and a very nice song! 】

    This post in the [Free World] section, which was topped by the moderator and marked with the recommended badge, inevitably attracted the attention of a large number of forum members, and the number of hits and replies rose linearly.

    "I am going to go, the moderator also sells ass to collect money to help people hype?"

    "Look at the posts and don't swear, people are really handsome, songs are good songs, don't throw anything into hype!"

    “It’s a pity that it’s too short to support the upstairs upstairs view upstairs.”

    "Do you know what this song is called? I can't find the full version on the Internet, please download the link. ”

    "Don't ask, it should be the original original song, very good!"

    "Good nice, it’s so good!"

    "Very general, old style, resting in the previous perhaps can be red, now, huh, huh."

    "Ah you head, have the ability you also write a song, sour!" ”

    "That is, I also think this song is very nice, too short!"

    "According to the analysis of this wolf, this video should be taken in the Houhai Bar, and the identification is completed."

    "Which bar in Houhai? I want to go see it. ”

    "The old driver in front has a belt…"

    For this version of the main recommended stickers, the comments in the forum clearly showed a trend of two-level differentiation, and some people said that it is very nice, indicating that it has been listened to several times, regretting only one paragraph rather than complete.

    But some people think that there is nothing remarkable, very ordinary songs, and even suspected to be premeditated speculation.

    Someone disdainfully said that he had seen too much of this kind of speculation. He first intentionally leaked something, and then gradually released all the content after the interest of everyone, just like fishing, IQ people would not be fooled.

    His views have been endorsed by many people.

    The students who often share the Beihai City Forum are all college students. They tend to be enthusiastic and highly motivated. They think that the whole world belongs to one's own. For the attitude of defiance of authority, the combat effectiveness is a lever.

    Some people like to go against the other way, others say it is against, otherwise it is not enough to reflect one's own.

    These people are often referred to as "venomous snakes" in the forums. They like to spit venom and bite the poisonous snake!

    The ID, called "The End of the Road", is obviously an authentic viper. He is very famous in the "Freedom of Heaven" section, and he also has a few fans.

    Unfortunately, shortly after the release of the end of the road, the reporter was seen by Xiaomi, who was just on the line.

    Xiaomi is the Minnie Baby who sent this post.

    She was a little uncomfortable at night, so she didn't go out shopping with the big sister of the same bedroom, lying in bed and bored, so she opened the laptop and surfed the Internet.

    As soon as the results entered the Beihaicheng Forum, Xiaomi was scared by a large number of System reminders.

    However, she found out that one's own last night's post was recommended by the moderator, in the [Free World] section top, clicks on the number of 30000+, the number of posts 1000+!

    Even if there is a recommended top, this kind of heat is amazing, let Xiaomi be surprised and happy, and browse the reply posts of others until you see the reply of the end of the road.

    The lungs of Xiaomi are all blown up!

    Some people say that she doesn't care about it. There are too many sour guys in the forum. If someone asks if she is hyped, she doesn't take it seriously. How can someone in Jiang Hu drift?

    Xiaomi is also a small Jiang Hu in the forum.

    However, the post of the end of the road is too vicious, he used the pretense of the analysis to spray the venom, Minnie Baby as a professional speculator, sarcasm and sarcasm, but also got a lot of people's approval.

    How can this make Xiaomi tolerate?

    Don't look at Xiaomi's usual performance is very obediently female, but she is not the kind of girl who has been punished by her own grievances. She immediately wrote a new post in [Free World].

    [Named the end of the road, I am not a professional speculator, do you dare to expose yourself? 】

    The long title + flaming emotion + the name of the battle, instantly attracted a lot of eyeballs.

    In this post, Xiaomi will briefly introduce the video in the top post, answer several questions that everyone cares about, and paste a photo card that has changed the photo and number.

    Attentively, she added a small note with one's own forum ID next to the meal card to prove her identity!

    At the end of the post, Xiaomi asked Tianya to pass the road: I promise that I am not a professional speculator, do you dare to self-certify? If you don't dare, please close your stinky mouth!

    Her post was published in just half a minute, and there were hundreds of replies.

    "Wow, it is the school girl of Beijing Normal University!"

    "The end of the road is a student slag, the school sister does not pissed off, mad and hurt."

    "I have seen that the goods are not pleasing to the eye, and the school girl is very good!"

    "Sisters ask for photos, visual inspection should be a beautiful woman!"

    "You can see that it is a beautiful woman with such a thick code. The younger brother really admire and admire."

    "stupid! You picked up the glasses. ”

    "Support the school girl, stepping on the end of the world to pass the passenger snake this spray!"

    "You at the same table? The song title is very good, ask for the full version! ”

    "The wood has the full version…"

    The comments on the reply are completely one-sided. Although Xiaomi has processed the personal photos and numbers on the meal card, the logo of the Beijing Normal University is clear and powerful, which proves her identity.

    Jingshi University is famous for its many girls and many beautiful women. The girls of Beijing Normal University have the authority of Expert in the Beihai City Forum. It is easy to crush the single dogs like the end of the world.

    Wang Yu, the moderator of [Free World], has a tacit understanding of Xiaomi’s battle.

    Because I heard a good song that made one's own touch, he recommended Xiaomi's video post. It is very disgusting to the endless passer-by, who is unreasonable and irritating.

    Just because of the position as the moderator, he can't personally end the game with the other side.

    Now the main station is out, whether it is the school girl of Beijing Normal University, Wang Yu strongly supports her battle.

    After the top of the battle post, the number of replies has increased sharply, which is equivalent to hoisting the end of the road!

    In the forum, the end of the road, who has always been known for its viper and combat power, has not appeared in life and death.

    The end of the road is not a simple fool, it is clear who can step on who can not provoke, he sprayed Minnie Baby is easy, but the consequences of a quick time is very serious.

    You should know that in the Beihai City Forum, a large number of single dogs have gathered. These are all the animals that even the beautiful girls and even the beautiful girls can't hold the ropes. Where will the chances of pleasing the girls be missed.

    They will track the IP of the end of the road, the human name, age, dormitory address…

    It will be terrible to think about it!

    I don’t want to die hard to see. The end of the world can only be a tortoise, and he can’t be an enemy of the masses!

    He is one's own is a single dog, the best in its class.

    The end of the road, the passengers installed dead dogs, the masses were sprayed with no continuous motivation, they exchanged the problem back to the original video posts, asking for more details.

    Whether or not I really like this song, it is almost a good thing to talk to the schoolgirls of Beijing Normal University.

    Why do you think about the long night of loneliness? Only the version chat!

    Xiaomi, who won the poisonous snake spray, patiently answered their questions. In addition to telling them that the song is called "You at the same table", it also revealed the location of the song and the feelings and feelings of one's own song. .

    Inadvertently, the song "You at the Same Table" in the soil environment that is most suitable for it, the word of mouth quietly fermented, quietly sprouting green sprouts!


Seek recommendation, collection support, thank you all!

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