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Who is the face of the second hundred and seventy-six?

    [Chinese Music List] was founded in 2006 by Xiangnan Satellite TV.

    As one of the three major festivals of the popular Musical World, the Chinese Music List has a total of 27 awards, including the best album of the year, the best male Singer, the best female Singer, the most popular male Singer, and the most popular women. Singer, best single, best newcomer, best composition, best lyrics, best producer, and more.

    This Annual Awards Gala was held in the Xiangjiang Grand Theatre, and live broadcasts of Shonan Satellite TV and Xiangjiang Satellite TV.

    The Xiangjiang Grand Theatre is one of the largest opera houses in the country. It can accommodate 2,000 spectators. It is usually a representative building of opera and dance, and a large-scale Literature and Art performance.

    Under the careful arrangement of Shonan Satellite TV, this grand theater presents a very modern atmosphere. The large-scale screen wall behind the stage is equipped with excellent sound and light effects to create a magnificent scene of the prosperous festival.

    Host Hosts The four hosts of the party were Xiangnan Satellite TV and Xiangjiang Satellite TV's heads of Hua Dan and Xiao Sheng. Among them, Xia Yu and Fang Chen of Shonan Satellite TV are both Famous Famous Variety Hosts.

    The party opened with a grand song and dance, and the famous singer Shang Fangfang sang a song "The Most Beautiful Song".

    As soon as the song was sung, the audience applauded and the Awards ceremony officially began.

    The Chinese Music Awards list is very interesting. The winners of the awards are judged by the expert jury and the audience jury. The former has 12 members and the latter has 100 so-called audience representatives.

    The 100 audience representatives were selected from thousands of ordinary audiences.

    Due to the abandonment of the traditional audience voting method, Shonan Satellite TV strongly advocated the fairness and impartiality of the [Chinese Music List], claiming to be inspired by the United States presidential election, eliminating the possibility of brushing the ticket.

    For Shonan Satellite TV, it is self-proclaimed. The industry is scornful, but the former is willing to save money. There are also a large number of Celebrity artists invited, so the Viewership Ratings in the Chinese Music List is always high.

    The money under the Shonan Satellite TV was doubled back through the title of the sky-high price and the advertisement.

    As for what is fair and just, it is actually said to ordinary people.

    According to the convention, the first prizes are announced, such as the media recommendation award, the annual contribution award, the best MV, etc., all of which are heavy behind.

    Soon, one after another awards were announced, which also pushed the atmosphere of the Awards party to a climax.

    Among the 27 awards, Lu Chen was nominated for the Best Newcomer and Best Composition.

    On the weight of the award. The best composer award is much higher than the best newcomer, and is the same as the most popular male/female Singer.

    Therefore, the awards related to Lu Chen, the first out of the list is the best newcomer of the year.

    "What we want to announce below is the Best Newcomer Award in the Chinese Music List!"

    Shonan Satellite TV Host Xia Yu said to the microphone: "We will first look at the nomination list, they are…"

    On the big screen behind her, there was a list of four candidates in an instant.

    Lu Chen, Cui Zhengzhi, Zou Yu and Wang Guangming!

    All four are newcomers who have debuted in the last two years. Among them, Cui Zhengzhi is the runner-up of Shunnan Satellite TV's "Super Boys" in 2014. Signed company Orange Field Entertainment, published his debut album "Getting Fire" in 2015.

    The best newcomer award is based on a debut within three years, and has produced an album. Zou Yu is the winner of the 2015 Deep Sea TV Ace Variety Program "National Idol". After signing Starlight Media, he released his debut album "Blooming Flower". 》.

    Interestingly, in addition to Wang Guangming, Lu Chen, Cui Zhengzhi, and Zou Yu are only a few days away from the debut album. At that time, it was fierce in the game of Fetion. Finally is Lu Chen's "You at the same table" has won a great victory.

    The four newcomers are quite compelling in the popular Musical World in 2015.

    "Now, please ask Mr. Liu Zongqi to announce the best newcomer to us. At the same time Awards! ”

    Liu Zongxi, a handsome suit and handsome, took the stage in the applause.

    Liu Zongxi is the famous Xiangjiang Singer, but in recent years, he has been developing in Domestic, and has produced many albums.

    He faced the microphone and opened the envelope with the winner's name in his pocket.

    [Chinese Music List] The best newcomer of the year is about to be announced!

    At this moment, the mood of the audience at the Awards ceremony sitting in front of the TV and computer was lifted.

    In the Luwan live broadcast of [Whale TV], countless Luchen fans are waiting for the answer to be revealed.

    Most of them are convinced that the best newcomer is none other than Lu Chen.

    The reason is very simple. Among the popular Musical World in 2015, there are no more newcomers than Lu Chen!

    He won the championship of "Singing China", published the first platinum album "You at the same table", wrote songs for the band, made albums for MSN, and created works for Chen Feier…

    Who can match a project and achievements?

    "Cui Zhengzhi!"

    The next moment, Liu Zongxi said the winner of the Best Newcomer Award: "Congratulations Cui Zhengzhi!"

    Sitting in the right side of the third row of the auditorium, Cui Zhengzhi immediately stood up and smiled and embraced the people around him. A bunch of spotlights hit him and followed him to go on stage.

    However, when the 2,000 spectators and guests at the scene heard the name, they did not applaud as much as they did when they announced the award winners. Instead, they were arguing with a small number of sporadic applause.

    Lu Chen won the nomination of the best newcomer and best composition in the Chinese Music List. It has already spread in the circle, and people who know it naturally know it.

    Many people in the industry believe that Lu Chen will miss the best composition in the best of the best in New York, because the latter is very heavy and very professional. It is not a big prize that newcomers can easily get.

    Lu Chen is too young, his grades are there, and his qualifications are not enough.

    However, everyone did not expect that the best newcomer award he hoped to get will fall on Cui Zhengzhi!

    Compared with Lu Chen’s dazzling achievements in 2015, Cui Zhengzhi is really too poor. His debut album was defeated by Lu Chen. There are not a few works on the heavyweight list of Domestic. It is nothing more than hype. Brushed hard.

    Lu Chen actually lost to Cui Zhengzhi, it is a bit unbelievable.

    Only those who understand the insider's heart are bright, this is the consistent urinary seizure of Shonan Satellite TV. They nominated for the two awards of Lu Chen, but they just want face-smacking.

    Lu Chen offended Shonan Satellite TV is not light!

    It is said that everyone has a steelyard in their hearts. Shunnan Satellite TV’s obvious reward manipulation behavior can inevitably make people feel resentful. Even if everyone can’t raise objections, how can they enthusiastically applaud Cui Zhengzhi?

    There are also applause, in addition to the staff of Shonan Satellite TV and the "spectator support", there are some other people.

    Chen Feier is one of them.

    The man sat in the middle of the second row of the audience, with a faint smile on his face and gently clapping his hands.

    Very reserved.

    Let's take a look, whoever is shooting!


The second one is sent, tomorrow is 520. On this very special day, I wish my single friend can find the right person, and the sweetheart Mimi Enne loves to be happy.

    PS: Because I have to go out to play with my wife in the next few days, the number of updated words will be reduced. I hope everyone will forgive me. (To be continued~^~)

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