The 211th chapter event

    I have seen pigs running without eating pork. No one in the room is IQ-poor.

    The man in the jacket came to the fore, wearing a mask to see the fierce light, holding a glass bottle in his hand, and instantly made everyone a terrible association – sulfuric acid disfigurement!

    Because of emotional disputes or other grievances, the incident of sulphuric acid disfigurement is not uncommon, and there are victims in the artists in the Entertainment Circle. The man’s intentions are already very obvious.

    It is the discrimination of the other party's malice, so everyone feels terrible.

    The stories that I used to see in the news have to happen in front of me. How can I not produce fear?

    Therefore, whether it is just walking down the welcome desk, or walking on the ladder, whether it is a man or a woman, almost all of them have issued a panic shouting, involuntarily backwards backwards, want to dodge the disaster that may come.

    Even if they are not the target, it is a great disaster to be accidentally injured, and even lead to the destruction of the future!

    It is the nature of human beings to avoid profits and avoid obstacles.

    Tian Tian, ​​who was stared at by the men in the jacket, was completely blank in her mind!

    Intuition tells her that the other person is coming to her, holding the sulfuric acid that can cause disfigurement.

    She should run away immediately!

    However, Tian Tian was so shocked and scared that she couldn't move in the same place. She could only watch the other side wave her arms and splash the liquid in the glass bottle toward one's own.


    Tian Tian closed her eyes helplessly.

    But the terrible disaster did not land on her.

    Just in the midst of this millennium, a black suit jacket flew in the air, just blocking the body in front of Tian Tian, ​​the liquid spilled from the glass bottle!

    Take action It is Lu Chen who saved Tian Tian.

    The only thing on the scene here is to stay calm. Only Lu Chen.

    When the men in the jacket had just turned over the railing, he felt that something was wrong.

    When others stepped back and dodge, Lu Chen was squatting out of his arms and arched his back and his hands were clenched. The value of the Armani suit worn by his body was instantly shaken away.

    This move is called the overlord's unloading, which is used to get out of the situation where the clothes are caught by the opponent.

    Lu Chen’s reason for taking off his clothes was to see that the other person wanted to apply damage to Tian Tian.

    He certainly can't resist with one's own body!

    Lu Chen's reaction is extremely fast, and the use of the overlord's unloading armor is also wonderful. All the liquids are blocked.

    Nourishing ~

The liquid splashed by the men in the jacket collided with the suit, and was suddenly absorbed by the clothes and fell to the ground, sizzling under the violent corrosive effect. And there was a white smoke.

    There is a sultry smell in the air.

    Sure enough, it is sulfuric acid, and it is still a very high concentration of sulfuric acid!

    If it is poured on the face, the disfigurement is light, and the weight can be fatal.

    After Lu Chen was shaking his suit, he kept rushing forward and grabbed the sweet waist of Tian Tian, ​​who was staying in the woods, and protected her behind one's own.

    He is one's own facing the perpetrator!

    The men in the jacket did not expect to kill Lu Chen halfway. Destroying the plot of one's own, he apparently stunned and immediately retracted his hand and grabbed it in his pocket, trying to grab something.

    However, Lu Chen’s movements were faster, his forefoot just stepped on the ground, his heel lifted up, and he twisted his side and kicked a beautiful side kick. The neck of the man in the middle of the jacket.


    Lu Chen hated each other's ferocity and shamelessness. Therefore, this foot used Strength, and suddenly the men of the Jackets were kicked down. Hit heavily on the ground.

    At the same time, several security guards who woke up in a dream rushed over and pressed the men in the jacket to the ground.

    In fact, the latter has been stunned by Lu Chen.

    Numerous flashes illuminate, and those who responded to the scene reporters and onlookers took pictures.

    It’s a big deal!

    Lu Chen took back the kicked leg and turned around to say to Tian Tian: "It's okay."

    The beautiful girl's face pale to the extreme, his eyes collapsed, apparently not recovering from the state of fear, and he could not help but tremble.

    Lu Chen took her hand and said in aggravating tone: "It's okay, you don't have to be afraid…"


    Before leaving Lu Chen to finish the conversation, Tian Tian rushed into his arms and cried aloud.

    In the blink of an eye, Wen Xiang / nephrite is full of arms!

    Lu Chen: "Hey…"

    He is not holding it, he wants to push it away, but the other side is not hard to push.

    The result was hesitant, and I didn't know how many photos were taken.

    This is a trouble…

    Lu Chen is a little dumbfounded, but also a little scared.

    If his reaction was slow for half a second, the bottle of sulfuric acid would most likely be poured on Tian Tian.

    So he can still understand each other's mood.

    But it’s not a problem to hold this dead!

    Fortunately, Tian Tian quickly woke up, and quickly let go of Lu Chen, sobbing: "Thank you…"

    She is really grateful to Lu Chen.

    At this time, a large number of security personnel and staff rushed over, and the scene was messy and more chaotic.

    Tian Tian’s colleague also came, comforting her and quickly taking her away from the scene.

    Lu Chen, along with other Celebrity artists, entered the stadium under the guidance of the staff.

    What happened just was so shocking that many people were shocked, and they didn't have the makeup to prepare for the show in the background. They all called the take action machine to make a call or send a message.

    Lu Xi, already in the background, asked with amazement: "Xiaochen, what happened?"

    At this time, the background is really a scene of the end of the world!

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "Don't mention…"

    He told the sister what happened just now.

    There is no need to hide it. It is estimated that it will not take long for the people of the country to know.

    The organizer is lost adult!

    Even the concert at night could not be held smoothly, and it is estimated that there are some problems.

    After Lu Xi’s listening, his face was white and he said: “Your courage is too big, so dare to go up, if…”

    She could not imagine the consequences of Lu Chen’s accident.

    Lu Chen explained: "I can't always watch someone else get murdered?"

    In fact, Lu Chen didn't think too much at the time. No matter who the other party is, he would come forward and help.

    "That too…"

    Lu Xi nodded: "That person is terrible."

    She is also a woman, so she understands the consequences of being disfigured, and sympathizes with Tian Tian to hate the perpetrators.

    "It should be sentenced to death!"

    Lu Chen was dumbfounded and it was impossible to sentence him to death. He did not know what the motive for the other party was.

    "Excuse me, is Lu Chen?"

    At this time, a group of people came forward and came over.

    The leader is a handsome man and a beautiful woman. It is the two biggest artists in this concert this evening – Li Xing and Liu Zongxi!

    There are assistants around the two and behind, and several other Celebrity artists.

    Everyone looked at Lu Chen's gaze, most of them with admiration.

    Lu Chen quickly stood up and said, "Lie, Brother Liu, two good, I am Lu Chen."

    Liu Zongxi is nearly 40 years old, but it is well maintained. It looks like it is more than 20. His appearance is very handsome and a bit mixed, but he is short.

    He took the initiative to extend his hand to Lu Chen: "It’s really thanks to you, your skill is very powerful!"

    When the accident happened, Liu Zongxi was on the welcome desk and saw the whole process clearly.

    He admired Lu Chen.

    Li Xing smiled and said: "Small land is very brave!"

    She did not see the incident happening with her own eyes, but after listening to others, she was also worried.

    This kind of thing is terrible, and she also has a lot of crazy fans!

    Lu Chen modestly said: "Too much praise, I am also a hot mind, and now I am afraid of thinking about it."

    Everyone laughed and the atmosphere became soothing.

    Li Xing smiled: "Small land is very modest. In fact, no one wants to see such a thing happen."

    “It’s a bit of a hassle now, but the artists we’re going to perform can’t be self-defeating, so I’m talking to Zong’s brother. I suggest that you stay calm and finish the show, otherwise you will be sorry.”

    Lu Chen said: "I absolutely support!"

    With Li Xing and Liu Zongqi, the two big caffes came out of the overall situation, and the organizers of the organizers also rushed over, so the people in the background of the large dressing room quickly stabilized.

    Not long after, the people of Hangzhou City Government, Zhejiang East TV and Hangzhou Police came.

    As a party, Lu Chen also made a transcript to the police.

    The party was postponed for half an hour, but all the programs went to the stage.

    Lu Chen appeared at 9:27, sang "You at the same table" and "The brightest star in the night sky". These two songs were famous and won warm applause from the audience.

    Especially when you sang at the same time, when the singer sang, many viewers sang along.

    Overall, the process of the show was not shocking and everything went smoothly.

    But at the same time on the network, it is a fall of the sky!

    Because there were too many people on the scene, taking pictures, taking pictures, and the whole process of the men and women of the Jackets and the interception of Lu Chen, they were all photographed and finished.

    A large number of videos together with photos quickly appeared in blogs, forums, posts, and Fetion groups, and then spread like a virus, causing numerous netizens to discuss, various conspiracy theories emerge one after another!

    Some people speculate that Tian Tian is offended by people who have been retaliated. Some people have vowed that the murderer is her ex-boyfriend. It is because of emotional disputes, but some people say that Tian Tian has no boyfriend.

    In short, before the police did not announce the results of the case investigation, what kind of arguments existed, this matter quickly became a hot spot for blogs, and many people of Entertainment Circle stood up to condemn the perpetrators.

    I believe that tomorrow's entertainment headlines can't run.

    And take action to save people Lu Chen, so suddenly pushed to the cusp!


The second is sent! (To be continued~^~)

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