Chapter 270. fixing phase

    Jinling Film City, the Côte d'Azur.

    The Côte d'Azur is a very unique attraction in Jinling Film and Television City. Its main body is a huge artificial lake with an area of ​​10,000 mu. It has a beach of more than 500 meters long on the south bank, and then planted with plants to arrange reefs to form a realistic nature. Coastal scenery.

    It is said that all the sand is collected from the seaside. After washing, it becomes fine and beautiful. There are also many shell fragments in the middle. It will be shattered under the sun, becoming the most popular tourist attraction in Jinling Film and Television City. one.

    In addition, the Côte d'Azur is also one of the shooting venues of the major drama crews. After the scenes are collected, they can be processed in the later stage, which can completely reduce the cost.

    The last set of scenes in "Blue Life and Death" was taken on the Côte d'Azur.

    Already at sunset and dusk, a wheelchair was parked alone on the empty beach.

    A series of footprints are wheelchair-oriented and extend in the distance.

    Lu Chen carries Chen Feier, step by step I'm free, every step is so difficult.

    Chen Feier, wearing a sick suit, closed her face against Lu Chen’s shoulder. The blue silk was pale and pale, and there was no sound.

    If Lu Chenxi does not feel it, he is facing the sunset, the handsome and determined face is full of sorrow, and the dark eyes contain the pain of deep bone marrow.

    The kind of helpless sadness, into the blood into the soul, as the tears slowly slide down, dripping on the beach.

    "Enxi, do you know?"

    "I love you."

    "I love you."

    "I love you very much!"

    It’s a murmur to me, to talk to the most beloved person behind him.

    Unfortunately, she will never hear again.

    This kind of sorrow cannot be described in words, and it is painful and painful. I can't let go of my life.

    The staff of the drama crew was infected by the atmosphere of the scene, and they were doing their work silently. There is no performance out of the excitement and joy of the shortening phase.

    Director Fang Hui stared at the monitor for a long time.

    She is not the first time to shoot the drama series, she has seen all kinds of actors, but she has never seen a newcomer who is better than Lu Chen. The latter seems to be an actor by nature, and she has no natural skills.

    Starting from the first episode, Lu Chen's state is stable and makes people feel good. His interpretation of the character is perfect, and the grasp of the character's emotions is impeccable, no less than any old drama.

    Fang Hui has always been unable to understand. How did an artist like Lu Chen who had never studied or played before, how to do this? Is it really a legendary gift?

    It is said that some people will be acting in nature, and they will enter the role state within a few seconds. If they want to cry, they will cry and laugh and laugh. The lines can be remembered in a few times. The number of NG is very small.

    Fang Hui did not cooperate with such a powerful actor, but she believed that Lu Chen was such an actor.

    As a Director. Her feelings are really too comfortable.

    When she decided to take the film "Blue Life and Death Love", Fang Hui was mainly touched by the story of the script. She didn't expect to rely on this sad drama to enhance one's own reputation.

    Even if you don't lose money, you can afford to pay for one's own.

    However, Fang Hui never dreamed that "Blue Life and Death" is red, and the red is a mess!

    In just one month's time, she became a hot new drama series director in the film and television circle. Through the manager or directly calling to invite dozens of units.

    Fang Hui’s family did not agree.

    Because she is very clear. "Blue Life and Death Love is so successful. Her director's credit is not the biggest, there are no good scripts and actors. Her clever woman is also difficult to be without rice.

    Under normal situation, a good script and a good actor will not be able to master her.

    It was Lu Chen who gave her a chance to emerge.

    Therefore, Fang Hui wants to continue to cooperate with Lu Chen. She knows that Lu Chen is going to take another new drama series next year.

    Fang Hui hopes that one's own is still the director of new drama.

    At that time, the situation will be completely different. If you don't say anything else, the person who wants to invest in the stock market will definitely be like a river!

    Under the well-funded situation, the filming production will undoubtedly be more sophisticated. This "Blue Life and Death" actually has a lot of regrets, and I feel that many places are not perfect.

    "Director …"

    The sound of the call that sounded in the ear made Fang Hui’s dream wake up.

    The screen displayed on the monitor made her realize that one's own was actually at this time.

    Lu Chen carrying Chen Feier quickly went to the end of the beach.

    But it doesn't matter.


    Fang Hui said loudly: "Through!"

    She stood up and smiled with a smile on her face: "I announced that "Blue Life and Death" officially fixed phase!"

    Fixing phase!

    The staff of the on-site drama crew all cheered and some even hugged each other.

    It’s over, and after it’s finished, you can finally relax!

    Not far from the beach, Lu Chen first put Chen Feier down, then directed the cameraman who had been following one's own, and the assistant who was holding the light board, and gave a thumbs up: "Good job, I invite everyone at night." eat!"

    The cameraman and assistants laughed, and one of the assistants said, "Thank you Lu Ge."

    In the two-month shooting time, the atmosphere of the drama crew of "Blue Life and Death" has always been very good. Without the kind of dog-blood competition, everyone worked together toward the same goal to ensure the smooth completion of the shooting work.

    Aside from other actors, Chen Feier is a singer, Lu Chen is a Musician, and the creator, actor and investor of this drama series has a higher status in the drama crew than Director.

    But whether it is Lu Chen or Chen Feier, the attitude of the two people treating them to these drama crews has been very good. Friends have never placed any Celebrity shelves, and they are polite and courteous.

    Everyone has a steelyard in their hearts. It is good or bad. Everyone has a clear distinction. For these two male and female protagonists, everyone has a good impression and respect.

    The cameraman and the staff carried the equipment to work, and Lu Chen and Chen Feier did not rush back, walked side by side on the beach, and walked along the deep footprints left before.

    "Blue Life and Death" fixing phase, the two are also very emotional.

    Originally, Chen Feier’s assistants ran over and saw such a scene, so they retraced back.

    Walking and walking, Chen Feier licked the scattered hair on her face and suddenly asked: "Is it now, is it difficult to see?"

    She has a dismal sorrowful makeup, her lips are not so bloody, and she looks awkward.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You look good no matter what you look!"

    "I will make me happy…"

    Chen Feier gave him a white look, but the corner of his lips was the curvature of Xiaoxiao, which exposed the sweetness of his heart.

    But the smile just started, her eyes were a little more horrified, biting her lip and said: "Just…When I heard you speak the lines just now, I feel that one's own seems to be really going to leave you forever. ”

    Lu Chen felt the change of Chen Feier's heart, and realized that she had not completely got rid of the state of her character. She could not help but hold her hand: "If you want, I will always be by your side!"

    Lu Chen is not the kind of playboy who is good at using sweet words to swear by a woman, but his love story instantly hits Chen Fei's heart, making her uneasiness and confusion disappear.

    If there are so many people nearby, she will immediately throw into the arms of Lu Chen and send a warm kiss.

    Sweet and warm atmosphere, passed between the two.

    Chen Feier asked: "What are your plans for this film?"

    Lu Chen thought to say: "The Chinese New Year, the first good rest a few days." ”

    Chen Feier said: "You want to be beautiful. The notice was the most in the past years. Can you not participate in it?"

    Lu Chen is speechless.

    When a Celebrity artist really can't help himself, even if one's own is a studio one's own, he can't be willful, unless he doesn't want a future.

    For example, Lu Chen basically does not make a mess of announcements, but he has two endorsements in his body. He has the obligation to do the publicity with the alloy master, and if the big media like Beijing Satellite TV invites Program, he has to give face.

    Chen Feier said: "After the end of the year, I am going to release a new album. You have to give time to help me."

    Her new album was originally released before the New Year. As a result, because of the filming of "Blue Life and Death", only the ticket delays, so many fans are very dissatisfied.

    For this drama series, Chen Feier sacrificed a lot. Originally, there was a plan to open a concert in Beijing. It was also scheduled to be arranged next year. As for other notices that were pushed down, there are more.

    Chen Feier certainly does not care about the loss of interest. "Blue Life and Death" is enough for her to earn, but the emotions of the fans must be appeased, and they can no longer continue to delay the ticket.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "What good is it for me?"

    Chen Feier heard the unpleasant taste and was alert: "What benefits do you want?"

    Lu Chen smiled and scratched her palm with her fingers and said softly: "I will accompany me at night…"

    The last time I was drunk, Chen Feier stayed with him in bed and didn't enjoy the true gentle taste.

    Now I think of it, I can’t help but feel a bit.

    Chen Feier’s pretty face suddenly showed a faint blush, and even the powder makeup could not be covered.

    She broke free of Lu Chen’s hand and gave a sly look at Lu Chen: “You guys, do you just want this?”

    Lu Chenxi: "I mean to accompany me to the movies at night. What do you want?"

    Chen Feier understood that she was being played, and she could not help but be angry and screamed at Lu Chen.

    Accurately twisted the soft flesh around his waist.

    For this woman's talent, Shen Chen can only surrender and express deep regret.

    The two played with each other, leaving two parallel footprints on the white sand beach.

    The setting sun slanted, the clouds in the sky seemed to be burning, and the extravagance was magnificent!

    Everything is so beautiful.


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