Chapter 213, the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility

    Without any surprises, the entertainment headlines of the major media on the second day were all occupied by the sulphuric acid incident.

    Zhejiang East TV beauty host, crazy and fierce fans, unpretentious and brave…

    All attract the attention of everyone!

    Overnight, Lu Chen’s blog fans as a party surged to 9 million+.

    At the same time, the Hangzhou police also announced the results of the case investigation in a timely manner, basically confirming that this is an attempted malicious injury caused by personal reasons, and the perpetrators will be severely punished by the law.

    Hangzhou City's local "City Express" further revealed in its news headlines that the perpetrators were unemployed. He had a careful plan for the action last night, and he also stepped on the points in advance and prepared very well.

    The psychology of the perpetrators has been distorted. He not only wants to destroy Tian Tian, ​​but also has to make a big news.

    Tian Tian is one of the hosts of this party.

    I can imagine how big the sensation will be caused by her accident in the eyes of the public!

    In addition to the concentrated sulfuric acid purchased from special channels, the perpetrators also carried the controlled knives, but they were stopped by Lu Chen in time, and did not cause a tragedy.

    While the City Express strongly condemned the perpetrators, he also praised Lu Chen’s bravery and called him “the pride of Zhedong’s men”, without any regrets.

    This makes Lu Chen, who saw the newspaper when he got up in the morning to eat breakfast, was very shameful!

    The trouble is that Lu Chen’s hotel has a lot of media reporters who want to interview him.

    Temporarily blocked by the hotel security guard in the hall.

    Lu Xi smiled and said: "Are you a good name?"

    Lu Chen is dumb.

    At this time, the door of the living room room was lightly ringed.


    Lu Xi was a bit surprised because she had already told the hotel that she didn't want to be disturbed, especially the reporter.

    Lu Xi opened the door in the past.

    I saw a group of people standing at the door. Tian Tian is in it.

    The well-known female anchor of Zhedong Satellite TV was full of face color, and her eyes were swollen into walnuts. Dark circles are like smoky makeup, but it is difficult to hide the natural beauty, giving people a feeling of pity.

    There were men and women who followed her, old people and middle-aged people, and a policewoman in uniform.

    The ingredients are very complicated.

    When he saw Lu Xi, who opened the door, Tian Tian stunned and asked carefully: "Is Mr. Lu Chen there?"

    Lu Xi smiled and said: "Yes, please come in."

    She understands Tian Tian's mood very well. Any girl who encounters such a thing may not be able to perform better.

    It is estimated that the female anchor did not sleep at all last night.

    "Thank you…"

    Tian Tian thanked me very politely. When I walked into the room, I asked, "Excuse me?"

    Lu Xi explained: "I am Lu Chen's manager Lu Xi, who is also his sister."

    Tian Tian quickly said: "Hello, Lu Xijie."

    Lu Xi smiled and said: "Hello, please don't hesitate, Lu Chen…"

    Lu Chen came out of the bedroom and was surprised to see so many people in the living room.

    Tian Tian stepped forward and prayed to him: "Mr. Lu Chen, I am here to thank you!"

    The female anchor also handed the paper bag in her hand: "This is the compensation for your clothes."

    Black bag above. Armani's logo is very conspicuous.

    Lu Chen took over and said: "Call me Lu Chen is good, thank you, in fact, you don't have to worry about yesterday's things, you are a friend of Fei Jie, that is my friend, friends do not need such politeness. ”

    Tian Tian’s pale face showed a faint smile: “This is what it should be.”

    She said: "I will introduce you to…"

    Come with Tian Tian to see Lu Chen. In addition to her assistant. There is also a Director Chen of Zhejiang East TV, two leaders of the concert organizing committee and representatives of the Hangzhou police.

    They came to Tian Tian in the morning. In addition to expressing gratitude to Lu Chen, I also hope that Lu Chen will not hype this matter and minimize the negative impact.

    In addition to such things, all aspects of Hangzhou have no face on the face, at least there are big problems in the security organization.

    Lu Chen of course agreed to the mouth.

    First of all, he is the Zhedong people, the face of his hometown must be given, and secondly he does not need to use this to speculate.

    Not necessary at all.

    The exchanges between the two sides are very enjoyable.

    According to the director Chen of Zhejiang East TV, Lu Chen, together with Tian Tian and the police representative, borrowed a conference room directly from the hotel, and invited the reporters who were under the hotel to come over and opened a Xiaoxiao reporter. The reception came to be viewed.

    At this informal press conference, a reporter asked Lu Chen: "I would like to ask Mr. Lu Chen, what motivation did you use at that time, regardless of the danger to protect the field Host? What did you think at the time? ”

    This question is somewhat fascinating, because on the Internet, many people think that Lu Chen is so excited about the idea of ​​Hero's saving the beauty, and the power of beauty is really big.

    There are crazy fans and brave Hero!

    Lu Chen answered very calmly: "If you ask me what I thought at the time, then I didn't really think too much. Otherwise, I am afraid you will not see me sitting here with Tian Host to answer your questions."

    There was a soft laugh in the middle of the reporters.

    Lu Chen was right. The incident happened too suddenly. Even if he hesitated for half a second, the result would be different!

    Only instinctive reactions will be so fast.

    It is said that Lu Chen is thinking about Hero to save the United States. It is really a bit nonsense – he didn't consider the time at all.

    Lu Chen added: "At the time, whether it was Tian Host or anyone else, I would take action to stop the perpetrators!"

    The journalist of the Morning News was not willing to ask: "What prompted you to do this?"

    Lu Chen smiled faintly: "It should be the responsibility. The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. Since I have the ability to stop evil, I should have corresponding responsibility!"

    The reporter could not help but brighten his eyes: "The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility, this sentence is good!"

    The applause sounded in the conference room, although it was not very enthusiastic, it was enough to explain the attitude of the reporters present.

    Another reporter stood up and said: "Mr. Lu Chen, I am a reporter of Yi Net. Many netizens are very curious. How did you get rid of the suit and get out? Have you practiced martial arts? ”

    Lu Chen did not hide it. He explained: "I often practiced and practiced Wu, and the trick of smashing clothes is called Overlord."

    Overlord unloading?

    This name is really domineering, there are selling points!

    Many reporters quickly bowed their heads and typed the contents of the interview.

    Today's press release is already there.

    After the inside of Lu Chen could not find any insider, the reporters aligned with another star, Tian Tian.

    Tian Tian’s mental state is not very good, but in the face of the reporter’s various questions, she responded very well and showed the qualities that a Program Host should have.

    After all, she is half a peer and a victim, so the reporters are not embarrassed.

    Next, representatives of Zhedong Satellite TV and the police also answered a lot of questions.

    After the temporary press conference, Lu Chen and Lu Xi were ready to leave the hotel.

    Tian Tian originally wanted to invite the two to eat together to express gratitude, but Lu Chen refused.

    He and his sister have important things to do.

    I exchanged contact information with Tian Tian.

    Ending the trip in Hangzhou, Lu Chen did not immediately return to Beijing, but took the high-speed train to Ning Wan.

    Ningwan is a prefecture-level city below the province of Jiangsu, just over 200 kilometers from Hangzhou.

    Therefore, it takes only 40 minutes to get on the train.

    Out of the train station, Lu Chen and Lu Xi stopped a taxi and went to the First People's Hospital in Ningwan.

    The two are going to visit a fan of Lu Chen, whose name is Meng Meng.

    For thousands of Luchen fans, the name "Meng Meng" is probably not known to many people, but her screen name "Mengmeng" is a well-known ID in the fans group.

    “Mengmeng” often writes small and fresh texts and song reviews in blogs and forums, and she is a girl, so she has been sought after by many otaku fans.

    Lu Chen also read a review of her song, which was quite interesting at the time.

    What Lu Chen didn't think was that the girl who likes to dream, she actually got acute leukemia.

    When Lu Xi looked at the mail last night, he found a letter from Meng Meng’s classmate.

    In this letter, the student revealed Meng Meng's situation, saying that Meng Meng's situation is very bad, and he needs to use a lot of money to treat the disease. She is a single-parent family, and the economic conditions in the family are completely insufficient. To support expensive medical expenses.

    Meng Meng’s classmates and schools donated money for her, but the total cost of the bone marrow transplant was still a lot worse. The classmate was also helpless and sent a letter to Lu Chen for help.

    Meng Meng himself does not know this thing.

    At the end of the letter, Meng Meng’s classmate also wrote Meng Meng’s family address, contact number and hospital where he lived to verify that one's own is not a liar.

    Lu Xi immediately told Lu Chen after seeing the email.

    So Lu Chen decided to change one's own journey, and went to Ning Wan to visit the fan who was seriously ill.

    He is willing to provide one's own help!

    It's really a surprise to encounter such a thing. Lu Chen knows that relying on one's own personal Strength alone can't help anyone who needs help, and once there is a precedent, there may be a lot of trouble in the future.

    For example, some real or fake fans come to him for help.

    Most importantly, after paying off his debts and redeeming the house, he didn't have much money.

    But these are not the reasons why Lu Chen chose to evade. He couldn't watch a fan of one's own. A girl in the flower season was dying because of illness, just like he couldn't let Tian Tian be innocently hurt in front of one's own.

    The method can always come up with it.

    As a man, if you do something, you must do it!


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