The second hundred and seventy-three chapters are too dazzling

    Under the order of Lu Da Director, the members of the Item group immediately sent the costume items.

    Lu Chen wears a set of silver-black armor. The style is typical of commercial style, which is exquisite and cool, but it does not follow historical facts, but the effect is not reasonable.

    The people in the Item group are very careful. The matching armor is quite in line with Lu Chen's height. With their help, Lu Chen put it on, and a mighty silver armor suddenly appeared in front of everyone.

    Lu Zhiyong is very satisfied: "Not bad!"

    Lu Chen's height is more than 1.80. After a long-term exercise, the figure is very stylish. Wearing a armor shows a fine and temperament. The appearance is basically impeccable.

    The people in the Item group sent a gentian silver gun.

    This long gun is made very well, and the whole body is made of alloy material for casting and grinding. Although the weight is not very heavy, holding the hand is also very heavy and very texture.

    A set of armor plus a long gun, plus a sabre, the total weight of more than 40 pounds, people who do not have physical fitness can really not play.

    However, such a load is completely within the scope of Lu Chen.

    After the dressing was completed, Lu Chen turned over again.

    He just sat down, and the single-handed gun instantly pierced I'm free, and the wrist shook a beautiful gun!

    "it is good!"

    The crew of the drama crew at the scene had the martial artist responsible for the action guidance. When I saw the hand that Lu Chen had just revealed, I couldn’t help but scream at the eyes!

    It is said that the expert knows if there is any hand, and whether the body is capable or not, it is clear that a trick is made.

    Lu Chen's hand-shake guns are light and skilled, and there is no long-time practice. The commanding martial artist is determined not to believe. He has never seen a Celebrity artist who can play more beautifully than Lu Chen.

    In the eyes of the amateur people, Lu Chen’s movements are very incomparable. With his handsome shape, it is so handsome!

    Everyone in this situation is convinced.

    Lu Zhiyong had the feeling of being a treasure, and the original serious face showed a smile.

    However, Lu Chen’s performance was just beginning. He held the left-handed leash on his right hand and drove the mount into the pasture again, as if a real general had launched an attack against the enemy.

    Running back and forth in a circle, Lu Chen just made a few simple moves at the moment, everyone is convinced!

    "Okay, come back!"

    Lu Zhiyong said loudly: "This role is yours!"

    He was really satisfied, and even with Zhang De, he was pleasing to the eye: "Zhang Zong. This Lu Chen is the signing artist of your company? Then your luck is really good. ”

    Lu Zhiyong does not listen to pop songs or watch the entertainment Eight Trigrams. He has been filming outside for the past six months, so he does not know the true identity of Lu Chen, thinking that Lu Chen is a new artist under the virtue of Gande.

    Otherwise, how can the general manager recommend it?

    Zhang De smiled and said: "Lu Dao, if I have such luck, it will be really good!"

    Lu Zhiyong was surprised: "He is not your person?"

    Zhang De explained: "Lu Chen is one's own to open studio, he just debuted in the first half of the year, was originally a Singer."

    "Singer …"

    Lu Zhiyong is speechless – is the young Singer so powerful now?

    And also one's own open studio.

    He couldn't help but sigh with sincerity: "That's really a bad thing!"

    Lu Zhiyong knows that Lu Chen just finished a drama series. He played the leading role and did not expect him to be both civil and military.

    Among the actors of the older generation, there are many people who can be able to carry out their skills, but nowadays, most of the retired retirement and dying of these old bones have already withdrawn from the film and television circle.

    The New Generation actor's attention to things is different, face value, temperament, acting. I can mix even without acting.

    Lu Zhiyong does not despise the young actors who eat by face. Because he is taking a market-oriented business route, what kind of actors the audience likes. He will never be right, the important thing is the box office.

    But this does not affect Lu Zhiyong's goodwill towards Lu Chen. On the spot, he decided to play the role of Chen Jia in the latter!

    Not only that, he hopes to shoot Lu Chen's scene tomorrow.

    The filming progress of this film has been dragged down for such reasons, and there is not much time wasted.

    There is no objection to Lu Chen, it is nothing more than contacting one's own sister to sign the contract with the other party.

    Even if it is a guest, you have to sign a contract to protect your rights.

    The two sides hit it off. In the afternoon, Lu Xi came over and signed the contract. The next day, Lu Chen came to the Guancheng studio again.

    Today's situation is very different from his interview yesterday. There are hundreds of extras in the studio. The armor is a small-scale army. Although it can't be said to be well-trained, it is also very powerful.

    The scene that Lu Chen participated in was only a small part of the drama of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty. This costume drama mainly talked about the story of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty. The focus of the plot is on the power struggle inside and outside the court. It involves many famous historical works. character.

    Therefore, in the Guancheng studio, the core figure is Huo's disease. The plot of the script tells the story of the Hexi general who took the squadron out of the west. He took a huge scene and actually had ten minutes of content in the movie.

    "Attention in all departments!"

    "Camera OK!"

    "Item OK!"

    "Recording OK!"

    Everything is ready to be done, the game is playing – oh!


    The next moment, the drums rang, and the next one was astounding.

    I saw Lu Chen riding a horse, suddenly rushed out from the army's I'm free, two cameras placed on the rails followed the shooting from different directions, and his entire shot was completely photographed.

    After the dark skin of the skin, Lu Chen tightened his lips and his face was soaked like water. His eyes looked straight ahead, and the sharp murder was seen in his eyes. The bright silver gun held in his hand was lifted.

    According to the tip of the gun, it is the "Hun" army that is on the grassland!

    Single ride!

    Sitting in front of the monitor, Lu Zhiyong couldn't help but pat his thigh and praised him: "Good!"

    Yesterday's interview, Lu Zhiyong was very satisfied with Lu Chen's performance. Today, he officially started shooting, and the latter gave him a big surprise.

    Lu Chen plays a fictional character. As a small supporting role with only two lines, his most important part is on this single-ride squad. He needs to behave as a brave man and be proud of being a great Han.

    The actor who originally played this role was injured when he participated in the announcement, so he could not come to Jinling to take part in the filming work.

    I didn't expect the replacement to be so good. Lu Zhiyong even felt that Lu Chen's limelight was a bit too big.

    It’s completely qualified to play for Huo!

    The one who really plays the disease is not far away.

    The actor is Wen Bing. His age is similar to that of Lu Chen. His debut is much earlier than Lu Chen. He has filmed several movies and drama series, but they are supporting roles.

    Huo's disease in "The Great Han Emperor" is the most important role that Wen Bing has ever obtained since he debuted.

    As an idol artist, Wen Bing is confident in one's own acting, but now he sees Lu Chen's performance, he suddenly is not so confident.

    "who is this?"

    Wen Jia knows that this role is to be changed. He also thought about recommending a friend of one's own to play, but the latter did not have time to come out.

    I did not expect that someone else will be replaced directly today.

    The replacement was replaced, and a small role in the district was not taken care of. However, Lu Chen’s go on stage debut was really dazzling, and his "protagonist" instinctively felt the threat.

    His assistant knows more: "Lu Chen is the actor of "Blue Life and Death"."

    Wen Bing stunned: "It turned out to be him!"

    "Blue Life and Death" is really hot now. Wen Bing has not seen it and knows it. I didn't expect the actor to actually run "Big Han Emperor" to come to the guest. There is something in the heart that can't be said.

    In order to get rid of the role of Huo, he paid a high price and defeated many powerful opponents.

    Originally thought to stand at a considerable height, the result is compared with this, and the moment is compared.

    The only thing he can comfort is that the role of one's own is much heavier than Lu Chen.

    "It's just that…"

    Wen Bing secretly disdain in his heart.

    Despite this, he had to admit that Lu Chen’s momentum of guns was not played by him.

    At this moment, Lu Chen did not know that the performance of one's own actually caused the enthusiasm of an insider. He was wielding a long gun and taking over the opulent Huns, and successfully completed the scheduled action requirements.

    The morning time passed quickly. By noon, Lu Chen took all the scenes of one's own.

    The number of NGs for his reasons during the period was only two.

    When leaving, Director Lu Zhiyong personally sent a business card to Lu Chen, hoping that there will be cooperation opportunities next time.

    He is not completely in the audience.

    Because Lu Chen has the qualification to cooperate with him, it deserves his attention.

    For Lu Chen, this time the guest is a small episode in his personal career. Although there are very few plays, it is considered to be a addiction to filming movies. In addition, he earned 200,000 yuan, and there is nothing dissatisfied.

    In the next few days, Lu Chen was in the film and television production company in Jinling, supervising the post-production of "Blue Life and Death", and at the same time getting the voice of one's own and the soundtrack in the drama.

    On the 21st, Lu Chen studio received an invitation from Shacheng.

    The invitation letter sent to Lu Chen was actually Shonan Satellite TV. The latter invited him to participate in the [Chinese Music List] Awards party to be held in Shacheng on the evening of February 2!

    Because Lu Chen has won two nominations for Best Newcomer and Best Composer in the Chinese Music List.

    When Lu Chen got the news from the studio, he thought it was a mistake.

    The organizer of [Chinese Music List] is the Shonan Satellite TV!


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