Chapter 234 Influence

    This issue of the Celebrity Interview was recorded in nearly 70 minutes.

    This means that more than a third of the content will be clipped and will not appear on the TV screen.

    But it doesn't matter, a "When You Are Old" is enough to make this issue of Celebrity Interview very exciting.

    After the interview, Mu Rong was even a little bit unfinished.

    She has supported hundreds of programs, and it is really rare to have the same feeling.

    Probably to make up for the regrets, Mu Rong specially invited Lu Chen to sit in the cafe near the TV station.

    She is not alone, accompanied by a Beijing TV Station Variety Channel Program Group Deputy Director.

    The deputy director surnamed Zhu, is a burly northern man, and his character is straightforward.

    Of course, Zhu Director is not idle and has nothing to come out to chat with. He has taken a fancy to the upcoming "Blue Life and Death Love".

    To be precise, two sets of Jingshi are interested in this drama series.

    In fact, since Lu Chen published the film "Blue Life and Death Love" on the blog, and Chen Feier took the lead in the news, there are many units interested in this weekend drama.

    There are TV stations, there are advertisement masters, there are also middlemen, and more are Entertainment Manager Corporation.

    The former is for inquiry, the latter is for mixing roles.

    Although Lu Chen is a pure new person in the film and television circle, but with the golden signboard of Chen Feier, even if it is a big bad film, it can still get a lot of attention, and there is no shortage of willing to bet on it.

    At present, Domestic's film and television drama industry is very large, and the number of episodes taken every year has risen steadily, reaching a rather alarming level.

    At least 90% of the captured drama series can't be broadcast on the provincial level 1 and the central level TV station. Many of the connected city TV stations can't see it. They can only put it on the Internet and rely on the click traffic to mix some money.

    Really powerful online media, also only pick the boutique to promote.

    So like Lu Chen, it wasn't originally a film and television circle, but a newcomer just after debuting. Suddenly whimsical one's own wrote the script one's own. When the actor, pulling investment to find a partner to shoot the drama series, it is really unbelievable.

    This kind of "noisy", but played with the wind and water, do not know how many people envy and hate.

    In the final analysis, Chen Feier is the key.

    "Blue Life and Death" is Chen Feier's drama series debut!

    With her gold-plated signboard alone, she can save tens of millions of publicity speculation costs. The two sets of interest in Beijing Vision are very normal. Even now, with the opportunity of "Celebrity Interview", it is already in contact with Lu Chen. Very reserved.

    But this Zhu Director looked for Lu Chen to talk about this matter and really looked for the wrong person.

    "Blue Life and Death" is Lu Han's first-hand project, but for investment, publicity and sales, he gave his sister Lu Xi.

    Therefore, when Zhu Director tried to inquire, Lu Chen could only tell Lu Xi’s contact number.

    Selling the drama series program to the TV station is a very complicated matter.

    Generally speaking, according to the episode, there are thousands of tens of thousands to millions of ones, and there are too many factors affecting the price, such as scripts, actors, directors, subjects, and so on.

    There are also TV stations that can be sold to a number of TV stations, or they can be premiered for the first time. The prices are different.

    In addition, if the first-view Viewership Ratings is high, the price of the replay will be very high. The first broadcast does not make money, and the examples of earning a lot of money by replay are everywhere.

    However, more situations are a lot of drama series sales, half-selling and half-sending can not be achieved!

    Therefore, although Lu Chen could not agree with Zhu Director, he was very polite and polite.

    In the end, I have to ask for someone else.

    Zhu Director also has one's own restraint. His interest in "Blue Life and Death" is not too big. If Chen Feier is not joined, it will not fall into sight.

    It’s just that there are a lot of drama series, but the boutiques that can be sold or the ones that can be sold are very limited.

    Beijing Jing Variety Channel not only faces competition from peers, but also competes with other channels on the same channel for resources.

    In addition to the 1 set of TV channels of the boss, 2 sets of variety channels, 4 sets of life channels, 5 sets of film channels and 8 sets of youth channels have broadcasts of fixed drama series, and internal performance rankings between different channels.

    The higher the performance, the higher the reward naturally, and the more natural the resources are.

    Therefore, the channel Program outsourcing is everywhere, in order to save costs and improve efficiency.

    But the throttling is far less open source than a good one, a good column or a high-viewer rating of the drama series, can produce great benefits and bring huge profits.

    It is not a few decades ago that the internal reform of the TV station has already been completed and the competition mechanism is very mature.

    Although the variety channel ranked second in Jingshi, it was chased by 4 sets and 5 sets, and the sense of crisis was strong.

    Zhu Director's pressure is naturally great.

    Buying a bad show, and buying a good show, two different results, is likely to cause the position under his ass to be shaken or solid.

    Therefore, he did not put any shelf on Lu Chen. He did not disappoint any excavation from Lu Chen’s mouth. He just wanted to establish a good relationship. In the future, if it is worth taking action, it will take the lead.

    Under such a situation, with the cooperation of Mu Rong, the exchanges between the two sides are very harmonious.

    At 8:30 pm on November 15th, the new issue of "Celebrity Interview" was broadcast on time at the Beijing Cinema Variety Channel.

    This issue of Program has attracted a lot of attention from Lu Chen fans.

    Lu Chen has already issued a notice in the blog, and also broadcast the Program content on [Whale TV] that night.

    As a result, the song "When You Are Old" was a hit!

    This new morning song of Lu Chen has never been heard before, and as a song written to the mother, it has poked the tears in the hearts of countless people, and the video clips were frequently forwarded in the blog.

    Domestic praises, songs, and love for the mother's songs are not uncommon, but they are basically the main theme of the preaching taste, so the degree of singing is not high, usually only in the government department or social group's Literature and Art show People sing.

    This makes "When You Are Old" more and more precious, its lyrics are not complicated, it is easy to understand, the melody is soothing and beautiful, the requirements for singing are not high, it is easy to cover.

    Folk songs are best suited for communication, and the emotions contained in the songs are considered by many critics as one of Lu Chen's best works. They are highly recommended on blogs.

    In the circle of popular Music, people once again saw the talent of Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen seems to have infinite endless inspiration, always able to write beautiful and beautiful works, clearly handsome but never brushed his face to eat – he brushed the song!

    Some people listed Lu Chen's works in the forum, including his one's own album and the songs written to others. No one is a mediocre work. Any capital can be the main or second major of an album. .

    The most horrifying thing is that so far, all the works that Lu Chen has officially launched have all been on the original sound list, which is a record in itself.

    In the history of the popular Musical World, the singer or the Musician who is better than Lu Chen is sure to have it. However, the average quality of the work reaches this level, really no!

    Many people are amazed that the future pop music scene will belong to the era of Lu Chen.

    Such praise is definitely a bit too much for the current Lu Chen, some people are amazed, some people are embarrassed, some people disdain, and some people are worried!

    However, the ups and downs on the Internet have not affected Lu Chen for the time being, and he has no reason to deal with it.

    On November 16, Lu Chen and Li Feiyu left Beijing and came to Jinling.

    Participate in the launching ceremony of "Blue Life and Death"!


    Ningyuan City, more than 300 kilometers away from Jinling, Kaiyuan District.

    In the second bedroom of Room 201 of Building 7, Meng Meng is sitting on the bed and looking at the textbook in his hand.

    Her bone marrow transplant operation was very successful, and there was no obvious rejection reaction. In addition, the original physical quality was good. Therefore, she was discharged from the hospital soon after the operation and went to the hospital for post-medication consolidation treatment.

    According to the doctor, as long as there is no accident, her leukemia is basically cured.

    It is also now that the scientifically developed medical technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. It is really a terminal illness in the past, and even if the bone marrow transplantation is successful in the early years, the recurrence rate is very high.

    Nowadays, with new drugs and new means, as long as there is no shortage of treatment funds, there is a very high cure rate for successful matching.

    For this family, this is the best result!

    It’s just that Meng Meng’s depression is Xiaoxiao’s. Because of this serious illness, her homework has been pulled down. It takes about a year to retake the university, otherwise she should not expect to be admitted to the ideal school.

    Although Meng Meng’s grades are ordinary, she still wants to work hard at university.

    Even a very general university.

    The door of the room was suddenly pushed open, and two girls with masks came in.

    "Meng Meng, let's see you!"

    Meng Meng suddenly smiled and smiled – came her bosom friend.

    She was very depressed at home, but she could not go out in the short term, and her mother still did not allow her to play any electronic equipment, even the cell phone was collected.

    So Meng Meng’s most happy time is when classmates and friends come to visit.

    This time, the bosom friends did not bring her flowers or fruits, but a stack of thick paper.

    Meng Meng curiously asked: "What is this?"

    Her friend smiled and said: "You will know when you look at it!"

    Meng Meng opened it and immediately saw the text printed on the first page of the manuscript paper.

    "Endless Love" / Author: Lu Chen.

    She dared to widen her eyes: "This is…A novel written by Lu Chenge? ”

    Bosom friend smiled and said: "Yes, I am about to start the drama series, and it is still the actor, Lu Fei is the heroine, and you can watch it when you are ready!"

    Meng Meng tightly holds the manuscript paper in his hand, and he is eager to be one's own.

    She believes that the drama series of Lu Chen’s novels must be very exciting!


The second is sent! (To be continued~^~. )

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