The second hundred and seventy-eight chapters are light

    [Asian Chinese Gold Songs List] was founded by CCTV, Yangguang and the national TV stations and radio stations. The Awards ceremony was held on the evening of February 18th and has been held for 15 times.

    This is one of Domestic's oldest and most authoritative Music awards. It has a certain influence in Asia. It is regarded as the annual Music Festival by the Musician of Domestic. The prize content is higher than the Chinese Music List. In the list].

    The judiciary group of [Asian Chinese Gold List] is composed of professionals, including members of the Music Association, well-known Seniors in the circle, professors of Music College, famous sound critics, etc. The judging standards also refer to the songs of the major radio stations of Domestic. On-demand data and network data.

    Similarly, the [Asian Chinese Gold Melody] has no audience voting, because there were audience votes in the early years. As a result, every year, all kinds of cheating and cheating have made people stunned, making the grand awards become a ticket. The party’s own land, so the organizers simply canceled it, replaced by a strong line of judges.

    As early as January, Lu Chen got the invitation letter of the Asias Gold Awards Committee, and he won four nominations for Best Newcomer, Best Composition, Best Composition and Best Album.

    Although the coverage of the Asia Chinese Gold Melody List is even larger, there are only 21 awards, and there is no such thing as the most popular male and female Singer, which is more like a pork category, which enhances the gold content of the award.

    [Asian Chinese Gold Songs] held 15 sessions, and no Singer has won the best title.

    According to some sources, this year's [Asian Chinese Gold Songs List] is likely to be the last one. The [Asia Chinese Gold Songs List] will be merged with the [Chinese Original Music List] and upgraded to the [Global Chinese Original Gold List]. Held every December 31st.

    This source is very reliable. 【The Chinese original Music list on the list] for the first time this year, it is undoubtedly paving the way for the merger of the two awards. At that time, [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs] will become the most authoritative Music Award of Domestic, sweeping all the ghosts!

    It is precisely because of this that the [Chinese Music List] that has just passed is quickly forgotten, and the industry's expectation for the [Asian Chinese Gold Melody] has greatly increased, becoming the hot spot in the popular Musical World at the end of the year.

    But for most people, what is on the list and the hit list is not related to them. Everyone cares about the Chinese New Year. They use all means of transportation to return to one's own home and have a happy New Year with their families.

    Countless people are leaving Beijing, a super metropolis with a population of 30 million. They are about to become empty cities.

    Lu Chen drove the newly purchased Mercedes-Benz SUV and went all the way to the New Age Art Park.

    His original Chinese X7 gave Lu Xi, originally Lu Chen wanted to buy a new car for his sister, but the sister asked for X7, turned his head and bought him the G900 worth millions, saying that it is now his Different identities, and then open X7 too price. It will make others look down.

    In fact, Lu Chen is not very vain, although the Chinese X7 is a domestic car, it is still very comfortable to drive, but he can not resist the insistence of his old sister, and finally luxury.

    It is normal for young people to love face support plate. If it was the previous Lu Chen, one's own earned so much money. That must be the first to buy a super run to carry a girlfriend to have fun.

    But experienced the 3rd Rank life in the dream. His mentality is far beyond the maturity and wisdom of his peers, while pursuing his personal career success. The heart of the admiration of the virtual Hua is rather weak.

    Therefore, Lu Chen can calmly look at the defeat of the [Chinese Music List].

    Who can't take him, why not ask him? Moreover, he already has a world of wealth!

    After parking the car in the parking lot, Lu Chen walked to the Star Art Training Center.

    The Star Art Training Center is well known in Beijing's Entertainment Circle. It was originally founded by a number of entertainment managers, and is dedicated to training new artists, so-called trainees.

    Domestic's trainee system is derived from the Republic of Korea, and many large entertainment Manager Corporations have one's own independent trainee training system, which brings a large number of talents to the entire industry.

    However, this system was not built casually. It required a lot of manpower and material resources. Small and medium-sized companies or studios could not afford it. Therefore, specialized training institutions appeared.

    The Star Art Museum is one of them, and it is one of the strongest institutions in the industry. It doesn't sign any new trainee, only accepts entrusted training or image customization.

    Established in the New Age Art Park, the Star Art Museum is a top-notch facility in terms of facilities and facilities. Many of the Music Dance Teachers are hired from abroad. After years of development, a An extremely complete training system.

    The current Star Art Museum is already a completely independent structure, and it is separated from the relationship with the founding company. Therefore, many entertainment managers and record and film companies in Beijing have placed their new contractors here for training.

    Although many people in the industry have criticized the artists trained by such institutions as the Star Art Museum, such as the popular line products, they lack the personality and characteristics.

    But even the critics can't deny that the basic skills of the new artists trained in such a centralized and professional training system are quite solid, and the training of the trainees is also of a high level and low price.

    The most important thing is that for most entertainment Manager Corporation, outsourcing training will undoubtedly reduce the cost and save a lot of time. As for the style features, after the foundation, it can be packaged separately.

    "Li Jie!"

    When Lu Chen appeared in front of the Xingyuan Art Museum, he saw Li Zhenzhen standing at the door.

    He quickly took off his sunglasses and waved.

    "Little land!"

    Li Jie suddenly showed a surprise expression, and opened her mouth with a big smile and greeted her: "Working hard."

    She was so fast that she couldn't keep up with the little assistants around me.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "There is no hard work. I also come here often."

    The first time he came to the Xingyuan Art Museum, at the invitation of Li Zhenzhen, he came to see the training situation of the newly formed Xiaohu Group. According to Li’s words, it was “giving guidance”.

    After filming "Blue Life and Death", Li Jie has made up her mind to let one's own son enter the artist's path. For Lu Chen's youth group plan, she is a treasure.

    After returning to Beijing, Li Jie quickly matched the team of the "Little Tigers" and took the "Little Shuaihu" Zhang Junzhi as the core of Captain and sent them to the Star Art Museum for training in singing and dancing.

    According to the plan, the "Little Tigers" will go out for a half-year training here and release the first album.


The first one is sent, and there are still people who are playing outside. The update is really involuntary. Forgive me. (To be continued~^~)

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