Chapter 233 When You Are Old

    It is common for Celebrity celebrities to do charity activities, and the public is used to it.

    For example, Chen Feier, who spends millions of dollars on the charity business every year, has also been awarded the title of “China Charity Ambassador” and is therefore officially recognized.

    And this honor also allows her to ignore many of the dark and dark rules in the circle, which is equivalent to adding a layer of amulets.

    So many Celebrity are very keen on doing charity to enhance one's own coffee and reputation.

    Lu Chen donated money to sick fans, and it is not something that deserves a big book.

    But the charity crowdfunding project he sponsored to help Meng Meng (leukemia patients) is unusual.

    The project ended on the 26th and raised a total of 4.7 million+ charity funds. A total of 12 leukemia patients, including Meng Meng, who needed help.

    Muchen Crowdfunding Co., Ltd. has announced all the expenditure accounts and follow-up funding arrangements on the official website.

    Through the spread of Inspur blog, it was originally Lu Chen's personal behavior. With the support of many famous people in the circle, it became a charity activity involving all the people and formed a great social influence.

    Because of this, Lu Chen was interviewed by the central-level “China Youth Daily”.

    Mu Rong’s interview with Lu Chen focused on this aspect. It is a different topic and a political correct, and Beijing TV Station’s interview video for patients with leukemia is very touching. , the effect of Program is highlighted.

    The presence of Lu Chen’s fans, as well as the general audience or staff, was warm and sincere.

    In their view, Lu Chen did an amazing thing.

    The meaning is completely more than his brave rescue Tian Tian.

    Lu Chen said with both hands and thanked the audience modestly.

    He said sincerely: "I am very embarrassed. In fact, there are so many enthusiastic people who really contribute. Without everyone's help, it is absolutely impossible for crowdfunding activities to be so successful."

    "I also want to thank Tan Hong, Brother Chen Feierfei…They all donated a lot of money. ”

    Mu Rong earnestly said: "In my opinion, this charity crowdfunding is telling us that there are countless good people around us. When we need help, there will always be someone who can help!"

    Lu Chen nodded: "Yes."

    Mu Rong turned her head and smiled at the audience: "I talked to Lu Chen so much. Now I should give the opportunity to our audience friends. Who have questions to ask Lu Chen?"

    The 45-minute "Celebrity Interview" Program has been recorded for 20 minutes.

    The dialogue between Mu Rong and Lu Chen is basically within the predetermined framework, without any special topics.

    This is definitely too serious for an interview class Program.

    So there is a questioning session for the audience.

    The audience's problems are not strictly regulated, which increases the fun and interactivity, and the form of recording ensures that no wrong things appear on the TV screen.

    Mu Rong’s voice just fell, and immediately raised more than 200 arms!

    Mu Rong smiled: "The audience are very enthusiastic, then who do I choose to ask the first question?"

    She intentionally indulged, and then said: "It is still selected by Lu Chen one's own!"

    Lu Chen was dumbfounded and pointed out a girl in a white dress sitting in front.

    The girl in the white dress is also in her teens. She took the microphone from the field staff and asked: "Lu Chen, do you have a girlfriend?"

    Her bold and direct question suddenly made the audience laugh.

    Mu Rong also laughed: "This question involves Lu Chen's personal privacy…"

    In fact, it is not finished, and the topic that is out of the box will naturally be cut off later.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Before, there is no, there will definitely be in the future, thank you!"

    Everyone smiled and applauded.

    The white skirt girl asked: "So what kind of girl do you like?"

    Her eyes are burning, and she does not hide one's own love and worship of Lu Chen, it is so direct!

    Lu Chen thought about it and replied: "I have never thought about this problem. In fact, I like people. It is a feeling. I feel right, not to say what the other person is. The perfect person does not exist."

    When answering this question, he couldn't help but think of Chen Feier.

    Does Lu Chen like Chen Feier?


    The white skirt girl still wants to continue to ask, but Mu Rong does not give her a chance, please Lu Chen choose the next questioner.

    Lu Chen pointed to a boy.

    The other party was very excited to stand up and almost didn't catch the microphone that was handed over.

    He asked: "Lu Chen, how did you make the squatting action in the rescue video?"

    Lu Chen didn't think that what he asked was actually this problem.

    However, there is nothing to hide. He replied: "My action is actually a move in traditional martial arts. The name is called Overlord. You can do it with more practice."

    The boys’ eyes are shining: “Can you demonstrate it again?”

    Lu Chen: "Hey…"

    Mu Rong understands: "This classmate still watches the video. After all, it is not convenient to demonstrate here, thank you."

    This is an interview program, not a martial arts performance, his request is a bit too much.

    The boys also realized the mistake of one's own and shyly turned red.

    Lu Chen made a solution for the other side: "So, next time I take a video of Lianwu to the blog."

    He can understand the curiosity of the boy.

    Which man has never had a dream of saving the beauty of Hero?

    The boys are grateful: "Thank you."

    Then Lu Chen selected three other audiences to answer questions and answer their questions one by one.

    Finally the microphone returned to Mu Rong's hand.

    She asked: "Lu Chen, you can achieve such a result now. Who are you most grateful for?"

    This is a very official issue.

    When Mu Rong raised this question, Lu Chen’s mind flashed a lot of figures.

    Xu Bo, Mo Ran, Fang Mingyi, Chen Jianhao, Tan Hong, Chen Feier…

    Some come from dreams, some are in reality.

    Finally, he only left a name in his heart.

    Lu Chen replied: "What I want to thank most is my mother."

    Mu Rong looked soft and whispered: "Can you tell me why is your mother?"

    Lu Chen was silent for a moment and said: "There is no mother without me. I can't sit here today. Secondly, my mother taught me a lot of life. She made me understand how strong and self-reliant…"

    Although this is a TV program, but mentioned this issue, Lu Chen is still willing to reveal one's own heart.

    His most grateful is the one's own mother!

    Mu Rong quietly listened to Lu Chen and asked: "That is here, in our interview program, do you want to say something to one's own mother?"

    Lu Chen thought about it and said: "In fact, like most people, I am not very good at expressing one's own feelings. If I say something in the heart of one's own loved one, I will use a song to express it. ”

    Unlike the Westerners, the expression of emotions is often very subtle. It is not always possible to hang "I love you" and only use action to express it.

    Mu Rong suddenly brightened his eyes: "That's great!"

    She did not use her to encourage, the audience on the scene spontaneously slammed the palm of the hand.

    The field staff sent Lu Chen a guitar.

    Lu Chen tried the audition with the guitar. After no problem, he said, "This song was given to my mother…"

    "It's called, Why You Are Old."

    He gently plucked the strings and played the prelude, and the studio immediately became extremely quiet.

    Everyone listened carefully to the sound of the piano and listened to the voice from Lu Chen.


When You Are Old, my hair is white,

Sleepiness is dim.

    When You Are Old, I can’t walk,

Snoring by the fire,

Recalling youth.

    How many people have loved your youth and joy,

Love your beautiful beauty or sincerity,

Only one person still loves your devout soul,

Love the wrinkles on your old face.

    When You Are Old, the eyebrows are drooping,

The lights are dim.

    The wind blows, your message,

This is the song in my heart!


    This "When You Are Old" is adapted from the famous poet "WhenYouAreOld" by the Irish poet Yeats. The original poem is written by the poet to a lover who has never pursued his life. His feelings are delicate and true.

    Now adapted, she is sung to her mother by Lu Chen, and she has the same Charm who touches the soul.

    The whole song was soothing and warm, with strong folk characteristics, no exciting climax, but it was extremely deep and extremely patient, and deeply infected all the audience present.

    Red and old, young and easy to die, the original is the law of life, love the face, nostalgia for young, is also human nature.

    And when a mother dedicate one's own youth to her children, why is this feeling reported?


When You Are Old, my hair is white,

Sleepiness is dim.

    When You Are Old, I can't walk.

    Rescuing youth by the fire.

    How many people have loved your youth and joy,

Love your beauty or true heart.

    Only one person still loves your devout soul,

Love the wrinkles on your old face.

    When I am old, my eyebrows are drooping.

The lights are dim.

    The wind blows, your message,

This is the song in my heart.

    When I am old, I really hope

This song is sung to you! ”

    Lu Chen’s voice, from soothing to high, is full of emotions but does not seem to be too exciting, like the clouds rushing to the snow peaks, and then drifting away, gradually returning to the plain, leaving behind the sound.

    Until he put the guitar down, all the audience seemed to wake up like a dream and applaud!

    Sitting around Lu Chen, Mu Rong has already had a red eye.

    She rarely showed such a true feeling in one's own Program, but Lu Chen's song really touched her.

    Mu Rong is 40 years old and is the mother of two children.

    Is there a child who will sing for her like Lu Chen: When You Are Old, only one person still loves your devout soul and loves the wrinkles on your old face!


"When You Are Old" original: Yeats, adaptation / composition: Zhao Zhao.

    PS: The first one is sent, request subscription support! ! ! (To be continued~^~. )

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