Chapter 214 Visiting Diseases

    Jiangsu Province, Ningwan City First People's Hospital.

    In the 1207 ward of the Department of Hematology, several girls are talking to Meng Meng around the bed.

    Meng Meng, wearing a sick suit, was a bit pale, but the spirit was not bad. He talked with three classmates and friends, and he could not see any signs of serious illness.

    Just hanging on the medical record on the bed frame, clearly marked AL bold black font.

    AL, Acuteleukemia, the English abbreviation for acute leukemia.

    The malignant clonal disease of hematopoietic stem cells was a terminal disease in the past. Now the technology is prosperous. There are many treatments for acute leukemia. The best effect is bone marrow transplantation, and the cure rate is very high.

    But the cost of treatment is also surprisingly high.

    Meng Meng’s mother, Zhang Fang, sat in a chair not far from the hospital bed. Although she had a smile on her face, there was a sadness in her eyes that was completely concealed.

    What makes Zhang Fang worried is the cost of Meng Meng’s treatment. Even if she goes bankrupt, plus the donation from Mengmeng School and her classmates, the relatively large treatment cost is also a drop in the bucket.

    Just to prevent her daughter from being sad, she never dared to show her inner feelings.

    clatter! clatter!

    The door of the ward was suddenly slammed, and someone pushed the door and walked in.

    The coming person is a man and a woman. The male is tall and still wearing a mask, only showing a pair of eyes.

    The woman asked softly: "Do you want Meng Meng’s sister to live here?"

    The man’s hand is still carrying a fruit basket.

    "You look for Meng Meng?"

    Zhang Fang stunned and quickly stood up and said, "Yes, may I ask you?"

    The other party is very strange. There is no such thing as a character in Zhang Fang’s memory. Is it a small dream friend?

    However, Meng Meng and several girls also looked at people with curious eyes.

    They don't know either.

    The woman said: "Hello, aunt, we are looking at Meng Meng's sister…"

    The man walked to the front of Meng Meng's bed. He put the fruit basket down first and then reached for the one's own mask.

    "Meng Meng, hello."

    Seeing the true face of this man, Meng Meng squinted his eyes wide open. The round face was full of unbelievable looks, and she held her one's own mouth with her hand, completely stupid.

    The three girls sitting at the bedside are also stunned!

    One of the girls in the green skirt shouted excitedly: "Land…Lu Chen! ”

    "it's me…"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I am, how are you."

    It is Lu Chen and Lu Xi who come to visit Meng Meng. The two took a high-speed train from Hangzhou to Ningwan, and they rushed to the First People's Hospital without eating.

    Meng Meng blinked and the big tears suddenly fell.

    She is not sad, but too happy, too surprised!

    Lu Chen sat down on the edge of the bed and said, "I received an email last night. Know that you are sick, just in Hangzhou performance, just come over and see you, are you better now? ”

    Meng Meng nodded hard, suddenly opened his arms I'm free and hugged Lu Chen: "Lu Chenge!"

    Lu Chen was held by her and reached out and gently patted her on her back for comfort.

    This time Zhang Fang finally understood, the original visit to her daughter is her idol.

    Lu Chen!

    The name Zhang Fang is very familiar, her daughter often hangs on her lips, just talking to her classmates!

    This is superstar!

    Zhang Fang couldn't help but panic and quickly pulled the chair. Said: "You sit and sit."

    Lu Xi took her and said: "Auntie doesn't have to worry, I have something to talk to you. Is it convenient for you?"

    Zhang Fang nodded evenly: "convenient and convenient!"

    Here Meng Meng held Lu Chen for more than half a minute, only to release his face.

    She asked: "Lu Chenge, who sent you an email to tell you?"

    This is the most curious of Meng Meng.

    Lu Chen thought about it and said: "She said it was your classmate, ID is called the rain elf."

    Meng Meng and the other two girls simulatedly turned to look at the girl in the green skirt. The latter raised her hand with a low head and said, "I admit. It is the email I wrote to Lu Chenge. ”

    She looked up again and her eyes looked at Lu Chen: "I didn't expect Lu Chen to come over."

    This is the most moving girl in the green skirt, she just sent a letter of help last night.

    Meng Meng said: "Light rain, you should not take advantage of us. You do this, then everyone is still a good bossom friend?"

    The green skirt girl bitterly said: "Little dream, I know it is wrong."

    Lu Chen was dumbfounded.

    These 18-year-old girls are the most beautiful age in life.

    He has become more and more determined to help Meng Meng's thoughts!

    A girl said excitedly: "I think Xiaoyu has done a good thing, otherwise how can we see Lu Chenge real person? Hurry, hurry to take a photo! ”

    Meng Meng smiled and said: "Then you will shoot me and Lu Chenge first."

    This is Xiaoxiao's request. Lu Chen certainly satisfies four girls unconditionally and took a lot of photos with them.

    I also took a few shots with one's own cell phone.

    After taking the photo, Lu Chen asked Meng Meng’s condition.

    Meng Meng’s illness has been temporarily controlled. Currently, conservative treatment is used. If you want to cure it, you have to undergo multiple chemotherapy or bone marrow transplantation.

    Speaking of this, Meng Meng's face added a bit of sadness.

    Lu Chen said with relief: "Meng Meng sister, you don't have to worry, everyone will help you if you have any difficulties. What you have to do now is to cooperate with the doctor to cure the disease, okay?"

    Meng Meng nodded: "Okay, Lu Chen, you can come to see me, I am really happy."

    Lu Chen smiled.

    At this time, the door of the ward was pushed away again. A white-haired old lady came in with a child of about three or four years old. The former still had a drop bottle in his hand.

    The needle was tied to the wrist of the small illness. He looked at Lu Chen curiously with his big eyes and then climbed to the adjacent bed.

    Lu Chen saw that the old lady was a little difficult to hang the bottle. She quickly got up and helped her to hang on the hook next to the bed.

    The old lady is grateful: "Thank you."

    The little guy asked: "Meng Meng sister, who is he?"

    The little guy has big eyes and a big head, but his hair is completely shaved, and the bare green skin looks like a clever little monk.

    Meng Meng smiled and said: "This is my sister's idol Lu Chen brother!"

    The little guy asked: "Is it an idol?"

    Meng Meng replied earnestly: "It is the most admired person of my sister, the favorite person!"

    The little guy seems to understand: "Hey…"

    Lu Chen looked at him very cute, could not help but reach out and touched his head: "How old are you?"

    The little guy replied cleverly: "Cheng Cheng is four years old."

    Lu Chen glanced at his medical record. Found that his illness is exactly the same as Meng Meng.

    Meng Meng obviously liked this little guy and pulled out a big red apple from the fruit basket.

    Such a small child.

    Lu Chen sighed in his heart.

    He can see that the family of this small illness is not in good condition, and the old lady is very plain.

    It is estimated that the same as Meng Meng can not get the cost of treatment.

    There are so many people in need of help in this world. Lu Chen felt more and more weak in his personal strength.

    He has experienced the upheaval of the family, has experienced despair, and has worked hard for life, so he can understand the pain and sorrow of ordinary people in the face of difficulties.

    Now Lu Chen has got rid of the predicament and realized his wish. He is also willing to help others with one's own Strength.

    Start with Meng Meng!

    After a few minutes, Lu Xi and Meng Meng’s mother, Zhang Fang, came back together.

    Zhang Fang’s eyes still have tear marks on his eyes.

    Lu Xichong nodded at Lu Chen, Lu Chen said to Meng Meng: "Meng Meng sister, I have to go back, you are here to cure the disease, if you have anything, you can call me."

    He left one's own private phone number to Meng Meng.

    Meng Meng was very reluctant, but she was very sensible and did not make Lu Chen embarrassed: "Okay, Lu Chen, goodbye."

    Several other girls also reluctantly said: "Lu Chen, goodbye!"


    Lu Chen smiled and said to Zhang Fang: "Auntie goodbye."

    "Thank you!"

    Zhang Fang’s eyes overflowed with tears again. Excited to say: "Thank you!"

    Just now, Lu Xi personally learned about the situation of Meng Meng treatment from her, and then gave her 10,000 yuan.

    The most important thing is that Lu Xi, on behalf of Lu Chen, promised to find ways to help Meng Meng raise the cost of treatment.

    Zhang Fang is really grateful.

    Between Lu Chen and Meng Meng, it was originally the relationship between ordinary Celebrity and fans. Lu Chen did not have any obligation to help Meng Meng, and did not need to make such a commitment.

    But he not only came, but also sent money, and hope!

    What Zhang Fang needs most now is such hope.

    Visiting Meng Meng. Lu Chen and Lu Xi did not leave the First People's Hospital immediately. Instead, they found the attending doctor through the nurse on duty and asked about the cost of treatment.

    People in the hospital told the two people about a situation like Meng Meng. Bone marrow transplantation is necessary, and the total cost of treatment needs about 1 million.

    The problem is that this serious illness is not within the scope of general medical insurance. Meng Meng did not purchase the corresponding major illness insurance, so the part that can be reimbursed is very limited.

    In the First People's Hospital, there are several similar to Meng Meng's situation!

    Leaving the People's Hospital, Lu Chen and Lu Xi did not stay in Ningwan City. On the night of the high-speed rail, I returned to Beijing.

    The next morning, Lu Chen came to the studio morning upstairs Mu Chen Crowdfunding Company and found Li Mushi.

    After careful consideration, he decided to use crowdfunding to solve Meng Meng's medical expenses.

    Now Lu Chen is no longer the chairman of Mu Chen Crowdfunding, so he must discuss with Li Mushi and win the latter's consent.

    After hearing about Lu Chen’s intention, Li Mushi did not hesitate at all: “No problem!”

    "You can arrange the project to go online today…"

    "And this time charity crowdfunding, we don't charge a commission of half a cent for the morning crowdfunding!"


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