Chapter 235 Zhang Junzhi

    When Lu Chen came to Jinling again, the sky was raining.

    The rain is misty and foggy. This ancient and modern city is beautiful in the rain. It is warm, elegant and lingering. It seems to be an elegant lady of Tang and Song Dynasties, waiting quietly for his arrival. .

    This feeling is difficult to describe in words.

    Lu Chen checked in, or the last five-star hotel near Jinling Studios.

    The drama crew of "Blue Life and Death" has already been assembled in the film studio a few days ago, and can only start shooting when the actors are in place.

    Jinling Film and Television City is one of the three major movie studios in the country. The service facilities are in place. Any drama crew is here. There is no need to worry about eating, living and traveling. The film and television city helps to solve the worries.

    So before shooting the drama series, the thirty or forty episodes often need to shoot for a year or even longer. Now the weekend drama is a normal speed for two episodes a week. If the special effect is not needed later, then this week's shooting is complete, then It will appear on the TV screen the next week, and the efficiency Speed ​​is very high.

    Of course, this is the most ideal state, because there are often various accidental situations in the shooting work, and the TV station needs to arrange the time broadcasted by the Program in advance.

    In the hotel's business suite, Lu Chen first saw Chen Feier who came over one day earlier than him, and Li Jie and her Darling son, Zhang Junzhi.

    "Blue Life and Death" is a play, and Lu Chen plays the leading role. Zhang Junzhi, who plays his youth, is just 15 years old and has a 1.70-meter appearance. His appearance is similar to his father's at least seven points. .

    Growing up a little longer, is undoubtedly an idol who can fascinate thousands of girls!

    For the son of one's own, Miss Li is obviously very proud.


    Zhang Junzhi's character is very outgoing, not the slightest shyness. When he saw Lu Chen, he immediately gave a surprise cry, and dropped the tablet that he was playing in and ran over.

    He laughed at Hee Hee and bowed to Lu Chen: "Lu Chen, hello!"

    Li sister said: "How to call my brother? To be uncle! ”

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "Li Jie, where is my old age, or my brother!"

    He smiled at Zhang Junzhi: "Hello, Zhang Junzhi."

    Zhang Junzhi proudly made a victory gesture at one's own Old Lady, and then could not wait to say: "Lu Chen brother, I want to learn martial arts with you, and want to learn guitar with you, your guitar is playing too well, still I want to know how you got on the Philippine sister…Ah! ”

    His words have not been finished, and one ear was twisted by Chen Feier.

    The queen sneered: "Xiaozhi, you are naughty again. It seems that my sister is not enough for your education?"

    Zhang Junzhi screamed at his face: "Feier sister, I know it is wrong…"

    Chen Feier’s relationship with Li Jie is excellent, and Zhang Junzhi is treated as a younger brother.

    It’s just that this younger brother is very naughty, and Li’s sister is very petty, so sometimes she can’t look after the past.

    When a thing descends, Zhang Junzhi is not afraid of fear, but he is really afraid of Chen Feier.

    Lu Chen nodded: "I don't want to learn guitar with me. First of all, you have to take a picture."

    Chen Feier let go of her hand, Zhang Junzhi licked the ear that was twisted red, and patted his chest and said: "Morning brother, you can rest assured, I took the advertisement, played the drama, and promised not to let you down!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "That is a word."

    Li Jiezheng said: "Lu Chen, you don't want to be like him like me. If you hit it, you can do it. If he is not doing it right, you can only criticize it and don't need to consider my relationship."

    Although Li Jie is very fond of Zhang Junzhi, it is not the kind of unrestrained love. Zhang Junzhi likes to sing and act, and is destined to enter the characters in the Entertainment Circle, so she is very serious in this regard.

    A Celebrity idol wants to be mixed in the circle for a long time. The relationship is very important. Although she can help one son's own son, the future road will always be Zhang Junzhi one's own.

    No one likes a spoiled child, Earth will not turn around anyone!

    Therefore, this time, Li Jie used Chen Feier's relationship and stuffed Zhang Junzhi into the drama crew of "Blue Life and Death". It was also a temper and exercise for him.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Okay, but the key is to look at the Director."

    Chen Feier said: "Let's go see the Director Director together."

    The director of "Blue Life and Death" director, finally still falls on Fang Hui recommended by Lu Chen.

    The partner Gande Brothers Films originally had a good eye on this position. There were several Directors who signed the contract, but they finally respected Lu Chen’s opinion.

    In return, most of the other important supporting roles and small characters are the contracted artists of Gande Brothers Pictures or the candidates recommended by relevant stakeholders.

    A drama series has dozens of characters and hundreds of them. I don't know how many people want to ask for a dragon that is only a few lines. The benefits involved are great.

    Especially the drama series produced by the big Director, it is simply Tang Yan.

    Originally, if only Lu Chen was self-raising, perhaps was not very interesting, but since the announcement of Chen Feier’s role as the protagonist, after being sizzled in the blog, he called the Entertainment Manager Corporation in Lu Chen studio and The actors and actresses really don't want too much.

    Only they are destined to be disappointed, this time the fertilizer will basically not flow into the field of outsiders.

    The group left the hotel and went to the group art village to which the film and television city belongs.

    The group art village of Jinling Film City is actually an apartment-style hotel, which is used for the drama crew to be photographed. Although the conditions are definitely not comparable to the five-star hotel, the wins are very complete and the price is low.

    Gande Film is not the first time to film in Jinling Film and Television City. Every aspect is very familiar. It has already completed the preparation work. They have set up two floors as the base camp of the drama crew, ready to work.

    In the "base camp" conference room, Lu Chen saw Director Fang Hui, as well as actors who played the important supporting roles of girls Yin Enxi, Han Taixi, Cui Xinai and Shen Youmei.

    Fang Hui was very happy to see Lu Chen.

    When she first received a phone call from Lu Chen and invited her to direct "Blue Life and Death Love", she could not believe it.

    Fang Hui and Lu Chen are not very familiar, and there is no deep friendship, that is, a MV has been co-operated.

    Although the MV has been filmed, I have said that I have the opportunity to cooperate again.

    But everyone knows that it is just a polite word.

    Therefore, she was really surprised, especially when she heard that the heroine of this drama series was Chen Feier, she had the feeling of being thrown by the falling pie.

    As a Director, Fang Hui is a bit famous in the film and television circle, but compared with the real big name, her status is equivalent to the Celebrity of the two C-lists. Someone please, but will not spend a lot of money and effort.

    With Chen Feier's coffee position, it is easy to find a director of the same level!

    So when she learned that Lu Chen was not joking, he did not hesitate to agree, and even Director's salary did not say much – such a chance is too rare!

    Especially after watching the script of "Blue Life and Death", this feeling of Luck is even stronger.

    Fang Hui likes this story very much.

    In addition to Fang Hui and the actors, there are also producers, managers, assistant directors, videographers, etc. from Gande Films, including Lu Yi, who once worked with Lu Chen.

    For this drama, Gande Films can be described as an elite, even to the Pause series that was originally prepared for Pause, and go all out to shoot "Blue Life and Death".

    Lu Yi introduced Lu Chen very enthusiastically to other actors.

    The actor who plays the role of girl Yin Enxi is Ye Ming. She is only 14 years old. She is beautiful and beautiful. She is still a junior high school student. Her father has a good relationship with the CEO of Gande Film, so he was recommended to the drama crew.

    Compared with Zhang Junzhi's jumping and moving, Ye Ming is undoubtedly a full-fledged obediently woman. She speaks softly and slyly. When she asks Lu Chen and Chen Feier, she is blushing and looks quite cute.

    Chen Feier liked her very much, and took her little hand to talk to her a few more words.

    Han Taixi, the first male, is a new artist Hu Yang, who has just debuted in Gande Films. His age is two years younger than Lu Chen, and he is dressed in a very rich second-generation temperament. The characters in the play belong to the popular new emerging artist idol.

    However, in front of Lu Chen and Chen Feier, Hu Yang did not have the slightest arrogance, very polite and respectful.

    Because he is very clear, who is the real master of this drama crew.

    As for the actors who played Cui Xinai and Shen Youmei, they were also carefully selected by Gande Films. They did not have much fame in the circle, but they all had rich performance experiences.

    In addition, there are several actors who are not very important, some are recommended by Li Jie, and some are related to Gande.

    With the arrival of Lu Chen, the drama crew is truly complete, and everyone has a small meeting.

    The content of the conference was mainly about the start-up ceremony and shooting work tomorrow, and also talked about the issue of the first broadcast.

    Relying on the popularity of the online speculation, I am looking for Lu Chen and Chen Feier studio, as well as Gande Film, in addition to Beijing TV Station and Haijin TV, Zhejiang East TV station, etc., there are four or five medium-sized TV station.

    Gande's opinion on the film industry is to select two strong and sincere first-time broadcasts. It is okay to have a low price, but it is necessary to ensure that the golden time is broadcast and the key to profitability is placed on the replay.

    The drama crew meeting ended more than an hour.

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier and Li Jie returned to the hotel, but he and Chen Feier quietly went out.


Doubled? Seeking support! ! ! ! (To be continued~^~. )

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