The second hundred and seventy-one chapter guest


The delicate silver spoon hits the glass and gives a crisp sound.

    The original noisy banquet hall was quickly quieted down.

    Zhang Dezhi stood up with satisfaction. He put down his small spoon and raised his glass in his hand. He said with enthusiasm: "Please allow me to say a few words here…"

    "Thank you for your hard work in two months, so that the shooting of our drama series has been a great success. On behalf of the Gande Brothers Films, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you here!"


    Everyone raised their glasses and responded to the boss. They looked at them and the banquet hall was full of smiles.

    Today's "Blue Life and Death" officially shortened phase, Gande Films packaged the entire Jinlan Hall of the Marriott Hotel, banqueting all the drama crew and the actors who did not leave, for condolences and rewards.

    At the time of the banquet, Zhang De asked the secretary to carry a bag and gave a red envelope to everyone who attended the banquet.

    Even Lu Chen and Chen Feier have it.

    For both of them, this little money is nothing at all, it is nothing more than a happy celebration.

    But for those suffering crew members of the drama crew, it is undoubtedly a great benefit!

    Zhang De’s money was also sent extraordinarily.

    After several days of negotiations, the replay rights of "Blue Life and Death" have been officially sold to Beijing Satellite TV and Zhedong Satellite TV. The price of the copyright transaction is Gundam 23 million, which is evenly distributed by the two TV stations.

    As the Viewership Ratings of Blue Life and Death continues to climb, relying solely on the gambling contract with Haijin Satellite TV, the drama series can fully recover the full cost and profit in advance.

    So this money is a net income, and it is expected that the last three investors can earn tens of millions of profits!

    Zhang De’s mood can be imagined.

    Their two brothers, Beijing, set up a film and television production company, and worked hard in this circle. There are basically equals in earning and losing, and I have never made so much money on a project.

    the most important is. "The benefits of the success of Blue Life and Death are not just that!

    Zhang De was a bit Jiang Hu, and he was naturally open at night.

    After doing this glass of wine, he poured another cup of respectful morning: "Lu Teacher, my Old Zhang is a rough person, and I don't know much about art. I know that you are a big talent. If you don't have it, you don't have this drama series. Give you a cup!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Zhang Zong is too polite, thank you!"

    He and Zhang Degan.

    Zhang De's face is red. The more the eyes are brighter and brighter, the more they pour wine to respect Chen Feier.

    Chen Feier gave her face and drank a small glass of red wine.

    Zhang De is very face-to-face, and then find Fang Hui toast.

    Fang Hui Hao Shuang, full of a glass of red wine to drink clean, attracted the same table full of applause.

    The atmosphere between the banquets is more intense.

    Zhang Deyi sat down at the table and gave the man a look.

    Someone immediately stood up and worshiped Lu Chen. "Lu Ge "Lu Ge" called extra intimacy.

    Lu Chen had no choice but to drink a few cups.

    Chen Feier sitting next to him looked distressed, but also embarrassed to discourage.

    Or Fang Hui can understand it and smiled and said: "You don't want to fill the morning, some people will feel bad!"

    Everyone laughed at once.

    Chen Feier and Lu Chen’s point, the people inside the drama crew actually know.

    Just knowing to know, no one will talk. Otherwise it is difficult to mix in this circle. No drama crew will want to smack the tongue, especially the guy who steals the news to paparazzi.

    Qualified to ridicule two people. It is also a party of Director.

    Of course, Chen Feier guarded, and everyone would not dare to refill the morning wine, so that he finally escaped.

    This is so, until the end of the dinner, Lu Chen also drank almost two bottles of red wine.

    Back in the room, it is already more than 10 o'clock in the evening.

    He didn't get drunk, but after bathing, he saw Chen Feier sitting on the sofa in the living room.

    Really come with it!

    Lu Chen couldn't help but rush to the past and eagerly held the beautiful woman in his arms.

    Chen Feier let him hold and said: "You don't want to think too much. I will go back if I wait."


    Lu Chen’s face suddenly collapsed: “No?”

    Chen Feier smiled and reached out and touched his face. He said with a shy sigh: "I know what you want, but now I am not ready yet, give me some time?"

    Although she is very mature, but the bones are very conservative, even if the heart is cocoa, do not want to be rash.

    Lu Chen nodded.

    If the two sentiments are long-lasting, they are squatting in the dynasty. He is not an animal that only uses the lower body to think. Of course, he will respect Chen Fei's thoughts, and even if he is impulsive, he can restrain one's own well.

    It’s his, I won’t be able to run sooner or later.

    Chen Feier felt it, and she was happy in her heart. She reached out and grabbed Lu Chen’s neck and took the initiative to send a kiss.

    The kiss was just a few minutes, and both of them kissed the red ears.

    Taking advantage of his wisdom, Chen Feier broke away from Lu Chen’s arms and said, “I have to go back. I will go back to Beijing tomorrow morning. There are a lot of things in the studio, and the notices are backlogged.”

    Lu Chen is very sorry and understands: "I will go back in a few days, and then I will contact you again."

    Although "Blue Life and Death" is finished, there are post-editing and soundtrack dubbing, so he will continue to stay in Jinling for a period of time, and will not be able to return to Beijing until all is completed.

    Chen Feier re-entered his arms and said: "The two months, I am the happiest."

    The time for Celebrity artists to fall in love is really rare. If they are all in the Entertainment Circle, there are not many opportunities to meet. It is difficult to get together even if they are married.

    The two men took the same drama series in Jinling, and the days/days and nights were opposite, and the feelings were really deep.

    It's a pity that such days are always short-lived, and they have to be separated from each other in a blink of an eye.

    Chen Feier is really reluctant.

    Why is Lu Chen not like this?

    The two continued to be warm for a moment, Lu Chen reluctantly sent Chen Feier back to her one's own room.

    The result was not a few minutes, just as he was preparing to rest early, the door of the room was ringed.

    Lu Chen thought that Chen Feier turned his heart and turned to the door in surprise, and found that the person was actually Zhang De.

    There is also his secretary.

    Zhang De stood at the door and smiled and asked: "Lu Teacher, I want to talk to you about something, is it convenient now?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Two invited."

    He invited Zhang De to sit down in the living room, and the female secretary of the latter was very eye-catching to make tea for the two.

    Zhang De said: "Lu Teacher, this is the case. I have a friend who invested in a movie. I just happened to shoot here. I want to invite you to a guest role. Can you make time for it?"

    A guest movie character?

    Lu Chen suddenly stunned. He originally thought that Zhang De is now running over to visit one's own. He wanted to talk about things to continue to cooperate in the future, such as the next drama series.

    After filming "Blue Life and Death", it is no secret that Lu Chen is going to open a new drama next year. Even if he doesn't know, guess can guess.

    "Blue Life and Death" Viewership Ratings broke the table, and his Flag in the film and television circle stood up, and the Entertainment Manager Corporation and the advertiser who are looking for investment cooperation will inevitably flock.

    Don't say anything else, just the implant series of the drama series can make a big profit!

    "Blue Life and Death" is not very optimistic before the broadcast, Viewership Ratings has risen almost after the big rise, so there is no advertisement implanted, the new drama is completely different.

    The world is bustling for the benefit of the world. In this way, the Gande film industry, which was originally not well-known in the circle, and whose strength and background are common, will inevitably face tremendous competitive pressure from its peers.

    The Gande film industry, which tasted the sweetness, is of course 100% wanting to continue to cooperate with Lu Chen. However, for a moment, the relationship between the two parties is not big enough for Lu Chen to identify Gande.

    Lu Chen soon woke up, this is Zhang De's initiative to show one's own, and painstakingly looking for opportunities.

    In the Entertainment Circle, the film's forcing is always higher than the TV, no film, I am embarrassed to say that one's own is the real actor, the real big coffee is Movie King Movie Queen!

    Going to the big screen is also one of Lu Chen’s plans.

    He could not help but come to the interest and asked: "What is the film?"

    Zhang De explained: "It is a historical costume film named "Dahan Wudi". At present, it has already been filmed more than halfway. There is a supporting actor who needs something to replace.

    "Exactly my friend knows you, I want to ask you to be a guest once, not a lot of plays."

    He smiled and said: "My friend admires you. I think you are suitable for that role and recommend you to Director."

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "If this is the case, then I will try it."

    This time he and Gande Films filmed "Blue Life and Death Love", the cooperation between the two sides is still very happy, the latter will position the position very well, fully cooperate with the two protagonists and Director.

    As the general manager, Zhang De has been overseeing Jinling to participate in the filming work, and will be well-rounded in all aspects.

    "Blue Life and Death" can be completed in advance, he has merit.

    So next year's new drama, Lu Chen will give priority to Gande Film, at least let the latter participate, the specific share of the share is another matter.

    Now Zhang De is sent to the door to sell it, and Lu Chen certainly has to give face.

    The temptation to make a movie is not small.

    Even if it is just a guest character.

    Zhang De surprise: "That's great. I will contact my friends when I go back and arrange your audition as soon as possible."

    Despite being a small character, you must pass the audition according to the rules, unless Lu Chen is a superstar in the circle.

    At present, he is still a newcomer who has just debuted and cannot follow the rules.

    Lu Chen knows the rules: "Well, thank you, Mr. Zhang!"

    Zhang De smiled: "I thank you for being right. He can invite you to this movie, it is luck!"

    His words are not all compliments.

    Artists like Lu Chen who set off Speed ​​so fast are really rare!


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