Chapter 212—Network sensation

    Before the opening of the Internet era, even if the means of communication was developed, the transmission of information still had great limitations, and it was easily controlled by the authority and could not be spread out.

    Somewhere in the "Heaven-shaking event, if there is news control, TV stations and newspapers do not report, then people in other places will often know nothing about it.

    But the rise of the Internet has changed everything. Even if the control of the media still exists, in today's era, a cock in a small village outside the village is out of the way, and it is very likely that it will appear in blogs and forums on the same day. People know!

    This is the strength of the network.

    Recently, the Entertainment Circle of Domestic has been a bit calm. Since Wang Bin’s involvement in the drug, in addition to the daily Celebrity tears and scandals, there is basically no topic that can be talked about.

    However, on the evening of October 18th, in front of the West Lake Stadium in Hangzhou, Lu Chen’s side kick kicked a big news directly, and the silent news circle was instantly shocked!

    The most responsive, undoubtedly is the wave blog with Over a hundred million users.

    After the perpetrator was subdued for only ten minutes, the first live video was posted on the blog.

    Then more and more photos and new videos were swarming, with a variety of exaggerated and horrifying titles, as if a scoop of cold water was poured on the boiling oil, and suddenly fried the pot!

    And there are a lot of entertainment media officials V, through the limelight to help.

    There was no pre-arranged hype at all, and this matter was so popular with countless people that a large number of Celebrity artists in the Entertainment Circle also followed the comments.

    Under normal situation, these artists are not free to be used by others, but this incident is too bad. The perpetrators are targeting the people in the circle, and everyone is inevitably enemies. Are willing to issue one's own Voice.

    While condemning the perpetrators, many artists are also questioning the security measures at the scene.

    No one wants the same thing to appear on one's own, Tian Tian is lucky, just happened to take action to help.

    In the unlikely event that Lu Chen was not present, or was it farther away?

    The consequences could be disastrous!

    With these Celebrity artists with a large number of fans joining the topic, the keywords were quickly pushed to the home page.

    "Zhedong Satellite TV beauty Host insurance was destroyed by sulfuric acid, is it a private revenge or emotional dispute?"

    "Hero saves the beauty, young Singer Lu Chen undresses sulfuric acid, flying legs to kill the murderer!"

    "Exclusive secret, Zhedong Satellite TV beauty Host was splashed with sulfuric acid inside!"

    "Too handsome. Look at the style of this leg, there is a picture of the truth! ”

    "Who is Lu Chen?"

    The most exciting and exciting is undoubtedly Lu Chen's fans.

    They learned about what happened in Hangzhou through different channels, and they all worshiped Lu Chen.

    Thousands of fans have used computers and cell phones to comment on blogs, forums, posts, and Fetion groups.

    "Morning brother forformable might!"

    "If you are handsome, you can sing and you can sing." Can also engage in originality, can engage in original and can play! ”

    "How can other people live?"

    "From today, I changed Lu Chen from a passerby powder to a real powder. No one should stop me!"

    "I have seen this video 10 times, and the more I watch it, the more excited I am."

    "Oh, look at the live performance of those other people, you know how great our boss is!"

    "Correct. Lu Chen is a real man! ”

    The video that was most forwarded in the blog was 2 minutes and 17 seconds long. This video should be taken by a professional camera, not only the picture is very clear and stable. The angle of the scene is also very good, and the process of the occurrence and the end of the event is completely recorded.

    Through this video, everyone saw how the perpetrators rushed over the safety fence, and saw that he had pulled out the operation of the sulfuric acid bottle and also saw the reactions of those around him.

    Some are screaming, some are dodging, some are retreating, and some are lying in place.

    Only Lu Chen, and only Lu Chen, in the face of danger, he is not afraid and afraid, and his performance is highly calm.

    He first used a near-unbelievable action to pull out the suit on one's own, and blocked the sulphuric acid poured out by the perpetrator. Then he stepped forward and put Tian Tian behind him, and the flying leg kicked the perpetrator who tried to continue the attack. Ground, completed a wonderful lore.

    Although the video has more than 2 minutes, the core content is just a few seconds!

    In this process, Lu Chen’s courage and fearless performance and his excellent skills are really admirable.

    Domestic Foreign film and television circles, there is no lack of action film Celebrity, but there are few actions Celebrity in the reality shows such a strong strength, let alone Lu Chen is the identity of Singer.

    In particular, his most critical squatting action has attracted countless netizens to talk about it.

    "How do you say Lu Chen did it? I have tried one's own and I can't go out! ”

    “There is no doubt that this is one of the most handsome top ten scenes of the year!”

    "This trick is called Jin Hao shelling. You naturally don't understand it. This is Guwu. Do you know what Guwu is?"

    "Fart a Guwu, I see you are a lot of online novels, but handsome is really handsome!"

    "Don't say it, I must practice this trick, and Hero will save the beauty in the future."

    "Oh, then you have to find a sulphuric acid."

    "It's a pity, tens of thousands of Armani suits, enough for my year's meal."

    "Upstairs is an idiot, everyone should ignore him!"

    With the massive increase in comments, Lu Chen’s fans in the Inspur blog showed explosive growth.

    Also followed by the light, such as Senqi clothing.

    The company, which specializes in young sports brands, took the opportunity to hang on the official V the advertisement piece that Lu Chen shot not long ago. It specifically stated that Lu Chen did not use the substitute during the shooting process, and the situation also attracted a lot of attention. .

    When Lu Chen finished the performance and returned to the hotel in check in, Lu Xi’s cell phone was blown up.

    There are friends and family calling to call, there are media to ask for an interview…

    Most of the calls Lu Xi can handle it, but some calls, Lu Chen still have one's own reply.

    "Great Hero, you are amazing!"

    Sitting on the soft bed of the hotel room, listening to the sound of the sound from the microphone, Lu Chen felt that one's own heart was a little itchy, as if something had to be drilled out of the ear.

    He smiled bitterly: "Philippine sister…"

    This call was made by Chen Feier. She is now in Beijing, but she has already heard the news.

    "Ha ha…"

    Chen Feier smiled softly and said: "I mean, everyone said that you are brave. If it is not for you, then Tian Tian really wants to be destroyed."

    Speaking of the last sentence, her voice has become a bit heavy: "Crazy fans are the most terrible!"

    As a debut in the past ten years, Chen Feier’s fans are numerous, and naturally there are indispensable existences.

    However, all Celebrity idols have been harassed by fans more or less, and there are also extraordinary things happening.

    It's just a situation like this evening, very rare!

    Lu Chen sensitive: "Is sure that person is a fan?"

    Chen Feier said: "The murderer has already confessed. He is Tian Tian's fans. He wrote a lot of letters to Tian Tian and he did not get a response. The front section time was also detained because of the TV station's courtship, so he hated it."

    This is the original! Lu Chen is amazed.

    He does not doubt Chen Feier's source of information. The latter's status and connections in the circle are not what he can compare.

    Chen Feier continued: "Tian Tian is really frightened this time, maybe she has to retreat behind the scenes."

    Lu Chen screamed: "Are you with her?"

    Chen Feier explained: "Yes, I met Tian Tian very early, she is my little sister."

    Entertainment Circle said that it is very big, and that small is actually very small. Two people who seem to be out of bounds, there are such connections in perhaps, and the intricacies involve a wide range.

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "It is estimated that Tian Tianhui will personally thank you. She is so beautiful and high-profile, and she has never talked about her boyfriend. If you save her, then there is a chance to pursue. Do you want me? Help you?"

    Although it is a joke, it is a bit serious.

    Ghost makes a difference, Lu Chen blurted out and said: "I already have someone I like!"

    Chen Feier was surprised: "Who is it?"

    Lu Chen said that he went out and regretted it. No answer was just silence.

    But silence is the answer.

    Some words don't really need to be said.

    After a while, Chen Feier should understand what it was. The man said in a panic and said: "Oh, I have to hang in advance, let's talk later!"

    Not waiting for Lu Chen to answer, she hurriedly cut off the call.

    Lu Chen holds the cell phone with a busy tone and smiles.

    The relationship between him and Chen Feier is a bit complicated, because he knows about a reality show and gets attached because of Music.

    Lu Chen knows that Chen Feier is very fond of one's own. This kind of good-looking perhaps carries his sister's friendship with his brother, but there is no lack of other meaning, just as he wrote the title song "Lover's Unhappy" to MSN. .

    Lu Chen also knows that he also has a great affection for Chen Feier.

    He won't be one's own to deceive one's own.

    Is it really possible between the two? Lu Chen is a bit stunned.

    Suddenly he felt strange and looked up at him. He saw Lu Xizhen standing at the door of the room and looking at one's own.

    With a sneer on his face, as if to say – grab you!

    Lu Chen’s cold sweat has come down: "Sister…"

    He lives in a deluxe business suite with two bedrooms, so he lives with his sister.

    Obviously, his conversation with Chen Feier was heard by Lu Xi.

    Lu Xi did not smash Lu Chen, saying: "There is something that you must pay attention to, it is very important."

    Her look is very serious.

    Lu Chen couldn't help but get up straight and asked: "What?"

    "This matter is related to one of your fans."


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