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Chapter 216, alarming the gods

    When helping Meng Meng's charity crowdfunding project go online, Lu Chen was guarded in Mu Chen Crowdfunding Company.

    Under the control of Li Mushi, the new company was established only one month ago, and the number of employees has expanded to over one hundred. The crowdfunding project of crowdfunding network has also surged from the initial one to dozens, showing a vigorous and vigorous life. And vitality.

    But the crowdfunding protagonist tonight is undoubtedly the charity project proposed by Lu Chen.

    Muchen Crowdfunding Company gave strong support.

    The effect of crowdfunding was beyond everyone's expectations. Seeing the amount of funds supported, the amount of money that was supported by the company was staggering at night. Several technicians were too busy to sweat.

    The increase in data traffic is too fast, making the server a bit unbearable.

    The number of registered members of Crowdfunding Network has reached a surprising level.

    Lu Chenxian, who was the initiator, was surprised and then moved.

    He had to contact Li Mushi and let the CEO of the crowdfunding network rush back to the company.

    Things are a bit big!

    Li Mushi was socializing outside at this time, and after getting the news, she decided to return to Host.

    Such a situation is something she did not expect beforehand.

    But the outstanding graduates of the Wharton School are very clear, and this is a great opportunity for the morning crowdfunding.

    Therefore, Li Mushi made a request to Lu Chen to continue this momentum.

    Completed the rescue of Meng Meng charity Crowdfunding has no problem at all. After the project funds reach the target, everyone's support enthusiasm will inevitably drop greatly. This is what Li Mushi does not want to see.

    She hopes that it will last for a few more days. The influence of the crowdfunding network will inevitably spread to more places, and it will be known and understood by more people, which is equivalent to making a super advertisement.

    In the business talks, Li Mushi has such an idea, Lu Chen can fully understand.

    Switching to him is one's own, I am afraid it will be.

    So Lu Chen proposed to expand the rescue surface of fundraising. Not only help Meng Meng, but also benefit more leukemia patients, such as Xiao Chengcheng with Meng Meng Tong Ward.

    He knows very well that crowdfunding is not a real charity institution. And for such charity crowdfunding activities, the first effect is undoubtedly the best. If you rush to end in advance, it is really a pity.

    Lu Chen remembered Xiao Chengcheng and thought of the first people's hospital in Ningwan City. He gave Chen Feier a call to other leukemia patients who needed help.

    The cell phone was quickly opened, and Chen Feier’s call was: “Lu Chen, what?”

    When I heard the familiar Voice inside the phone, Lu Chen smiled and said: "Philippine sister, thank you!"

    He is grateful to Chen Feier for his support of one's own. The latter's blog forwarding undoubtedly expanded the publicity effect, compared to the 50,000 yuan is a small meaning.

    Chen Feier chuckled: "Nothing, that is what it should be. Tian Tian called me yesterday. Say you don't give her the opportunity to thank her, even if I can't stay for dinner, are you going to visit the sick girl? ”

    Her Voice, as always, is soft and sweet, gently swaying the heartstrings of Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen whispered: "Yes, Philippine sister, I still have something to ask for your help."

    Chen Feier asked curiously: "What is it?"

    Lu Chen replied: "I want you to sing a song for me, it will be at night!"

    Lu Chen thought about it. If you want to expand this project, you must have a hot spot on publicity, which can attract more people's attention and support.

    Please Chen Feier to sing a song thanking the supporters. It is the best way he thinks.

    Of course, it is also borrowing the popularity of Chen Feier.

    If it is another big coffee superstar, there is no such thing as a relationship, and it is undoubtedly very presumptuous to make such a request.

    But Lu Chen and Chen Feier…

    He believes that this day-old sister will definitely support one's own!

    Sure enough, Chen Feier came to the interest: "What song?"

    So Lu Chen passed the news of the "Dedication of Love" that one's own had just written.

    The two exchanged video via air. Lu Chen returned to one's own studio, playing the recordings with the piano that was purchased not long ago, and then combining Chen Fei's singing.

    This is a very amateur practice, just like two friends are bored, you play me sing, use the microphone to record and synthesize to play, just to save the trouble of professional recording. The final product is undoubtedly very rough.

    However, Chen Feier felt very interesting, and she was also surprised by Lu Chen’s work.

    The lyrics of "Dedication of Love" are unpretentious, very easy to understand, and the melody is soothing and warm, but the theme is very tall and even with a strong main theme.

    It is perfect for this charity crowdfunding event!

    What makes Chen Feier deeply impressed is Lu Chen’s talent in the creation of Music. This song is obviously not a previous work. The temporary thought has created a possible classic, which is really speechless.

    After the sister sang a few times in practice, she even developed a kind of brain that wanted to go to Lu Chen immediately, knocking on his skull and seeing the brain structure inside. What kind of difference is it from ordinary people!

    Under the cooperation of the two people, this "Dedication of Love" was rushed out.

    Lu Chen first published it on one's own blog, and then Chen Feier also sent a new blog post.

    In this blog post, Chen Feier tells the birth of "Dedication of Love" and tells about the cooperation process between one's own and Lu Chen. I hope that with this work, more people will pay attention to and care for leukemia patients, for those Patients who need help provide support as much as they can.

    After the two people in tandem, plus a song, they immediately brushed out the new explosion of the blog post!

    Although it has already passed in the middle of the night, thousands of people still forwarded Lu Chen and Chen Feier's blog post, so that the influence of this "Dedication of Love" is constantly expanding, which in turn promotes the support of charity crowdfunding projects.

    At 7 o'clock the next night, rescue Meng Meng (leukemia patients) charity crowdfunding project online for 24 hours, the number of support exceeded 3 million +!

    On the same day, the supervisory representative sent by Muchen Crowdfunding Company had arrived at the First People's Hospital of Ningwan City and quickly identified the second aid recipient.

    That is Xiaochengcheng with Meng Meng’s ward!

    After receiving the news, the TV station in Ningwan City sent a reporter to conduct a live interview.

    The third day, the fourth day, the fifth day…

    On October 25th, the sixth day of the launch of the charity crowdfunding project, Lu Chen Studio received an interview request from Lu Chen himself from “China Youth Daily”.

    "China Youth Daily" was founded in 1950 and has a history of 65 years. It belongs to the central-level newspaper directly under the control of the government. It is committed to "promoting social progress and serving the growth of young people" and serving generation after generation. youth.

    It is precisely because of such a prominent position that the reading rate and popularity of the “China Youth Daily” national daily newspaper has always been top three, and has a great influence in Domestic.

    Being able to get an interview with "China Youth Daily" is undoubtedly an honor. Without typical deeds or publicity points, it is impossible to get such an opportunity.

    Lu Chen attaches great importance to this, and even has some flaws.

    The interview process was not as serious as Lu Chen imagined. The two reporters sent by "China Youth Daily" were not very old and had a good understanding of him.

    The interviews of the reporters were completed in a very harmonious atmosphere. There are three main reasons why Lu Chen can attract the attention of this central newspaper.

    The first is Lu Chen's talent in Music's creation. The reporter's point of view is not his debut album "You at the same table", but the one that has already become a household name, "I Love You China."

    Since Lu Chen sang at the National Satellite Party on Beijing Satellite TV, this song has spread rapidly throughout the country, and has been sung by many major melody Singer. It appears in many non-commercial party programs, which can be said to be very popular.

    "China Youth Daily" asked Lu Chen about his creative motives and inspiration.

    Followed by Lu Chenyong's rescue of Tiantian's sulphuric acid incident, and finally this is the charity crowdfunding project.

    Although it was the first time to accept such a large official media interview, Lu Chen, who had a memory of 3rd Rank, quickly adapted to it. He did not hesitate and did a good job with the reporter to complete the interview.

    His maturity and sophistication made the two reporters of "China Youth Daily" very impressive.

    On October 27th, "China Youth Daily" was published in the fourth edition, with the title of "New Era New Youth", and published an article about Lu Chen's interview.

    This article first briefly introduces Lu Chen's identity, and then focuses on Lu Chen's deeds, praising him as a new youth representative in the new era, and a model of newcomers in the entertainment industry.

    In the article's Entertainment Circle, the scandals of Celebrity artists are endless, and the image in the eyes of the public is declining. It is necessary to provide positive energy like talented, knowledgeable and ethical newcomers like Lu Chen!

    This central-level newspaper, the evaluation of Lu Chen is undoubtedly very high, equivalent to a layer of gold for Lu Chen.

    Don't look at an article for a few hundred words. It can't bring direct economic benefits to Lu Chen, and it will not help Lu Chen to increase the number of fans. He has limited influence on Lu Chen's coffee in the circle.

    However, this article represents the mainstream official's recognition of Lu Chen, and its publicity effect can't be bought for much, and it will greatly affect Lu Chen's future development in more aspects.

    It is said that there is no intention to plant flowers and flowers, and there is no intention to insert the willows into the shade. This is when Lu Chen was determined to help Meng Meng, he did not foresee it.

    Let Lu Chen even think that after the interview of "China Youth Daily", another "big god" was alarmed.

    He sent a representative to negotiate with him.

    This "big god" is the Yan Huang charity general meeting!


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