Chapter 215, Love is in the world

    The crowdfunding network was established by Lu Chen himself. It is his business idea from the dream world.

    Since the beginning of the website, Lu Chen has not thought about making great progress in this piece. In the past few days, he has successfully transferred most of the equity to Li’s family, and he has retired behind the scenes.

    The current morning crowdfunding is really the power of Li Mushi. As the founder of Lu Chen, taking away millions of proceeds and 10% of the original stocks, Li Mubai is still a hard-working business manager.

    Of course, what will be lost will be lost, and most of the shares will be sold. Lu Chen has only the right to propose to the crowdfunding network. It is impossible to make this rising website only serve one's own.

    This time Lu Chen wants to carry out charity crowdfunding for Meng Meng through crowdfunding network, and he must help Li Mushi. He is not worried that the latter will refuse such a request.

    Unexpectedly, Li Mushi not only promised, but also won the treasure!

    “charity crowdfunding!”

    She asked Lu Chen with her eyes: "So good ideas, how did you come up with it?"

    Lu Chen is speechless.

    He simply wanted to help Meng Meng, and did not expect the impact on crowdfunding.

    However, Li Mushi’s thinking, Lu Chen has already understood.

    Li Mushi is to use this charity crowdfunding project to promote publicity, and to improve the popularity and reputation of crowdfunding network, as well as a good reputation.

    In contrast, what percentage of the commission can be counted?

    With her savvy and Li’s power, it is estimated that the media will be hyped.

    You are welcome to say that as long as the operation is right, crowdfunding network is very likely to fly through such projects!

    It will be no problem to double the valuation at that time.

    What Lu Chen thinks is just to save people, and Li Mushi thinks about commercial interests.

    But he didn't have much disgust.

    Lu Chen has no moral cleanliness. If the hype publicity can save lives, what does it matter?

    Helping others on the premise of obtaining reasonable and legitimate benefits is actually helping others more than freely…

    More worthy of support!

    Li Mushi seems to see Lu Chen's thoughts, smiled and said: "Don't say that I am cold-blooded, this charity crowdfunding project, if it can't be completed by then. I am all in the rest! ”

    Lu Chen admire; "Mu Shijie is wise!"

    Li Mu Shi’s eyes waved: “Then you let your sister come to help me work together…”

    Lu Chen immediately interrupted her words: "Charity crowdfunding project content I will send it back to you, goodbye!"

    This is really a thief!

    Lu Chen rushed to run.


    Li Mushi looked at his escaping figure and smiled like a spring flower.


    At 7 o'clock that evening, Lu Chen was on one's own blog, Lu Chen FMX. A new blog post was sent.

    This is his first post after "Hero Saves the Beauty."

    This blog post has nothing to do with the sulfuric acid incident.

    The title of the blog post is called [As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world! 】

    In the blog post, Lu Chen tells about Meng Meng’s experience and appeals to everyone to offer a love.

    So he set up a charity crowdfunding project at Crowdfunding, with a goal of 1 million fundraising. It is 1 yuan to raise one, and the fundraising period is 7 days.

    Lu Chen wrote in the article that his current blog fans totaled 9.7 million+. As long as one-tenth of the fans are willing to donate one yuan, it is enough to save Meng Meng's life!

    Unlike ordinary crowdfunding projects, this charity crowdfunding campaign has no return, and crowdfunding network will not charge any fees, and will also send people to supervise the use of charity funds, special funds will be used, and all donations will be made at that time. The public accounts for expenditures.

    In addition, Lu Chen also said. If the fundraising goal is not completed by the expiration date, he will take over the remaining part and ensure that Meng Meng can be treated and continue her journey of life.

    At the end of the blog post, Lu Chen attached a photo of him and Meng Meng's photo and crowdfunding network project address!

    Due to the impact of the sulphuric acid incident, Lu Chen’s popularity in the Inspur blog has always been high. The ordinary blog post he sent in Hangzhou the day before yesterday, the number of comments exceeded 2 million+.

    These comments are basically praise and praise.

    Lu Chen’s reputation and reputation in the blog can be said to be overwhelming.

    And his attention to the number of fans has increased more dramatically. It is very close to the 10 million mark.

    So when he sent this new blog post, he immediately got a lot of attention.

    Many people who are concerned about Lu Chen will be forwarded soon.

    Among them are Tan Hua and Chen Feier, who are in the circle, and Chen Feier is forwarding the blog. Also posted a screenshot of the recognition, plus a sentence "Meng Meng keep it up!"Comments.

    The number she raised was 50,000 copies, which is 50,000 yuan.

    This money is undoubtedly a small number for Chen Feier. With her ability, don't say 1 million, even if it is 10 million, it can be easily taken out.

    But unless it is a deliberate hype. Otherwise, most of the Celebrity artists will not be so big.

    The reason is actually very simple. It has helped a person. It is very likely to attract a group of people for help. It is impossible to distinguish between true and false, and there will be endless troubles and even a bad reputation.

    It sounds incredible, but it is, and there have been lessons.

    Therefore, as a public figure, it is necessary to be cautious in offering love. If it is a catastrophic event, such as an earthquake, it does not matter if you donate more points, but for individuals, you must control one degree.

    Unless it is an anonymous donation that is completely undisclosed, it is enough to express your mind.

    At this point, people in the Entertainment Circle basically understand, and if they don't understand, they will be taught.

    Lu Chen used charity crowdfunding to help Meng Meng. The small reason is that he is under-funded. Most of the reasons are based on such common sense.

    Chen Feier raised 50,000, the same.

    Tan Hong also raised 50,000, which is very good for face.

    Interestingly, the V certification is Tian Tian of Zhedong Satellite TV Program Host, and he has raised 30,000.

    There is also the MSN women's group of Fei Shi records, which also raised 20,000.

    In this donation and charity event, there is a default unspoken rule in the circle, that is, the number of donations is determined by the coffee table. The higher the number of coffee, the more donations are made.

    If the coffee table is not enough, the money donated will exceed the big coffee. It's actually a face-smacking.

    In this way, Celebrity artists who have or have little to do with Lu Chen in other circles have actually supported more than 500,000+ and directly reached more than half of the fundraising goals!

    Most importantly, it is supported by the forwarding of these big coffee celebrities. This charity crowdfunding project has attracted more and more attention, triggering the so-called tidal effect.

    The number of users of crowdfunding network has climbed and reached or exceeded the sum of the front section time in a few hours!

    And this is just the beginning.

    From 7:00 pm, Lu Chen sent a blog post. In just 5 hours at 12 o'clock, the number of charity crowdfunding projects supported by Crowdfunding has exceeded 1 million.

    The goal that originally took 7 days to complete. Actually less than half a day to complete!

    Lu Chen’s support group V, related posts, forums, and fans are all in hot discussion.

    The heart is full of hearts and love is surging!

    "Meng Meng is Mengmeng. I have read the article she wrote and must support it!"

    "Mengmeng's sister got leukemia, everyone can support it to the crowdfunding network to support it, one dollar will do!"

    "I support 10 copies, breakfast for tomorrow."

    "The breakfast upstairs actually costs 10 yuan. It's too extravagant. I support 20. One day's meal! ”

    "I originally wanted to change the cell phone. Let's use it first. It is more important to save people."

    "Lu Chen said so well, as long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world!"

    "I supported 100 copies, Mengmeng sister keep it up!"

    "50 copies!"

    More and more people have joined the ranks of support, and even led to the Level Up crowdfunding network, there has been a short-lived phenomenon – the traffic has reached hundreds of times!

    This kind of situation makes Lu Chen, the initiator of the singer, stunned.

    He underestimated the influence of one's own and underestimated the number of good people – the world is still a lot of people.

    Lu Chen had to contact Li Mushi. Changed the original plan.

    When the fundraising amount of the project exceeded 1.2 million, Crowdfunding Network issued a notice stating that some funds would be pre-fetched to advance Meng Meng’s medical expenses to help her complete the operation as soon as possible.

    A condition like Meng Meng. The earlier the time of treatment, the better the effect of postoperative recovery and cannot be delayed.

    As for the time of charity crowdfunding project will not change, the extra funds will be used to donate other leukemia patients who are also in need of assistance in the First People's Hospital of Ningwan City!

    At 12:45 that night. Lu Chen sent another blog post.

    In the new blog post, Lu Chen first thanked everyone who supported this charity crowdfunding project inside the circle, and posted a piece of audio, and the audio content was a song he created for this charity event.

    The name of the song is called "Dedication of Love."

    "This is the call of the heart,

This is the dedication of love!

    This is the spring breeze between people.

This is the source of life.

    No more desert,

There is no wasteland of love,

Death is also discouraged,

The flower of happiness is everywhere.


As long as everyone gives a little love,

The world will become a beautiful world.


As long as everyone gives a little love,

The world will become a beautiful world.


As long as everyone gives a little love,

The world will become a beautiful world.


    This song was played by Lu Chen on the piano. There is no arranger accompaniment, and the singer is Chen Feier, and it is not recorded in a professional studio. It is the first rush to compose a composition.

    |||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START|||But it was precisely this song that was very rough in production, but it touched countless people, and the second day of charity crowdfunding activities reached a new peak, not attenuated by the completion of the expected goal!


“Dedication of Love” lyrics: Huang Qishi / Composer: Liu Shizhao

PS: Introducing a friend of Xianxia Good book “All true fairy door”, the old author produced, quality assurance!(|||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_END|||~^~)

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