The 238th chapter of the most Luck people

    Lu Chen certainly knows Liao Jia.

    He heard Liao Jia's songs in junior high school. So far, his family still has a black memory band's album "Antarctic". The latter's "Green House" and "Old Guy" are all well-known rock and roll classics.

    But the real person meets, that is today.

    So Lu Chen is very puzzled, why is Liao Jia hostile to one's own?

    The other side has been debuting for more than 20 years, and he has only been a few months. The two sides have never had any intersection.

    Of course, on the surface, Lu Chen is still quiet and welcoming: "Please also advise."

    Liao Jia’s mouth was pumped: “Polite.”

    It is reasonable to say that Tan Hong should be able to see that something is wrong, but he turned a blind eye and took Lu Chen to see Yu Jiande.

    "Yu Gui, this is Lu Chen…"

    Tan Hong introduced Lu Chen: "The creator of the dedication of love."

    Lu Chen quickly squatted: "Yu Teacher Hello!"


    Yu Jiande said with a smile: "It really is young and promising. This song is well written and has a good spirit."

    For this big Director, it is already a very rare compliment.

    Lu Chen modest: "Thank you Yu Teacher for complimenting."

    Yu Jiande smiled and said: "I heard that the old man said about you and said that you are very talented in creation."

    Lu Chen knows that the "Wen Tian Lao" in the other party's mouth definitely refers to Zhang Wentian. The two are contemporary directors. It is normal to have deep friendship with each other.

    I just didn't expect Zhang Wentian to mention the name of one's own with Yu Jiande.

    This makes Lu Chen somewhat flattered.

    In the Entertainment Circle, in terms of status, Director is always at the forefront.

    The great Director like Yu Jiande enjoys the Reputation and Honor, which is not comparable to that of Celebrity artists.

    Only he can easily live with more than a dozen café-level figures present.

    Yu Jiande’s attitude toward Lu Chen is very good. I don’t know if he really loves his talents. He also gave the assistant the same business card as one’s own, saying that he has the opportunity to cooperate.

    This allowed other Celebrity actors present to take a look at Lu Chen.

    Coupled with Tan Hong's introduction, Lu Chen stood firm in this small circle.

    Don't look at this small circle is a temporary composition. After the MV is finished, everyone will go their own way. It is a kind of success to be among them. It is not easy to get the approval of the members in the circle.

    Lu Chen is really grateful to Tan Hong.

    It is said that Tan Hong has always taken care of him, and he has nothing to return.

    Like Chen Feier can also write songs, Tan Hong has to quit the music.

    The small meeting was held on time at 9:30, and the Host was not allowed to be Yu Jiande. The big Director succinctly explained the contents of this public welfare advertisement and the work arrangement.

    He only talked about the 10 minute time and then let everyone go to the studio.

    15 Celebrity artists sang "Dedication of Love", not only the recording was done in the recording studio of Fei Shi records, but also part of the MV content, shooting the process of recording and singing.

    The song "Love Dedication" is very difficult to sing. As a public welfare advertisement, it doesn't need much good singing. So basically sing a few times to pass, most of the work is actually a later revision and synthesis.

    Tan Hong, Liao Jia, Chen Feier one by one, some are two or more together, and finally all 15 people chorus together, recording and video are completed simultaneously.

    At noon, everyone was eating a box lunch at Fei Shi Records. Although these Celebrity big coffees were all worth a lot of money, no one was dissatisfied with the tens of dollars of lunch.

    After lunch, the team moved to the welfare home of Yanhuang Charity General Assembly to continue shooting.

    Celebrity, especially superstar, the usual work is always full, so many people can squeeze time to participate in the recording of this MV at the same time, and it is completely free, it is really not easy.

    Including Yu Jiande, to be honest, his biggest role is to be a town, not a director.

    Charity will always understand this. The quality requirements of this public welfare advertisement are not high. It is enough to reflect the core ideas of the theme. The participation of 15 Celebrity is the biggest highlight.

    In addition, the preparations were well prepared in advance, so the filming work in the welfare home was very smooth. Yu Da Director personally took the command of the plane, and flew quickly. The sun did not fall, and all the shots were finished. It was easy to cut the melon.

    The rest is the later life.

    This efficiency is horrible, but it is normal for this Celebrity publicity announcement.

    After the filming, everyone took the bus back to the Fei Shi record, and then they went back to each other.

    When I came out, Lu Chen was thinking about whether or not Chen Feier had a dinner together. As a result, she was stopped by a young man in a suit.

    The other person cut a small flat head with sunglasses, it is very fine.

    He politely said to Lu Chen: "Mr. Lu Chen, Liao Ge asked me to come over and ask if you have time at night. He wants to have a meal with you. By the way, you can talk about it. Can you see it?"

    Liao Ge? Liao Jia?

    Lu Chen picked up his eyebrows and stuffed the cell phone he had just pulled back into his pocket. He said, "No problem."

    Under the guidance of this young man, Lu Chen boarded Liao Jia’s car.

    Liao Jia's car is JEEP's G790 galloping off-road vehicle. This car has a rugged appearance and strong power, and the price is over one million.

    In the circle, Liao Jia is famous for making friends and traveling. It is said that he once formed a team with friends to cross the no-man's land of Xijiang, which is a typical stubborn.

    Seeing Lu Chen, the rock and roll brother asked: "Can you eat spicy?"

    Lu Chen stunned, or nodded: "Can!"


    Liao Jia reached out and took a picture of the flat-headed man who had just sat on the driver's seat: "Little Li, go to Sibu Street."

    He turned his head and said to Lu Chen: "The Sichuan cuisine on Siyi Street is the most authentic. The spicy crayfish in the family is doing very well. I haven't forgotten it once in the last time. This time I just had a mouth addiction."

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Liao Teacher, you are definitely correct."

    "Don't call me Teacher…"

    Liao Jia waved and said: "Listen too awkward, call me Liao Ge."

    Lu Chen said: "Okay, Liao Ge."

    Liao Jiaxiao: "You must be very strange, why should I invite you to come and have dinner together?"

    Lu Chen tried to ask: "Liao Ge, do you have something to tell me?"

    He was a bit strange. When he first met, Liao was a bit hostile to him, but now he is gone.

    The other party seems to be asking him to have a meal. Let's chat and get familiar with it.

    But Lu Chen knows that things are not that simple.

    Liao Jia is definitely not brains.

    Liao Jia said: "Let's go to Sibu Street and have a chat!"

    叮 铃铃~

Liao Jia’s voice just fell, Lu Chen’s cell phone in his pocket suddenly rang!

    He said sorry, then took the action machine.

    "Lu Chen, where are you?"

    Chen Feier was the caller to Lu Chen.

    Just now in the eyes of the Fei Shi record, the two are not good at dark music, and now they have a heart.

    Lu Chen said: "I am in the car, Liao Jia Liao Ge invited me to dinner."

    "Liao Ge?"

    Chen Feier’s Voice is a bit strange, and immediately said: "Then you eat, remember not to drink too much."

    Lu Chen didn't think much, he replied: "Okay."

    When the call was over, Liao Jia suddenly asked: "Is Chen Feier on the phone?"

    Lu Chen: "Hey…"

    Didn't he think that Liao Jia guessed so accurately, or heard Voice?

    Liao Jia smiled and said: "You don't have to cover up, Tan Ge told me that you are working with Mayfair."

    Lu Chen is dumb.

    The underground relationship between him and Chen Feier is impossible to hold everyone. The relationship between Tan Hong and Chen Feier is the same as that of the brothers and sisters. It is normal to know what is going on.

    It’s just that Tan Hong actually said this to Liao Jia, it’s a bit unusual.

    Tan Hong is definitely not the kind of person who likes Eight Trigrams.

    He faintly understood.

    Liao Jia reached out and shot Lu Chen’s shoulder and said: “Lu Chen, you are the most Luck person in the world!”

    "do you know? In fact, I like Philippe for a long time, and pursued her for at least ten years, but she never put me in the heart, only when I am an ordinary friend! ”

    it is as expected!

    Lu Chen knows that there are many people who pursue Chen Feier. She has been passed down a lot of scandals, although it is not true, it is enough to explain her pursuers.

    I don’t think Liao is actually one of them!

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "Can I say that I am honored?"

    Liao Jia haha ​​laughed: "I am really stupid. It is true that she has never talked to other boyfriends besides you. I asked Little Li to invite you, just to see the man who can make Mayfair tempted. what does it look like."

    His laughter was a little bit lost: "Now it seems that you are definitely more handsome than me!"

    Lu Chen said faintly: "Feier is not so superficial."

    This sentence of Liao Jia makes Lu Chen not happy. What is more handsome, although it is a fact, but it is as if one's own is a little white face, and Chen Feier has taken a fancy.

    Liao Jia smiled and said: "Yes, your talent is stronger than mine. At least I can't write songs like In the Spring."

    Liao A has written a lot of songs, but his really classic works are basically written by others.

    Lu Chen shook his head and did not explain.

    It is an external condition for two people to get along and have good looks and talents.

    The most important thing is the feeling of each other.

    If there is no such feeling, he will be handsome and talented, and he will not be able to move Chen Feier.

    It’s just that he doesn’t have to say this to Liao.

    I understand naturally, I don’t understand, I will never understand!

    Regardless of the identity of Singer, Liao Jia is actually an ordinary person, and his emotions are no different from others.

    But he is quite right.

    Lu Chen is the most Luck person in the world!


The second is sent, continue to ask! ! (To be continued~^~. )

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