The second hundred and thirty-sixth chapter first kiss

    Sunset at dusk, clear after the rain.

    At the peak of the evening, the roads in Jinling City are on the road, and the people who are off work are rushing home.

    No one noticed a bicycle that was flying by the roadside.

    The bicycle is rented at the tourist service station. The deposit is 500 oceans and the rent is 2 yuan/hour. The car is fashionable and of good quality, and allows the rear seat to carry people, but only in the dedicated lane.

    This public bicycle is very popular with tourists because of the low rent and the risk of being stolen.

    Lu Chen stepped on the car, carrying Chen Feier, facing the wind blowing, no different from ordinary tourists.

    Chen Feier sat behind, the cool breeze blew the skirt, she held Lu Chen's waist, her head against the back of Lu Chen.

    This sweet song is decorated with a scarf, and a pair of blue-colored smoky glasses can't cover her beautiful face, but it is enough to let passers-by not discover her true identity, so that she can comfortably enjoy Era with Lu Chen alone. .

    Such Era is really rare, precious like gold.

    At the tenth anniversary of his debut, a reporter asked Chen Feier at the commemorative meeting: "How long are you going to sing?"

    Chen Feier’s answer is: a lifetime!

    Unlike the gradual retreat of big brother Tan Hong, she likes to sing and likes to stand in the spotlight, because this is her dream of a small one, and she will never give up easily.

    Just how much you tend to lose, Celebrity's brilliance is at the expense of private life.

    Even if he learned the skills of disguise and dress up, Chen Feier rarely had time to live the lives of ordinary people.

    Luck's is that she met Lu Chen.

    Life has changed.

    She held Lu Chen tighter, and suddenly there was a feeling of fear of losing.

    Lu Chen is not clear, so he asked: "Is it hungry? Let's go have something to eat. What do you want to eat? ”

    This time, his date with Chen Feier was the first time that no outsiders followed.

    Chen Feier’s assistant and bodyguard did not follow. On the one hand, she insisted. On the other hand, Lu Chen had enough ability to protect her and there would be no problem.

    And the city of Jinling is very safe.

    Even so, the two still have a sense of sneaking and sneaking.

    Chen Feier thought about it and said, "I want to eat spicy food. Do you know where you can eat it?"

    Mala Tang?

    Lu Chen certainly didn't know where to eat, but thanks to the great technology, he just opened the cell phone and searched by keyword, and soon found a place where he could eat spicy food recently.

    According to the guidance of satellite navigation, Lu Chen carried Chen Feier and found the land in half an hour.

    It is a very old street, with food and snacks on both sides of the street.

    It was a lot of people, the bustling streets in the small streets, Chen Feier holding Lu Chen’s arms, the two walked through the crowd like ordinary couples, looking for one's own food in various fragrances.

    I found the high-profile store and waited for ten minutes before waiting for the vacancy.

    Chen Feier picked up a dozen or so strings of one's own favorite things, tenderloin, fried dough, mushrooms, coriander…

    The two bowls of mala prepared cooked quickly came up.

    This shop's spicy, soup flavor and bright color, and sure enough, Chen Fei children eat with relish.

    She ate more than Lu Chen!

    It was dark after eating, and Lu Chen took her back to the river for a walk.

    Because Chen Feier has been eaten, she needs to eliminate food.

    When they got tired, the two sat down on the bench by the river and enjoyed the sparkling water in front of the river.

    It is far from the bustling commercial street, although there are pedestrians, but there is no doubt a lot of quiet.

    More is the pair of pairs of lovers.

    The air here seems to be full of romantic atmosphere.

    Chen Feier touched her little belly and gave a low voice, and she looked tired and satisfied.

    The look of a very small woman.

    Lu Chen laughed at her: "What do you eat so much? Not afraid to eat bad stomach. ”

    Chen Feier leaned her head on his shoulder and murmured: "I was very pouting when I was a child. I liked the fragrant skewers cooked in the pot at the school gate. I once greed for the money to buy textbooks. Up…"

    She paused, and Lu Chen could not help but ask: "What then?"

    Chen Feier said: "Then I was beaten by my mother, and I used my bamboo feet to pump my ass. It was so painful!"

    "At that time, I was thinking, when I grew up to make money, I want to eat the string every day, eat it!"

    "There was money in the future, knowing that this kind of thing can't be eaten and unhealthy…"

    "It’s like Mala Tang, it hasn’t been eaten for a long time.”

    She squinted her eyes and remembered the past, with a sweet smile on her lips, even when it was painful.

    Lu Chen smiled: "If I have a chance, I will take you out to eat."

    Chen Feier turned her head and said with a smile: "Thank you."

    She smiled very happily, and her smile was thrillingly beautiful under the illumination of the roadside lights.

    It firmly attracted Lu Chen’s gaze.

    Lu Chen stared at the beautiful woman who was close at hand, and suddenly couldn't help her inner impulse. She took the action and took off the sunglasses she wore, then bowed her head down on her red lips.

    Chen Feier's lips are soft and fragrant, and there is no sweetness that can't be said.

    The singer’s eyes widened his eyes and instinctively shrank back, but could not escape.

    She snorted weakly and closed her eyes to let Lu Chen's thinness.

    This is the first time the two kissed.

    After a long time, Lu Chen was reluctant to separate, because Chen Feier was about to breathe.

    Her whole person leaned in Lu Chen’s arms and closed her eyes like a blue.

    I don't know how moving it is.

    Chen Feier opened her eyes again, and her face was a touch of shame.

    Suddenly she stretched out her arms and hugged Lu Chen’s neck, and took the initiative to send a kiss, as if to break one's own into Lu Chen’s body, so warm that Lu Chen would melt.

    The time of this kiss is longer!

    The cockroaches in Lu Chen’s heart disappeared and immersed in the gentle enjoyment.

    The two people were awakened until the sound of the car horn sounded not far away.

    Chen Feier was very embarrassed to let go of Lu Chen, she straightened up and said: "Let's go."

    The so-called bottom limit is such a breakthrough step by step.

    She is also powerless to stop.

    Just can't go on, otherwise it's going to happen.

    Lu Chen was a little sorry, but still said: "Okay, let's go back to the hotel."

    He naturally took Chen Fei's hand and was very satisfied.

    Chen Feier let him hold and whispered: "This is my first kiss, but not yours, right?"

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly.

    This he really has nothing to say.


    The next day, "Blue Life and Death" drama crew held a launching ceremony in Jinling Film and Television City.

    The boot ceremony was not very grand, but because of the relationship between Chen Feier and the heroine, many media reporters have become news conferences.

    The focus of the reporters is of course Chen Feier.

    Today's Chen Feier's mental state is extremely good, and her eyes are full of joy and sorrow. She is not fascinated by the fascination. She does not know how many shutters she murders and earns the attention of the scene.

    In response to the reporters' questions, her answer was generous.

    A reporter from Entertainment Weekly asked: "Chen Feier, may you ask the heroine of this drama series, is it because of the relationship with Lu Chen, are you dating?"

    This problem is probably what all journalists want to ask.

    The relationship between Lu Chen and Chen Feier is very well recognized. The two have also passed the scandal. Although both of them have denied the brother-in-law, this time the cooperation between the two sides can not help but make people think.

    Chen Feier smiled and pulled Lu Chen, who was standing beside one's own, and kissed him intimately. He said: "I am a good friend with Lu Chen, as for falling in love…"

    She turned her head and asked dumbfounded Lu Chen: "Do you have to chase me?"

    Lu Chen thought about it and then answered very seriously: "Then I will try."

    Chen Feier Hahaha.

    When the two sang together, they wisely avoided the topic.

    The more it is concealed, the more it will be guessed and fabricated. On the contrary, it is so true and false that it can be said that it is impossible to find out the true details. It is the so-called virtual reality and the reality is virtual!

    After Chen Feier laughed, she said: "In fact, this drama series, after I saw the script, took the initiative to propose the heroine to Lu Chen, because I like Yin Enxi's role very much. It feels very challenging."

    Chen Feier is not afraid to expose himself: "Yin Enxi, who played in the drama, is the sister of Yin Junxi who played Lu Chen!"

    Her age is a few years older than Lu Chen.

    However, Chen Feier has never been afraid to talk about one's own age, so she will take the initiative to uncover the reporter's question.

    Another reporter asked: "I would like to ask Mr. Lu Chen, how do you feel when you play an incident with Chen Feier?"

    Lu Chen replied: "No feeling, because it hasn't played yet!"

    The reporter asked: "Do you have pressure?"

    Lu Chen replied: "There was no such thing, but when you asked this question, it suddenly happened."

    Everyone laughed.

    Lu Chen answered very well and did not leave any gaps or loopholes for these reporters.

    A reporter asked Chen Feier again: "When is your new album coming out?"

    Chen Feier replied: "Next month, I will also sing the theme song of this drama series. It may be placed on the new album. In short, I will definitely give you a surprise!"

    At the start-up ceremony, only the first half hour was the process of the ceremony. Almost all of them became a personal interview with Chen Feier. Even Lu Chen got a few questions.

    But no one feels that there is something wrong with this. It is not polite to say that the reason why "Blue Life and Death" can get such great attention, Chen Feier has at least 90% contribution!

    After the start-up ceremony, "Blue Life and Death" officially entered the shooting session.

    However, Lu Chen and Chen Feier did not participate in the filming because there were no two people in the first two episodes and they did not need to stay here.

    Most importantly, the two need to return to Beijing to participate in a very important event.

    That is the Yan Huang charity general "Love Dedication" charity advertisement shooting!


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