The twenty-first chapter of the red carpet

    This platter concert attended by Lu Chen is the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Xizi Cultural Festival and the completion of the Xizi Square.

    Xizi Culture Square is one of the key projects completed by the municipal government this year, and has introduced a large number of private capital cooperation construction. Therefore, the celebration has been extraordinarily grand, and more than 20 Celebrity artists have been invited to participate in this concert. It is a starlight.

    The highest number of cafés is the film and television songs of the superstar Li Xing. The 30-year-old female Celebrity has won several best actress awards in the film. She has also produced two solo albums. The drama series is high. Guarantee.

    On the status of the circle, Li Xing is even higher than Chen Feier, and is definitely one of the top big coffees of Domestic.

    This opening concert of the Xizi Cultural Festival can invite Li Xing, which is because Li Xing is a native of Hangzhou.

    There is also a famous Liu Zongqi's fame and café. He is from Xiangjiang. He has been developing in Domestic. He is good at singing Love Song and R&B. He can also create one's own and produce too many hot albums.

    In addition to Li Xing and Liu Zongxi, other including Lu Chen are Singer artists of the Domestic II C-list.

    To put it bluntly, they are coming to make up the number, so it is called a platter concert.

    In this large platter, there are two big dishes, Li Xing and Liu Zongxi, which are undoubtedly quite eye-catching. It is said that all the tickets were sold out half a month ago, and the advertisements were all earned.

    And Zhejiang East TV will conduct live live broadcast.

    Generally speaking, many artists in such concerts are willing to go to stage to brush their faces without making money. Lu Chen can occupy a place, mainly because his provincial identity is cheap.

    So after Lu Xi received the invitation, he quickly signed the performance contract.

    At 6 o'clock in the evening, under the arrangement of the concert organizing committee. Lu Chen arrived at the stadium with a welcome car.

    The party was held at the West Lake Stadium, and the West Culture Plaza was located to the south of the stadium. The famous West Lake is only a few hundred meters away.

    It was just dark, and the outside of the West Lake Stadium was already full of people, and the surrounding roads were blocked.

    Of course, the welcome vehicle is still unimpeded.

    As part of the ceremony, the organizing committee arranged a Celebrity artist to walk the red carpet.

    At the earliest, the red carpet was very grand and usually only appeared at large film festivals.

    But then with the booming development of the Domestic entertainment industry, the pressure on the red carpet has dropped dramatically.

    As long as a number of Celebrity or celebrities are invited, even the brand publicity event site has a red carpet, and it is very common to invite media reporters to take photos and engage in gimmicks.

    Everyone has long been eccentric.

    The Xizi Cultural Festival concert is no exception. Nearly 30 Celebrity also supported a red carpet show.

    Of course, the force of the red carpet is falling, but the basic rules have never changed.

    That is to sort according to the coffee position, the first place to go.

    Lu Chen was placed in the 12th car, and there was another female Celebrity Bai Wei who walked with him on the red carpet.

    Bai Wei is an actor. She has been debuting for five or six years, and she has produced a lot of drama series.

    Lu Chen’s impression of her is the supporting actress in an urban drama series, which is very beautiful. The acting is not bad.

    This fame is actually not very big, but the temper is very cold. After sitting in the car, he nodded to Lu Chen and said hello. He did not respond to the latter's friendly and polite greetings.

    I picked up the cell phone from my own.

    Since the other party’s attitude is cold, Lu Chen certainly won’t ask for a hot face to stick to someone’s cold ass.

    It’s just that the atmosphere in the car is a bit awkward.

    Fortunately, from the check in hotel to the stadium is very close, and did not wait too long time, the morning car that Lu Chen took is steadily parked on the red carpet.

    A field worker wearing a black suit helped open the door. Lu Chen immediately got out of the car.

    Oh! Oh! Oh!

    The flash from the surroundings flashes in a flash. Let him be more or less shocked.

    There are so many people!

    The red carpet that was laid to the front entrance of the stadium in front of Lu Chen is almost 50 meters long and has a high specification.

    The two sides of the red carpet passage are separated by a security fence. There are not many people behind the fence. The black pressure is the head and a high-rise fluorescent card with the names of different Celebrity artists.

    There are naturally reporters and photographers in the crowd, and long guns and short guns are everywhere. Plus, there is no way to count the number of cell phones. Walking on the red carpet really makes people feel like burning!

    It seems that thousands of glory are in one, and it is very fulfilling.

    Bai Wei’s attitude in the car was cold, but when she started to walk the red carpet, she seemed to have completely changed her personality. The smile was full of spring breeze, and she stopped to put a POSE from time to time to show off one's own Hermes long skirt.

    This morning, Lu Chen is dressed in a formal style. A set of Armani suits set his body perfectly, and with a confident and calm posture, it also attracted a lot of scene care.

    This suit was chosen by Lu Xi last night.

    My sister’s taste is very good.

    Although it is the same red carpet, Lu Chen and Bai Wei are actually going to each other, and the wells on both sides do not commit river water.

    At least one meter away between the two, safe to absolutely no rumor.

    "Lu Chen!"Lu Chen! ”

    Just as Lu Chen walked more than half the distance, I suddenly heard someone shouting the name of one's own.

    He couldn't help but look around. I saw a few female fans trying to squeeze into the front of the fence, ignoring the scream of the security guard at the scene, excitedly yelling at one's own: "Lu Chen, I love you!"

    Lu Chen first stunned, and then moved a little.

    These fans are very young. They should be girls who are still studying. They are crowded with hair and clothes in the crowd. They look quite wolf, but they still hold the fluorescent cards with the name of Lu Chen.

    Struggling to wave to him!

    Lu Chen did not hesitate and walked straight toward the other side, smiling: "Hello!"


    Several girls suddenly screamed in surprise, and they were very excited.

    One of the girls stuttered and asked: "Land…Lu Chen, can you sign me a name? ”

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Of course, can you have a pen? Where is the sign? ”

    The girls did not think that they would not only summon Lu Chen, but Lu Chen’s attitude was still so kind.

    They were also prepared, not only immediately took out the signature pen, but also picked up one's own T-shirt.

    "Sign here, sign here!"

    Lu Chen dumbfounded, but still satisfied their requirements, signed the name of one's own on the T-shirt.

    After signing the name, several girls became more and more bold and asked for a group photo.

    "Mr. Lu Chen…"

    Unfortunately, the security guards who maintain order at the scene have opinions, because many people are crowding over here.

    Lu morning quickly made a sorry gesture and then quickly returned to the red carpet.

    Only these girls can be disappointed.

    In such a situation, you can interact with the fans, but you can't stay too long.

    Otherwise it is easy to get into trouble.

    It is also because he has enough coffee to sign a name. If he is replaced by Li Xing, it is estimated that he will be killed.

    So sometimes it's not Celebrity intentionally playing big cards, but for security reasons.

    When Shun Shun walked through the red carpet, Lu Chen walked onto the Welcome Desk and left the name of one's own on the signature wall.

    Then there is the reporter taking pictures and a simple interview with Zhedong Satellite TV.

    The interview with Celebrity is a program host of Zhedong Satellite TV, named Tian Tian.

    The Host graduated from China Media College and joined the TV for only one year. Because the people are beautifully known as female anchors, their Host TV and Music Program Viewership Ratings are quite high, and they have popularity on the Internet. Known as the first beauty of Zhejiang East TV Host.

    Tian Tian is very young. The temperament is better than the two C-list actresses on the scene. Especially when laughing, two shallow dimples are exposed on the cheeks.

    When it was Lu Chen’s turn, she first shook hands with Lu Chen and then asked: “Lu Chen, everyone knows that you are a coastal, and you are still studying in Hangzhou. I will return to my hometown this time. Go on stage What do you think about singing?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I am very happy to sing for the folks in Hangzhou. I will try to sing the best level tonight and make sure that everyone is not disappointed!"

    The red carpet and photo interviews were all arranged by the organizing committee, including the questions raised by the female host.

    Lu Chen can read the pre-prepared answer.

    Tian Tian smiled and said: "That I wish you a successful singing tonight, I hope to hear your singing here in the future!"

    Lu Chen nodded: "Thank you!"

    After the interview, the Celebrity photo was completed, and the on-site staff began to guide everyone to the staff channel.

    The staff channel leads to the backstage dressing room in the gymnasium, and the time for the official performance is almost here.

    Host Tian Tian followed the staff in front, followed by the cameraman behind her, followed by Lu Chen and two other artists, stepping down the welcoming platform.

    At this time, among the onlookers more than a dozen meters away, a man looked at the security guard without warning, suddenly turned over the security fence and jumped into the "forbidden zone".

    The man was wearing a dark brown jacket with a mask on his face. He had a fluorescent card in his hand, but he smashed it straight as he climbed over the fence, and his footsteps quickly rushed straight.

    While running, the man pulled a glass bottle from one's own pocket and expertly unscrewed the cap.

    His eyes stared at Tian Tian, ​​and his eyes sparkled with crazy flames!

    Because the incident happened too fast, until the men in the jacket rushed to the distance of only four or five meters away from Tian Tian, ​​the Celebrity artists who had just stepped down from the welcome station reacted, and the exclamation and screams sounded at the same time.

    And the staff who was at the forefront directly frightened and instinctively backed back.

    Just hit the cameraman.

    The scene was a mess!


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