Chapter 232, Celebrity Interview

    "This is my son…"

    Li Jie opened the stored photos in one's own cell phone, and she proudly showed it to Lu Chen.

    The teenager in the screen is handsome in sunshine. The age of fifteen or six is ​​the beginning of youth. The appearance of wearing a school uniform is full of vitality and vitality. It has a temperament that belongs to the boy next door.

    Li Jie is obviously not a random role, her son's appearance is really suitable for playing Yin Junxi!

    “He is currently studying at the affiliated school of the Beijing Film Academy. His grades have been very good and he has studied basic performance courses.”

    Speaking of the son of one's own, Li is full of pride, like all mothers.

    Her marriage is a story that is often talked about in the circle.

    When Li Jie stood firm in Beijing and began to expand her career, she met an artist who had been debuting for a long time but had been lonely and deeply loved each other.

    The artist is handsome and handsome, and is very female. It is reasonable to say that she will not look at Li.

    However, he married and married Li, and the latter was fully and heartily supported. Finally, he became a hot Celebrity with a hot drama series.

    After becoming famous, the artist proposed to divorce Li.

    Li sister agreed very happily. The only requirement was to have the custody of her son.

    Others said that they were fighting for Li’s sister, saying that the artist was a white-eyed wolf, Chen Shimei, but Li’s sister never mentioned anything about her ex-husband. Instead, she said a lot of good things for the other side on many occasions.

    She believes that having a very good life experience is enough.

    And there is a son who inherits the strengths of his father!

    It is this kind of optimism and open-mindedness that makes Li Jie admire by many people in the circle.

    Lu Chen heard the story and admire the other person.

    This matter was finalized. The sincerity of the cooperation between Gande Brothers and the film industry is full of success. It is not a problem to play a supporting role of only three or four episodes.

    The Writer's Association of both parties is basically finalized. As long as the script passes the review, it can be started immediately!

    At 7 o'clock in the evening, Lu Chen began to update the novel version of "Blue Life and Death" in the form of Chang Bowen on the Inspur blog.

    Different from other Celebrity artists, please shoot the gunners or find professionals. The novel version of "Blue Life and Death" is written by Lu Chen one's own, just the typo proofreading to let the studio people help.

    This is an important means of the previous publicity of the drama series of "Blue Life and Death". Although there are great risks in advance spoiler, it can attract the continuous attention of a large number of fans, and use the huge platform of blog to save the advertisement fee. Not a small amount.

    On November 13th, the outline of "Blue Life and Death" was approved by relevant departments.

    On the same day, Lu Chen participated in the “Celebrity Interview” Program recording of Beijing TV Station Variety Channel.

    He has been very busy recently, and his daily work assignments are full. Even at night, he has to sit in front of the computer and tap the keyboard to write scripts and novels. Sleeping is no more than 6 hours.

    Under such a situation, many announcements have been pushed down, but some invitations cannot be pushed and cannot be pushed.

    For example, this "Celebrity Interview" Program.

    Beijing TV Station has a total of 9 channels, in addition to a set of Beijing Satellite TV is a satellite channel, there are 2 sets of variety channels, 3 sets of financial channels, 4 sets of life channels, 5 sets of video channels…and many more.

    The "Celebrity Interview" Program of Variety Channel is a boutique section of the 2 sets of Beijing TV Station. It has been in broadcast for 3 years and has been produced in one week. So far, more than 100 performing arts Celebrity have been invited.

    This Program Viewership Ratings is quite high. Lu Chen can go up because he has a good relationship with Beijing Satellite TV. Otherwise, his qualifications are really bad.

    Like most of the Variety Programs, the Celebrity Interview uses recording and recording. The recorded scene is the TV station of Beijing TV Station.

    Compared with the recently launched T1 studio, the T5 studio is undoubtedly much smaller, can only accommodate 300 audiences, and the stage is not big, but the program used to record conversations is more than enough.

    The Program Host of "Celebrity Interview" is called Mu Rong. She is a temperament and elegant woman. Her conversation style is gently fun. It never makes people feel pressured by interviewees, just like two friends chatting with afternoon tea. Say something about life and work, or the feelings of life.

    "Everyone is good evening, this program. I am inviting Celebrity to be a very special big boy…"

    "He has a great talent for music. He won the championship of "Singing China". His debut album was very popular, and all the songs were on the original sound list. He was regarded as the popular Musical World. The original innovation hopes that he is also the founder of the campus folk songs…"

    "He is Lu Chen!"

    Under the introduction of Mu Rong's slightly lyrical, "Music at the same table" Music sounded, Lu Chen stepped onto the stage.

    "Everyone welcomes!"

    There was a lively applause in the studio immediately. Many fans who were invited to the scene raised a small plate with the name of Lu Chen, and they were very happy.

    Lu Chen smiled at them as they walked: "Thank you!"

    Half of the 300 spectators on the scene were Lu Chen's fans. These Luck fans were registered online and by phone, and finally selected by Beijing TV Station.

    The other half have ordinary enthusiastic audiences, as well as TV station staff, which is commonly known as "official trust."

    "Hello, Lu Chen."

    Mu Rong took the initiative to extend his hand to Lu Chen: "Welcome to the Celebrity interview site."

    Lu Chen shook her and said: "Thank you, this is my honor."

    The host is over forty years old, but because it is well maintained, it looks like it is only in its early thirties. The looks are dignified and exquisite, and the soft and whispered smile makes people feel like a spring breeze.

    Four cameras were on site, and three were aimed at Lu Chen and Mu Rong.

    Lu Chen was the first to participate in such a talk Program, but he did not have the slightest tension and sat down on the sofa very relaxed.

    Mu Rong smiled and said: "Lu Chen, I think there are a lot of viewers who may not know much about you. Can you talk about how one's own is on the road of Music?"

    Generally speaking, such an interview with Program and Host is a default.

    As an invitee, Lu Chen got the "topic" in advance, but in order to program the effect and authenticity, Host will also put "additional questions", it needs to be randomly strained.

    The first question is a "conventional question."

    Lu Chen nodded and said: "Okay, actually, I am on the road to Music, it is really an accident…"

    He simply talked about one's own experience, without deliberate exaggeration and rendering, and what most fans know.

    When he finished, Mu Rong then asked: "What plans do you have for the future of one's own?"

    The first few questions are quite satisfactory, and there are no special highlights.

    But Mu Rong quickly mentioned interesting places.

    She showed everyone a video first, played with a large-screen LCD TV placed next to it.

    The content is Lu Chen’s video to save people in Hangzhou.

    The video was broadcasted in just over 2 minutes, and there was another round of applause in the studio.

    This video has been seen by Lu Chen's fans. Many people have seen it many times, but now I look at it again, and there is still a thrilling feeling that I can't help but applaud him.

    Mu Rong smiled and said: "I see the girls who applaud the scene are the most enthusiastic girls. I believe that girls will be very touched when they see this video. It makes us know a young man who is truly brave and admirable."

    There was a burst of laughter in the audience, and many girls were holding their mouths and laughing, and the camera gave a close-up scene in due course.

    Mu Rong asked Lu Chen: "At that time, you must have rushed to save people without thinking, otherwise the action could not be so fast, then you one's own after watching this video, are you afraid?"

    In the past, reporters and the media had asked Lu Chen’s thoughts at the time. However, Lu Chen had no idea at the time.

    As Mu Rong said, if he still has to think, it will not save Tian Tian.

    The host changed his point to ask questions.

    Lu Chen replied: "No fear, I really want to thank the cameraman, make me so handsome!"

    His humorous answer not only made the audience laugh, but even Mu Rong revealed eight white teeth.

    Mu Rong smiled and asked: "Then your family saw it, are you worried?"

    Lu Chen said: "My mother is very worried, but she thinks that I am doing very well and makes her proud."

    Mu Rong said sincerely: "You have a good mother!"

    Lu Chen nodded: "Yes."

    The applause sounded again.

    Mu Rong said: "When I was interviewed by reporters, Lu Chen had a sentence that I remember very clearly. That is, the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. He has more abilities than our ordinary people. He also has the courage to assume one's own responsibility. ”

    "We all know that Lu Chen’s family has owed a lot of debts, but he is still willing to dedicate one's own love. Please see the video below, which was interviewed by our reporter in the Department of Hematology, First People's Hospital of Ningyuan City."

    A number of leukemia patients were broadcast on the TV. They were all rescued by the crowdfunding project initiated by Lu Chen, including Meng Meng.

    The Lu Chen's fans have successfully accepted a bone marrow transplant and are currently undergoing rehabilitation.

    Because of the good surgical results, she will soon live like a normal person and enjoy a beautiful life!

    In the video, Meng Meng expressed his gratitude to Lu Chen for all the leukemia patients who were treated.

    She said with a smile and tears.

    The applause in the studio hall is enduring!


The second is sent! (To be continued~^~. )

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