The twenty-third chapter of the chapter

    Sibu Street is a rare street in Beijing.

    Because of the noise and pollution problems, Beijing banned all night stalls more than a decade ago, but the people and tourists have this demand, so re-opened the stalls in specific areas to regulate management and become knowledgeable. The oldest favorite is the place to patronize.

    Many diners are convinced that authentic food can only be found in places like food stalls.

    The so-called big hotel high-end restaurant, just eat face.

    Let's not say whether this view is correct or not. The business of Siyi Street is undoubtedly good, especially when it is sunset and dusk, the lights along the street are all open, and the red lanterns in a row are watching the festive celebration.

    The doorsteps of those food and beverage outlets are full of tables and chairs. There is not much space left at the beginning of the meal. The smell of various foods is floating in the air, steamed, boiled, fried, fried…People feel that life is good!

    Sibu Street is a pedestrian street, so the car can only park in the parking lot outside.

    When getting off the bus, Liao A took the pair of sunglasses and brought it to one's own, and then gave Lu Chen a pair.

    "Take it, people like us, one's own is not one's own."

    Lu Chen pondered the deep meaning of his words, did not reject his kindness, and brought sunglasses.

    Liao Jia brought Lu Chen to eat the food stall called "Lao Zhuchuan Restaurant", the main is the authentic Sichuan cuisine, and also run spicy crayfish, the business is more prosperous than the stove in front of the door, the diners are like a cloud.

    But there is a small table outside for them.

    Liao Jia naturally sat down on a white plastic chair and said with a smile: "Little Li knows the boss, so I called the location in advance, otherwise I will definitely not find an empty table."

    Little Li is the very gentle flat-headed man, the assistant and driver of Liao Jia, and the kind of discourse.

    Lu Chen sat down opposite him and smiled. "That is going to taste the chef's craft."

    Little Li reached out and recruited the buddy. He first asked about Liao Jia and Lu Chen's comments and then started ordering.

    "Sauerkraut fish, Mapo tofu, pork back, meat and blood…Come back five pounds, small, big! ”

    After Little Li finished, Liao Jia asked Lu Chen: "Is the dish enough? Would you like to order a few one's own like? ”

    Lu Chen said: "Enough, thank you Liao Ge."

    Liao Jia smiled and said: "You don't want to thank me first. If you want to eat with me, you have to drink alcohol. How about drinking beer?"

    According to his past temper, catching Lu Chen is definitely going to do the red star Erguotou.

    However, he was unhappy with Lu Chen’s unhappiness, and he still admired Lu Chen’s talent in his creation and gave him face.

    When Liao Jia first heard the song "In the Spring", he was really shocked. Later, I heard that it was written by a young man in his early twenties and could not believe it.

    In this regard, he is willing to take a break from Lu Chen, and has been looking for opportunities to see Lu Chen.

    As a result, Lu Chen’s face has not been seen yet, and he knows the relationship between Lu Chen and Chen Feier from Tan Hong’s mouth.

    At that time, Liao Jia really had the feeling of a dog.

    In short, Liao Jia’s mind is very complicated, and it’s not that he wants to be jealous with Lu Chen’s. He’s not so small, but he’s really upset when he’s not sighed.

    So today, by the chance of meeting, he intercepted Lu Chen.

    The main thing is that Liao Jia wants to see what kind of man Chen Feier chose!

    And Tan Hong specifically introduced Lu Chen to him, apparently also hopes that the two can become friends.

    If you want to be a friend of Liao Jia, you can't drink it!

    Lu Chen was a little addicted and said: "Good!"


    Liao Jia made a loud snap and said: "Man, give us two more boxes of Budweiser."

    Two boxes of Budweiser were first sent.

    Little Li skillfully tore open the tape and present two bottles of beer, one bottle to Liao Jia and one bottle to Lu Chen.

    Liao Jia held the bottle and unscrewed the bottle cap. He said to Lu Chen: "Come, let's blow a bottle!"

    Lu Chen was dumbfounded and opened the beer and touched the other party's bottle: "Dry!"

    He now has an understanding of Liao Jia's temperament.

    The evaluation of Liao Jia in the circle is mixed. Different from the respect of everyone, Tan Hong, some people think that Liao Jia is very good at dealing with it, his character is not good, he also thinks that his Jiang Hu is too heavy and likes to be awkward. loose the temper.

    Seeing it today is really worthy of my name.

    Lu Chen knows that if such a person has a temper, then he can become a very good friend. If you don't have an appetite, then you will hate it. It is the most sensible choice to stay away from it. Can't afford it?

    Liao Jia likes that Chen Feier also pursued her. As a result, she has not succeeded in chasing after ten years. If she sees Lu Chen and laughs at Hee Hee's brother-in-law, then Lu Chen definitely has far-fetched.

    Now that he is looking for Lu Chen to directly spread out, the attitude is obviously affordable, and there is not much malicious.

    But he is still unhappy in his heart, and it is nothing more than a way of venting with Lu Chen.

    At this time, if Lu Chen still twisted and twisted, then one's own fell and did not say anything, but even looked down on people.

    So he made a bottle of pleasure!

    Of course, Lu Chen’s amount of alcohol can’t be compared with real alcoholics, but it’s not a problem to drink a very low beer.

    And this hard-packed Budweiser is only 330ml, the pressure is even smaller.

    Each of them blew a bottle, and Liao was a little satisfied: "Yes, like a man!"

    "What I hate most is what kind of new emerging artist, the oily face is not smashed, and I want to vomit when I look at it!"

    "Do another bottle!"

    Lu Chen face did not change his color and even dried three bottles.

    Liao Jia put down the empty bottle and said with a sigh of relief: "Silly!"

    Lu Chen smiled and opened a bottle and said: "I respect Liao Ge a bottle!"

    Come and be indecent!

    People respect me a foot, I respect a man, although Lu Chen because of the 3rd Rank rich memory of life, he is far more mature than his peers, calm and calm.

    But this does not mean that he has no temper.

    Changed to other newcomers, facing the big brother like Liao Jia, it must be trembled, not dare to confront each other.

    Lu Chen is not like this.

    There is no desire for the wall, and he has nothing to ask for, and there is no fear in his heart.

    Since you want to make a drink, you can't let the other party master the rhythm!

    Liao Jia is a bit surprised, but where it will show weakness, open the bottle and blow it with Lu Chen without thinking.

    Another three bottles went down.

    The two had a box lunch at noon, and they took MVs in the welfare home in the afternoon. Until now, the stomach was empty. The six bottles of Budweiser went down, and Liao’s face began to turn red, and a little wine came up.

    In contrast, Lu Chen still does not change color, as before.

    He never gets on his face when drinking, even if he is drunk.

    Liao Jia suddenly had a bad feeling, because he couldn’t judge the amount of Lu Chen’s drink.

    The most afraid of people who drink is this kind of opposition.

    It seems to be a wrong choice to rely on the flooding of the morning to come out.

    Fortunately, this time the hot dishes came up, Liao Jia quickly said: "First eat…"

    The craftsmanship of the old Zhuchuan restaurant is really good. The taste of the dish is authentic, especially a pickled fish is a must. The meat is tender and the mouth is instant, sour, spicy, hemp, fresh and distinct. It is also full of praise.

    Spicy crayfish is also very good, and a large bowl full of peeling and eating, simply can't stop.

    Because he couldn't figure out the details of Lu Chen, Liao Jia no longer rushed to fight with Lu Chen, but slowly burned a bottle of bottle. Even so, he did not let assistant Little Li help Lu Lu.

    The wine was drunk a lot, and Liao Jia’s words also opened up, and he said a lot of things.

    They are all old things, mainly rock and roll, saying that he and the black crow band held concerts at the Capital Workers Stadium. Tens of thousands of rock and roll fans were screaming, and now they are still burning with passion.

    Now he has made more money than before, but he can't find such a feeling anymore. Even the concerts don't dare to open, and he is afraid of being stunned by the country's country.

    The trespassers of the country shake!

    Lu Chen drank alcohol and listened much less. He could feel the embarrassment and pain in Liao Jia’s heart.

    For those rock and roll Singers who used to, survival or death is really a big problem!

    Gradually, more and more empty bottles are placed on the table.

    Liao Jia was flushed and said that his tongue was big, and Lu Chen was a bit too energetic.

    "Sir, do you want to order a song?"

    At this time, two men, one woman and two women came over, and the man still had a guitar in his arms.

    The look of the two in their early twenties should be a small couple, dressed in a shabby dress.

    There are countless Singer in Beijing, and there are a lot of people selling in the street. They have the ability to apply for licenses to sell their own business. There are also such mobile sings, which are relatively lower.

    Because this kind of recreation is on the street, it is often not high, and some even are not really Singer.

    Liao Jia haha ​​smiled, and he took out a big banknote from his pocket and handed it over.

    "The song is no longer needed. You can use the guitar for me. I sing one's own!"

    This is the unspeakable side of Liao Jia, and it is replaced by other big coffee, where will it be done.

    But it is also true.

    This pair of singers probably never encountered such a thing, look at each other in dismay.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Do not worry, it will not damage your guitar."

    He mixed up at the bottom, knowing that the other person was worried that Liao Jia was drunk and broke their guitar.

    The other side's guitar is not too bad, at least one or two thousand goods.

    Cherish is very normal.

    The young man hesitated, let the girlfriend take the money, and one's own took the guitar.

    He is not at ease with the Liao Jia who looks like a black boss, but Lu Chen is obviously trustworthy.

    Liao Jia took the guitar and tried the audition very skillfully. He said: "I haven't adjusted, can I still sing?"

    The young man suddenly got a big red face.

    Liao Jia ignored him and adjusted it, then forced the steel string!


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