Chapter 219, wearing a mountain leaping sea, your song

    Forget the grass, the atmosphere is the best time.

    There are no impetuous bars in Sanlitun Bar, there are no singular and singular electro-songs and songs, and there is no carnival and roaring. The customers are sitting around the wine table, or whispering or enjoying Music, the couple at the corner. They are talking about lyrical words, and the well-trained waiters walked with their plates and walked.

    On the stage, a beautiful woman Singer is playing folk songs, those love and love, those sad lyrics singing, as if it is a stream of water, flowing into people's ears, flowing in the heart.

    In front of the bar, Chen Feier finished the second cup of Burning.

    She is a little drunk.

    This kind of "burning" cocktail is a recipe developed by David one's own. The color is red and the fire is so hot that people with poor drinks will get drunk.

    Chen Feier's drink is still very good, although as a Singer, in order to protect the scorpion can not drink more.

    But self-conduct, the most important thing is happy!

    She was very happy at night, so she drank a little more.

    This makes Lu Chen a little worried.

    He leaned over and asked softly in Chen Feier’s ear: "Fei Jie, will I send you back?"

    Although no one has recognized her until now, it is hard to say if she is drunk.

    Maybe you will be headline tomorrow!

    Chen Feier turned her head and the two almost touched her lips.

    She did not dodge, her eyes brightly said: "The atmosphere here is very good, I want to sing."

    Lu Chen shrank slightly backwards and asked, "Do you want to sing?"

    If she goes to the stage to sing, it will be recognized 100%!

    Chen Feier nodded very seriously: "Yes!"

    The song she wants to sing is not for others, it is for one's own.

    Lu Chen couldn't help but look back.

    Seeing that Zhang Jie is still sitting on the corner, he thought about it and asked, "What song?"

    Although it was a date in the evening, Chen Feier’s assistant and driver and female bodyguards were actually there. They also followed the two when they were walking after the meal. Now, of course, they are also in the bar.

    As a superstar like Celebrity, especially Chen Feier, if you are away from home, if you don't have anybody around you, don't say anything dangerous. Once you are recognized, it will be very troublesome.

    Chen Feier came to Lu Chen’s ear and said two words.

    This is the song title of a song, and one of the three songs that Lu Chen wrote for her new album.

    Her breath was blowing in Lu Chen’s ear, with a bit of alcohol and itching.

    This made Lu Chen’s heart a little embarrassed and could not help but nod.

    Such as the curse.

    Lu Chen took Chen Feier to the background.

    Singer, who was stationed and signed in the grass, was not the one familiar to Lu Chen.

    The band signed a light rain media, and now it’s mixed.

    Needless to say, one of his own, Li Hong, Ye Zhenyang, and Wang Xiaoshuai have all left, and the iron-clad battalion of the soldiers, which is normal for the bar.

    But now Singer in the background, basically knows Lu Chen, and also knows Lu Chen's identity.

    Seeing Lu Chen and Chen Feier coming in, they all stood up: "Morning brother is good!"

    These Singer obviously knew that Lu Chen came to the grass in the evening, so it was a surprise but not a surprise.

    Lu Chen smiled and responded, then said: "Next time, I will work with friends!"

    When I heard Lu Chen’s words, Singer had some accidents and some were very happy.

    One of the women, Singer, said with a smile: "I have heard about your name, and we are really lucky at night!"

    She even looked at Chen Feier with envy and even awkward eyes.

    Lu Chen has long been a dream story in the circle of Houhai.

    One of her own career developments, the ones that have been hand-held by his hand are the band, Na, and the North Arrows who just sent a single.

    These people, like them, were originally mixed in the back sea. Now, how can you not envy?

    She also regards Chen Feier as a one's own peer, very Luck's kind.

    After a few minutes, the front Singer sang, Lu Chen and Chen Feier played.

    He asked the waiter to push the piano out.

    Seeing this battle, the guests in the bar suddenly got excited – Lu Chen is going to sing!

    Today, Lu Chen is no longer the original bar small Singer. The number of times he has been forgetting the grass is getting less and less, so that many old customers can only miss Era who is playing on the stage and sing with his new companion. .

    It’s a surprise to see Lu Chen here today. He’s going to stage and it’s exciting.

    Will Lu Chen come up with new works in the evening?

    You must know that Lu Chen is singing a lot of original works in the grass.

    The Hatsune listener who can become his new song is really a very beautiful and worthy nostalgic thing.

    Of course, excited and excited, everyone is still very quality, no noisy.

    The bar was quiet inside.

    This is the reason why Lu Chen is willing to bring Chen Feier to forget the grass. It doesn't matter if he is recognized.

    Forgetting grass has also invited Singer artists from the circle to perform.

    He sat down in front of the piano and said to the microphone that had just been placed: "You haven't seen each other for a long time…"

    The bar suddenly screamed – are you still embarrassed to say?

    Then they all laughed.

    Lu Chen also laughed: "I know that I rarely come now, so I decided to make up for everyone this evening. I specially invited a friend and let her work with me for a new song!"

    Really new song!

    There was a lively applause at the bar.

    Lu Chen got up and bowed to thank everyone, and then made an invitation gesture to Chen Feier.

    Chen Feier smiled and stood in the middle of the stage, in front of the microphone.

    Who is this?

    Everyone looked at each other in dismay, no one immediately recognized the glasses and modified Chen Feier.

    Only a few people feel faintly familiar.

    Of course, since it is a friend of Lu Chen, everyone still gives face and applause.

    Chen Feier whispered: "Thank you…"

    She nodded to the morning and said that she could start.

    Lu Chen sat down again and played the prelude.

    The accompaniment of the pure piano, very nice, caught everyone's ears from the beginning, leaving the audience silent.

    Lu Chen's piano level is very common, but compared to before, after a period of practice, playing a relatively simple score is completely ok.

    The song is not complicated, but it is very fresh for the old customers in the bar.

    Lu Chen, who they saw before, are playing guitar.

    But very quickly, everyone's attention was taken away by Chen Feier.

    Because she sang in the open.

    "Those who want to see but are still waiting, not too much;

It is also heartbreaking and broken into rivers;

I’m free in the vicissitudes of life, saying that I want to live well,

But if you are too busy, you can't solve it, and you are thirsty.

    If you meet, you don’t say it’s worth it, it’s not worth it;

After rubbing the shoulders, they will become each other and be a guest;

I’m free in the vicissitudes of life, saying that I want to live well,

But if you are too busy, you can't solve it, and you are thirsty!

    |||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START|||Wear your songs in the mountains,

Stepping on the waves, forgetting that you forget me more;

Since then, the river is just a legend,

The world melts into the stars,

Wear your songs in the mountains,

Stepping on the waves, forgetting that you forget me more;

Since then, the river is just a legend,

The world melts the stars and engulfs them~


    The name of this song is called "People's Sea". Chen Feier sings with a drunkenness and sings a little carelessly, but her singing is impeccable, calm and unobtrusive, and the poetry's lyrics sing like a scorpio.

    The simple accompaniment, simply sing, but it seems like a clear spring to nourish the heart of the people, inadvertently washed away impetuous, the whole person relaxes, immersed in the artistic conception created by the song.

    The bar was quiet and silent, no one spoke or walked, and all eyes fell on Chen Feier.

    Chen Feier sings very self and is more emotional.

    Lu Chen wrote her three songs, and the one that most resonated with her was the Flower Girl.

    But what she likes most is this "People's Sea". Perhaps from the height of art, "People's Sea" is not as good as "Flower Woman", and it has not become a classic potential, but she just likes it.

    When Chen Feier sang "Wearing the Songs of the Mountain and Jumping at the Sea", she couldn't help but look back at Lu Chen.

    The eyes are gentle.

    This is not her first collaboration with Lu Chen, but it is the first time to take this song out for public singing.

    She just wants to sing, here, at this time.


Gentle is sung by you,

Your shadow on the other side;

Making a boat in the wind, no longer looking back,

Even if you want to conquer, it’s just a desert;

Cherish is rare,

Love you to make life vast;

Gentle, I was sung into a song.

I will not stay with you.

    Wearing the mountains and jumping into the sea, licking your songs,

Ride the waves and sail, forget that you forget me more;

From this river, just a legend,

The world melts and the stars engulf;


    In the climax of the chorus, Chen Feier's Voice is a little high, and the characteristics of the sound line are fully exposed.

    The feelings contained in the songs have also become strong.

    Finally someone heard it: "It's a bit like Chen Feier!"

    It’s not just a bit like it, but the more it looks, the more it feels, the more it feels like everyone.

    When Chen Feier sang to the second time, many people could not sit still.

    There was even a commotion of Xiaoxiao in the bar.

    Chen Feier smiled and took off the glasses that blocked one's own face.

    She feels great.

    Then give everyone a surprise!

    There is no need to cover it anymore.

    Really a surprise!

    Inside the Forgotten Grass Bar, it seems that there is a heavyweight bomb that bursts silently.

    Many people can't believe the eyes of one's own – the people who sing in front of them are actually Chen Feier!

    Someone stood up and quickly sat down again, his face rising red.

    There are also girls who have their eyes wide open and have their mouths sneaked.

    But more people still appreciate this song seriously.

    Because it is hard to come by, it is worth cherishing!


Note: "Human Sea" lyrics: 蘅初 / composition: Yanchi

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