The twenty-fourth chapter is a big deal!

    Night, quietly descended to Beijing, the largest city in the north.

    The lighting of the lighting is bright, first of all, a little bit of light, and then a brilliant light band is formed in a short time. The vehicles on the spacious roads are constantly flowing, and the people who are off work rush back to their homes, busy and busy.

    In the basement of Building No. 7 of Jingming Community, Lu Chen swallowed the last egg fried rice and pressed the cell phone again.

    Thankfully, this time it was finally opened!

    Chen Jianhao’s Voice came from the phone: “Xiaolu? Just now my cell phone is out of power. Is there anything? ”

    Lu Chen quickly erased the rice particles hanging in the corner of his mouth and said, "Boss, I have something to do tonight, so I want to take a vacation?"

    "Leave off?"

    Chen Jianhao was obviously stunned, and immediately said: "No problem, please matter?"

    "A bit…"

    Lu Chen sensitive: "Boss, is there a problem with the bar?"

    He could hear that Chen Jianhao’s tone was somewhat wrong, not pissed off or dissatisfied, but rather annoying.

    Chen Jianhao is a very good boss. Lu Chen doesn't want to let the other person think that one's own is a bit strong and he will squat his tail.

    Lu Chen’s leave was because the contract with [Whale TV] had been finalized. [Whale TV] happily agreed to the two conditions he proposed and customized a new contract for him.

    After confirming the electronic contract, Lu Chen will only need to print three more paper contracts tomorrow and send it to Shenzhen City.

    The coral fish can't wait to open the anchor account and live broadcast room for him. It will be broadcasted on time at 8:00, and there will be a new anchor recommendation on the homepage!

    8:00 to 12:00, it is the golden time of the live broadcast of the network. Lu Chen’s performance at the Forgetting Grass Bar is precisely at this time. He can’t divide one’s own into two halves, so I have to ask Chen Jianhao for the evening leave.

    How to resolve the conflicts at this time, Lu Chen had a preliminary idea, but the time is not yet mature, can only find a way to temporarily stagger, try to balance the two.

    "no problem…"

    Chen Jianhao smiled and said: "In fact, it should be considered a good thing. Several colleagues have heard about you. I want to come over and see at night. Since you have something, you can change it to tomorrow night."

    Houhai’s bar circle is not big, and it’s not very small. Everyone eats in this meal. Many bar owners have good friendships. Their Singer often runs to each other and sits and talks from time to time.

    Chen Jianhao's personal relationship is very strong, there are many friends in the circle, so some people have heard that his bar has recently had a very good original Singer, and he greeted several colleagues who ran to the door.

    The news of Houhai has spread very quickly. If Lu Chen is really well-deserved, there will naturally be people invited to play.

    If a bar is exchanged for the same face, the business will be very difficult to do.

    Lu Chen also knows that it is a good thing, and quickly said: "Boss, I know, tomorrow night to ensure that on time!"


    Chen Jianhao said: "Small land, you do well, there will be great future. If you encounter something, don't hide it, I can help you. ”

    Chen Jianhao knows a little about Lu’s family’s situation, and he knows that Lu Chen has been fighting hard.

    Lu Chen grateful: "Thank you boss!"

    Hanging up the phone, Lu Chen reopened the [Whale TV] page and logged into one's own account.

    In [Whale TV] his ID has not changed, still called Lu Fei.

    [Whale TV]'s live broadcast interface and [Starlight Show] are similar, so Lu Chen, who has had live broadcast experience, started quickly and mastered most of the functions in a few minutes.

    Lu Fei live broadcast has not yet started, but after the establishment two hours ago, the number of people concerned has been continuously increasing, from 0 to 100, and then broke through 500.

    After breaking through 500, it was weak, and the speed of growth was much slower.

    This kind of situation is normal again. However, because it was suddenly blocked, the 10,000+fans of [Starlight Show] did not bring much to [Whale TV]. If it was not for the prediction of Li Baijian’s star circle and the flight group, the situation would have to be More miserable, everything has to start from scratch!

    At least for now, he now has a lot of real fans.

    Keeping the anchor page of the live broadcast, Lu Chen opened the forum of [Whale TV] and entered the "fish nest".

    The “fish nest” is actually the fans circle, which is exactly the same as the star circle of the “Starlight Show”. The fans mixed in the fish nest call themselves fishmeal, which is the most popular place on the website except the live broadcast platform.

    The Lujiajun fish nest and the Lufei live broadcast were established at the same time. According to the strong publicity of the members of the Feixun group, the fishmeal in the fish nest now has 300+.

    Although it is just the opening circle, the members are very active. In just one or two hours, there are 100+ posts and 700+ replies. Lu Chen’s live broadcast video post in [Starlight Show] Still high suspended top.

    The name of the fish nest moderator is called Wowotou. At present, there are two wowo heads, namely Lu Chen and the prophet Li Bai.

    Lu Chen looked interesting, so he sent a greeting message in the name of Wowotou.

    His post immediately attracted a large number of online fishmeal replies.

    "Lu Fei has appeared a lot. When will it start broadcasting? I can't wait! ”

    "8 o'clock! 8 o'clock! 8 o'clock! The important thing is said three times! ”

    "I want to listen to Cinderella, good nice, like the anchor of the anchor, and the anchor is really handsome."

    "That is our Lu Shuai, of course, handsome, what is the real sister upstairs?"

    "This girl doesn't change her name, she doesn't change her name!"

    "Sisters want to associate…"

    Soon the building was smashed, the hot and buzzing, the new posts constantly refreshed the reply.

    boom! boom!

    Lu Chenzheng had fun playing with everyone, and the door of the room was suddenly ringed.

    He did not say back to his head: "Come in, the door is not closed!"

    You don't have to look at Lu Chen to know that the guy outside the door is Li Feiyu, and the style of knocking on the door has long been familiar.

    "The big singer, it’s a big deal!"

    Li Feiyu pushed the door and walked in. He said: "Our live broadcast was blocked!"

    Lu Chen smiled back and said: "Are you not flying? I and the Starlight show fell out because of the contract, they sealed my live broadcast room and account, now I have signed a whale TV, you see…"

    He showed the anchor interface of [Whale TV] on the computer screen to Li Feiyu.


    Xiao Brother Fei was stunned: "I didn't fly the news today, I don't know what happened. You told me about it, what is going on?"

    Lu Chen had to say the source of the matter locally.

    After listening to Li Feiyu, he was filled with indignation. He slammed his thigh and said: "The star show is too a thing. His mother is really deceiving. Do you mention the star of the reward?"


    Lu Chen smiled and shook his head and said: "There was no time to close the account."

    "Sleeping! Lying trough! Lych slot! ”

    Li Feiyu is even more pissed off than Lu Chen: "So many stars are all black feeding dogs?"

    If you have lost more than 1,000 oceans before, Lu Chen will definitely feel bad and will be annoyed.

    But now he is going to fight [Whale TV], signing Gold Gundam 50,000, the mentality is indifferent.

    "It won't be cheaper for them. If the title is rewarded, it won't be retired. Naturally someone will sue them!"

    It is predicted that Emperor Li Bai said in the group that he would spit out all the food he had eaten!

    "That can only be like this…"

    Li Feiyu said depressedly: "Fortunately, your strength is strong enough, and the star show can't be blocked."

    "Whale TV is a bit ugly now, but after all, it is an old plate, and there are still many members."

    "Don't say anything else, Xiao Lu, if you need anything to help me, just talk!"

    In the same way, Lu Chen has heard it again in the evening, but still moved: "Good!"

    The two are friends who know the time is not short, and there is no need to say more about the guest.

    Li Feiyu scratched his head and said: "Then I will go to dinner first, and I will wait for you to open live broadcast at night, I will help out next door!"

    After Li Feiyu left, Lu Chen continued to chat with fans in the fish nest and the flight group.

    And as time went on, his mood actually began to pick up.

    It was like when I was in the middle of the year, I met a female classmate to meet in the woods, waiting for the mood!

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