The 237th chapter of the big buddies

    The song "Dedication of Love" was published by Lu Chen in order to thank those who support the charity crowdfunding project and put it on the Inspur blog.

    He never thought about relying on this song to seek profit or fame – there is no such necessity.

    However, Lu Chen did not expect that Yan Huang Charity would like to see the "Dedication of Love", find a door to buy authorization, and invite him to participate in the public welfare advertisement MV.

    Lu Chen gave a free permanent license directly.

    Later, Chen Feier told him that he had done this very correctly.

    Whether in Domestic or abroad, Celebrity artists have a lot of benefits in doing charity or establishing good relationships with authoritative charity organizations.

    In Domestic, the reputation of being happy is like giving a layer of amulets to one's own, always being looked at.

    For example, Chen Feier's own, and Yanhuang charity will have long-term cooperation and exchange.

    Like Lu Chen, she will also participate in the charity advertisement of "Dedication of Love".

    On the way back from Jinling to Jinling, Lu Chen and Chen Feier took a car, because the work involved in the arrangement of the Yanhuang charity general meeting, so she revealed a lot of insider.

    Last year and this year, the charity world of Domestic was very troublesome, which greatly affected the image of the public.

    Although these are not all pots of Yanhuang charity, as the top-level existence of the Domestic charity structure, they will always follow the passive. The pressure from the upper level makes them need publicity and re-establish a good image.

    It was precisely at this time that Lu Chen used charity crowdfunding to conduct charity crowdfunding, which had a great impact on the Internet. His "Dedication of Love" was in line with the taste of Yanhuang Charity.

    Otherwise, how can such a good thing fall on Lu Chen’s head?

    Look at the list of Celebrity selected for public welfare announcements – Li Xing, Tan Hong, Chen Feier, Liu Zongyi, Xi Rong…And so on are all big-name characters.

    Plus Lu Chen one's own, finally determined that the list is 15 and all the fame is bigger than him.

    Moreover, the director of this public welfare advertisement is the famous director Yu Jiande. The 60-year-old Director has filmed more than 20 movies and won the grand prize at the international film festival and enjoys a high reputation.

    Zhang Wentian, who is known as Lu Chen, is also a big Director, but compared with Yu Jiande, it is at least a bad one.

    Chen Feier said: "If you are being filmed by Yu Dao, it is really a step in the sky."

    Lu Chen was dumbfounded.

    He knows that Chen Feier is joking and reminds one's owner to take this job seriously.

    Even if you don't earn a penny.

    Lu Chen took Chen Fei's hand and said, "That's not as good as my one's own. When Director makes a movie, you will give me the heroine. Can we both go together in one day?"

    Chen Feier said sweetly in her heart, "Do you still want to be a Director? That line, as long as you can make a movie, then I will give you the heroine, saying that you are not allowed to lie! ”

    Lu Chenxi.

    Chen Feier did not take it seriously, but he was serious. However, if this idea is to be realized, it will be a long time later. At present, his accumulation is still too small.

    The road has to go step by step, and now Lu Chen has gone very fast, and then it is too easy to fall and accelerate.

    The Mercedes-Benz carrying the two went along the Jinjing Expressway, a Luffy Chi, and returned to Beijing before dark.

    Chen Feier first sent Lu Chen back to the apartment.

    Although the two kissed in Jinling, but because of career reasons, this relationship is not intended to be public.

    In that case, Lu Chen’s speed is too fast, and the foundation and accumulation are not enough. Once the relationship between the two parties is open, he will be under great pressure and will seriously hinder the development of the cause.

    The easiest is the media reporters, those paparazzi will inevitably stare at him every day, disturbing him not to be peaceful.

    Such a situation has precedents, not Lu Chen’s own willingness to see.

    So at present, the two can only communicate in the underground, and it will not be late until the time is ripe.

    In addition, there is a very important aspect, that is, the male and female in the Entertainment Circle is too common, and it is really rare to be able to stay until the end for a long time. Even in the dark, even if it is a breakup, it will not make a storm.

    This is also the normal state in the circle.

    On November 18th, the day after Lu Chen returned to Beijing, he rushed to the scheduled location.

    Participate in the filming of the "Dedication of Love" charity advertisement MV.

    Celebrity actor Singer's meeting point is at the headquarters of Fei Shi Records, Lu Chen is also familiar with the road.

    In the VIP lounge, he met a number of famous figures, such as Li Xing, Tan Hong, Chen Feier, and Liu Zongyi. The first time they met were Liao Jia, Xi Rong, etc. Popular Musical World and Show business big coffee.

    Yu Jiande is also present.

    The well-known Foreign Director has a burly face and square hair. The white hair is tied into a braid, wearing a pair of open gray blouses, navy blue trousers and black cloth shoes, quite a few centuries. .

    It is said that the Yu Da Director has taught the channel. When he was a teenager, he studied Wudang Mountain. In the 1990s, he also filmed a movie called "Wudang Mountain", which caused quite a stir in the Domestic.

    The time for the meeting is 9:30 in the morning, but just after 9:00, all the performances of Celebrity are in place.

    There is no such thing as Celebrity dare to play big cards. Even if you are filming a movie or TV in the field, you are willing to take time off to return to Beijing, let alone be late – it will cause public anger!

    Time is still early, so everyone is sitting and talking. Entertainment Circle says that big and small is actually very small. Two people who are not bound to each other may have close contact through a third party and know each other. Then there are countless.

    Some of them are friends themselves. I haven't seen each other for a long time. Now I have a surprise here.

    "Tan Hongge!"

    Lu Chen first found Tan Hong.

    The song superstar is basically in a state of retreat. It is said that a farewell concert will be held at the end of the year to officially withdraw from the popular Musical World.

    Therefore, since the end of the "Singing China" game, Lu Chen has not seen Tan Hong again.

    But Tan Hong always keeps his heart in mind for his help and support.

    Tan Hong smiled and patted Lu Chen’s arm and said: “Small land has not been seen for a long time. Recently, I often saw your name on the blog and did a good job!”

    He looked at Chen Feier standing around and said with a deep smile: "I heard that now I have turned Mayfair to be the heroine?" It’s amazing! ”

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly.

    Chen Feier’s pretty face was full of redness and shouted: “Tan Hongge…”

    Tan Hong Hahaha: "No kidding, Xiao Lu, I will introduce you to several Teachers."

    In this group of people, Lu Chen is definitely a small character, and his position in the circle is too much.

    Switching to other newcomers, encountering such a rare opportunity, in all likelihood, to be cheeky and face-lifting, and even to ask for attention, I hope to say a few words to these big coffee.

    Want to mix in the Entertainment Circle for a long time, the relationship is really important, many times the big brother missed something, it is enough to eat below.

    Lu Chen is different from ordinary newcomers. Although his appearance is modest, his own pride is deep, and he will never take the initiative to get together and greet others.

    But with the introduction of Tan Hong, the situation is completely different.

    "This is Liao Jialiao Teacher…"

    Tan Hong first introduced Lu Chen to Liao Jia, the popular big brother of Musical World.

    Liao Jia is very Legendary in the circle. He was born in the early 1970s and debuted in the late 1980s. In the 1990s, he became one of the representatives of the light rock and roll because of the rock and roll.

    Liao Jia has a very good relationship with the Black Crows. The latter is a national rock band active in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He has produced 3 albums with a total sales volume of more than 20 million. The mainstay in the middle.

    The black singer lead singer and soul figure Gao Yi is the instructor of Liao Jia. Later, Gao Yi accidentally fell off the stage when he rehearsed the concert, causing serious injury to the skull. Finally, he died at the morning sun people's hospital, only 32 years old.

    Gao Yi’s accidental death is undoubtedly a heavy blow to Guo Sha. The black crow band, which has always been a leading role, has never recovered from it. After two years, it has been dissolved, leaving the country’s fans with endless sorrow.

    Liao Jia took over the high rock and roll banner of Gao Yi, formed two albums in the black memory band, and also opened a national tour concert, which was regarded as the successor of Guo Sha.

    However, due to the influence of the big environment, the national shake quickly declined, and Liao Jia and the black memory band were unable to return to heaven.

    By the beginning of 2000, the black memory band almost disbanded.

    In order to survive and continue, Liao Jia sang light rock and roll and even Love Song, and wrote works for other Singer. At that time, it was regarded as a traitor by many countries, but he achieved greater success and laid the foundation in Musical World. The status of the place.

    This Musical World brother is more than 40 years old this year. He is not very tall, his appearance is very ordinary, his eyes are a little bit sinister, his face is pitted, and he looks like a big brother in a black suit.

    "Liao Teacher Hello!"

    Lu Chen extended his hands to him: "I have heard your song since I was a child!"

    When Tan Hong introduced Lu Chen, Liao Jia stared at Lu Chen with a double eye, until Lu Chen took a take action, and his face showed a smile: "Hello!"

    Liao Jia’s hand is a bit cold, the skin is very rough, and the finger joints are quite powerful.

    His Strength, Lu Chen felt when he shook hands with him.

    Tan Hong smiled and said: "Xiaolu is very talented. Lao Liao will take care of you in the future and bring up newcomers."

    Liao Jia let go of his hand and smiled faintly: "Since you have said it, then of course I have to give face."

    Lu Chen Courtesy: "Thank you Liao Teacher."

    He keenly felt that this big brother in front of his eyes seemed to have a little bit of hostility towards one's own!


The first one is sent, and the last two days are for support! ! ! (To be continued~^~. )

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