The 273th chapter of the response

    Shonan Satellite TV invited Lu Chen to participate in the [Chinese-Music Music List] sponsored by it!

    Just after learning the news, Lu Chen thought that it was a mistake in his own studio, or someone was joking with one's own, but both could be ruled out soon.

    After confirming the news, Lu Chen’s mind instantly came up with a saying – the weasel gave the chicken a New Year!

    The time of his debut is very short, but the entanglement with Shonan Satellite TV is not shallow, far from the draft turmoil, the recent is the "Blue Life and Death" and "My Heart Flying" Viewership Ratings battle.

    Earlier, Shonan Satellite TV was forced to apologize to Lu Chen for leaking the draft video. The "strongest singer" was defeated by Lu Chen to win the championship "Singing China", which was the first face-smacking.

    Now, "Blue Life and Death" is even more violent on the ground. The former's Viewership Ratings are about to break through the 2% mark, while the latter have been hovering around 0.5%, and even have a downward trend.

    The so-called annual drama of Shonan Satellite TV is almost a joke, and the investment of "My Heart Flying" is almost ten times that of "Blue Life and Death". How can it be ruined?

    "Blue Life and Death" is written, starred and invested by Lu Chen, and is a face-smacking.

    This time it is much heavier than the previous one and involves huge profits.

    Under such a situation, Shonan Satellite TV actually invited him to participate in the [Chinese Music List], giving two important nominations for the best newcomer and best composition, all of which have an eccentric taste.

    The enthusiasm of Shonan Satellite TV is really so broad?

    Lu Chen sneered at this, knowing that the reputation of Shonan Satellite TV in the circle has never been very good.

    And under normal situation, this invitation should be delivered one month in advance to be normal, only ten days apart. When he has no other work arrangements?

    In the popular Musical World, there are many annual awards. The most influential are the three.

    The first is the Chinese original Music list, which is jointly created by the China Music Association and the dozens of media, such as the Music, Music, and popular radio stations. It is also the familiar list of the original sounds. It will be held in mid-March every year. Music on the list] celebration, this year will be the 14th.

    Secondly, CCTV, Yangguang and the national TV stations and the radio station created the Asia Chinese Gold Songs List. The Awards Gala was held on the evening of February 18th and has been held for 15 sessions.

    These two Music Awards ceremonies are the oldest and most authoritative, and are the most popular festivals for musicians.

    In the third place, Shonan Satellite TV teamed up with Xiangjiang Satellite TV and more than a dozen large-scale records and entertainment companies. In 2006, the Chinese Music List was launched!

    On the authority, [Chinese Music List] is definitely not as good as the previous two, but Shonan Satellite TV is very good at hype and rich. Every year, the annual list of Awards is full of enthusiasm, and a large number of Celebrity artists are invited to participate, so the popularity is extremely high.

    In addition, there are several other award-winning ceremonies such as the popular Music Billboard and the Pepsi Original Music List, but the influence is not large and the scale is small.

    Even if the authority is insufficient and the entertainment is higher, it is for the insiders of most popular Musical World. The invitation to get the [Chinese Music List] is undoubtedly a very face-lifting and worthy boast.

    However, Lu Chen is not one of them.

    He felt weird, so he called Chen Feier.

    Chen Feier has debuted for more than ten years, and various Music awards have already been softened, and they must be familiar with the doorway.

    And even if she doesn't know, she can find someone who knows the inside.

    Sure enough, after listening to Lu Chen’s words, the singer said with a smile: “Don’t ask others. I can guess what is going on. You better not go, these two awards will not fall into your hands! ”

    She told Lu Chen. The reason why the invitation letter came so late should be that Xiangnan Satellite TV did not include him in the award nomination at all. Later, it should be worried that the public opinion was too controversial, so two pieces of bait were thrown.

    In 2015, Lu Chen’s rise in the popular Mexican Musical World could not be ignored.

    He insisted on taking the original route, and wrote more than 20 outstanding works before and after. One's own's debut album was sold out, and all of them were on the original sound list, and the results were dazzling.

    Under such a situation, the [Chinese Music List] excludes Lu Chen, a good singer, and the authority of self-proclaimed is a joke.

    But the nomination for two awards is the limit.

    Lu Chen wants to eat it, he can't eat it. Shunnan Satellite TV's rhythm has never been counted, and they are not afraid of embarrassment, and they have hired a large number of troll army pushers to control the public opinion.

    Nominated for you, you can't get one's own problem!

    Such a thing has been done by Shonan Satellite TV before, Lu Chen is not the first to be pitted, nor the last one.

    Understand the inside story, Lu Chen said categorically: "I will ignore it."

    Joke, he is full of support to send the face door to others?

    The water in the Entertainment Circle is really too deep.

    Chen Feier said: "Do not ignore it completely, otherwise you will be ignorant, let your sister go."

    Lu Chen can't go, go definitely must be face-smacking.

    However, if you ignore it, you will fall into the wrong position, and you should not be dismissed by a person with ulterior motives.

    The relationship in Entertainment Circle is like this. Even if you are in the back, you will have to live and die, and you must obey the rules and rituals on the open side. Otherwise, it will become unreasonable.

    Let Lu Xi's past be undoubtedly the most suitable. No matter whether you can get the prize in the end, there is nothing to say. Shonan Satellite TV is not even a face-smacking. How can people fight?

    And Lu Chen also has a suitable reason, that is, the invitation letter of Shonan Satellite TV was sent too late, but the schedule was wrong.

    This reason is still sent by the latter one's own.

    Chen Feier said: "You remember to blog, saying that the invitation letter that you just got on the list today is very happy. Thank you very much to Shonan Satellite TV. It is a pity that you can't go in person because of the work arrangement!"

    Lu Chen stunned and immediately understood that he was completely convinced of the Tianhou sister.

    In this way, he will firmly occupy the truth, no matter how tossing behind the Shonan Satellite TV, it does not matter.

    "I will write now!"

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "Don't worry too much, yes, someone took a photo of us on the Côte d'Azur. I just put it out on the blog. The studio on my side will send a statement, and you will follow up. ."

    Photo of the Côte d'Azur?

    Lu Chen quickly said goodbye to Chen Feier and hurriedly landed on the Inspur blog.

    When it comes to the Côte d'Azur, it must have been photographed while the two were filming, but he remembered that it was a clear-up at the time. I couldn't think of paparazzi so much.

    In just half a minute of time, Lu Chen saw his and Chen Feier’s photos on the official V of an entertainment website. He had a portrait of Chen Feier’s stills when he was filming, and a picture of the two holding hands after the end. .

    The sneak shots should be taken with a high-powered telephoto scene. The photos are not very clear, but the intimacy between the two is still easy to distinguish.

    Related blog posts have been accompanied by sensational headlines and content, what fake dramas really do Philippine morning love, etc., and the words are so savvy that Lu Chen is very shameful.

    And his one's own blog has also been blown up, and many fans have left a message.

    "Lu Chen, are you really in love with Chen Feier?"

    "My heart is broken, how can it be!"

    "I have known that Lu Chen and Chen Feier are not simple, nor is it the first time to send a scandal, bless!"

    "Haha, Lu Chen greatly forformable might!"

    "Don't say it, if this is true, then I will commit suicide!"

    "I really don't know what you are having, is it not normal for Junxi and Enxi to be together?"

    "Seek the truth!"

    Lu Chen's latest blog post was issued yesterday. As a result, the number of Gundams is now over 100,000. It is obviously affected by the scandal photos. The fans have congratulated and cheered. Some of them complained sadly.

    There are still some extreme remarks that should come from a very small number of female fanatics.

    Although Lu Chen is taking the strength route, no one doubts the talent he possesses, but it is undeniable that Lu Chen’s handsome character also helped him attract a large number of female fans.

    There are more fans, and it is inevitable that they will go to extremes. They will regard Lu Chen as a dream lover and a spiritual pillar. Once they know that an idol is in love or married, the consequences are often very serious.

    There used to be such an example. Because idols loved to marry and committed suicide, it caused a great wave of public opinion. So now many idols like Celebrity pay attention to this aspect and strictly keep one's own emotions secret.

    It is not taboo to admit that love is a taboo. Many entertainment Manager Corporation even prohibits their contracted artists from falling in love, in order to prevent similar incidents from happening, so as to avoid adverse effects among the public.

    Although Lu Chen and Chen Feier are both one's own and open studio, the addition of the two fans is an astonishing number, so it is also necessary to scruple this issue, so there has been no public love.

    Not only that, but the sentiments are still denied!

    Lu Chen quickly wrote a blog post to explain to everyone that this is a photo shoot of "Blue Life and Death", and the relationship between one's own and Chen Feier has been very good, the two are like brothers and sisters, everyone No need to misunderstand.

    In addition, he will also receive an invitation from the Sangnan Satellite TV [Chinese Music List], and soon turned the attention of the fans to the past.

    In fact, Lu Chen and Chen Feier’s rumors were not once or twice. The entertainment Eight Trigrams took a lot of things from both of them. Everyone was a bit accustomed to it, so it was easy to dissipate the impact.

    Now the fans are concerned that Lu Chen can get the best newcomer and best composition two awards.

    They won't know that the truth is so cruel!


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