Chapter 203 Warm-up

    "Gangde Brothers Film?"

    When Lu Chen returned home that night, he called Chen Feier and told the other party what he was doing today.

    "Blue Life and Death" was first rejected by Zhu Minghe of Baolong Films, and then the people of Gande Brothers' film industry took the initiative to find the door. This peak is similar to the story of the novel, and naturally said to the heroine.

    Chen Feier once heard the other party’s name and knew: “Zhang Qian and Zhang Dekai’s company, I have seen them at the reception. I heard that the two brothers are very loyal, and the reputation in the circle is not bad. If the conditions can be discussed It doesn't matter if you give it to Gande."

    Lu Chen suddenly breathed a sigh of relief: "That's good, I will inform your manager when I come over and talk."

    The drama series of "Blue Life and Death", because it does not involve much Special Effect scene, so the production cost is not high, but Chen Feier's pay is a problem.

    Drama series The actor's pay is always a big problem. If you write a thesis, at least a thick stack.

    In the early 1980s and 1990s, the actor’s pay was very low. In a set of dozens and hundreds, thousands of them were big coffee.

    Nowadays, with the rapid development of the entertainment industry, the cakes in the film and television market are getting bigger and bigger, and the actor's pay is of course rising. The Celebrity idol with its appeal is a hundred thousand one episode, and it is not good.

    For example, the big coffee-class Movies Celebrity Gao Ge, Su Yuxi, their external quotes have broken a million, the actual contract price is also a very amazing number, a ministerial filming, total pay millions or even tens of millions are normal.

    Calculating the total cost of a drama series, it is not a strange thing that the actor's payout exceeds the cost of shooting, post, and publicity. Everyone is accustomed to it.

    Especially for weekend dramas, actor pay is more important, and often occupies most of the budget.

    Of course, newcomers can also, the rewards can be reduced to a very low, how can Viewership Ratings be guaranteed? Who wants to buy it?

    Therefore, the filming of "Blue Life and Death" Lu Chen can be converted into the investment shares as long as a new person's price, the proportion is basically irrelevant, Chen Feier is different.

    Her coffee table is too high, but she has not taken the drama series, which is complicated to calculate.

    If it is low, it will definitely not work. Although Chen Feier is not short of money, the discount will only be given a joke, and he will not be able to afford it.

    If there is a high degree of cooperation, there must be opinions, so it is necessary to conduct consultations and negotiate a reasonable allocation plan.

    Of course, Lu Chen and Chen Feier jointly invested in it is enough, but taking the drama series is not a simple way to find a film and television production company, and there are many things involved in all aspects.

    For example, the approval of the content of the script, the approval of the filming license, as well as the production and post-processing, if only the film and television company "material processing", there is basically no strength to do, no strength to engage in chaos.

    Therefore, we must share the shares, and everyone's interests are all in order to ensure the final success.

    Otherwise, even if a film company picks up the business of Lu Chen, even if it signs a contract, it can increase the cost budget in the process of shooting, and the result is not worth the candle.

    Most of the current film and television dramas have introduced a variety of investments, sharing risk sharing profits, and have established a very mature process system.

    As a newcomer just entering the film and television circle, Lu Chen has no intention to challenge this set of rules.

    Don't say him, even Chen Feier can't do it on his own, unless one's own opens a film company.

    In this way, the partners are very important.

    Chen Feier said: "I originally had a good impression of Baolong Film, because they don't know how to cherish…Humph! ”

    My sister is obviously a bit unhappy.

    She asked her friend to match Lu Chen and Baolong Film, but did not expect the latter to refuse cooperation.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "They also have concerns. After all, the subject matter is different from the mainstream. If I didn't pull you out, it is estimated that Gande may not be willing, or Feier your name is loud enough!"

    "What name is loud enough…"

    Chen Feier snorted and said: "I am not Jiang Hu female, you can write the script behind!"

    Up to now, Lu Chen only wrote the scripts of the first four episodes, and there are still 16 episodes in the plan.

    Chen Feier has a script manuscript, she is not addictive.

    In fact, Lu Chen's Speed ​​is already very fast. Every morning he goes to the Borui Club to practice martial arts, and he has to go to Jingyin to study. He has to write time to write the script, and the daily time is full.

    To this end, Lu Xidu helped Lu Chen to push a lot of notices and earned a lot of money.

    That is, he is one's own to open studio independent, otherwise if you sign in an entertainment manager Corporation, where can be allowed, has long been crushed by various money-saving work.

    Lu Chen scratched his head: "I try to speed up Speed."

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "I will talk about it, you should not be serious, not too tired one's own, especially not to work too late at night, it does not matter late."

    Lu Chen feels that one's own heart is warm.

    Only Chen Feier can afford, but some people can't wait.

    The next morning, Gande Brothers sent a team member to Lu Chen studio to discuss and negotiate.

    In addition to Lu Yi, whom Lu Chen already knows, Gande Films also sent a deputy general manager and a director, which fully shows the importance attached to this drama series.

    However, this kind of commercial negotiation, Lu Chen basically does not manage, pass to the sister to deal with.

    Now that the studio is running well, Lu Xi has accumulated more and more experience, and I don’t know how much trouble he saved.

    Chen Feier also sent a manager, and the three representatives sat down to start formal negotiations.

    There have been some rumors in the Entertainment Circle, which has been very fast-moving.

    The rumor has been confirmed, it is Lu Bing on November 10, the so-called "Single Day" eve, a blog post in the wave of blogs.

    In this blog post, Lu Chen revealed a heavy news to everyone that his drama series, created by one's own and starring one's own, will start shooting in the near future.

    A stone provokes a thousand waves!

    Since the crowdfunding rescue leukemia patients, Lu Chen has been very quiet, in addition to daily updates to life blog posts, basically did not come up with any news, so that his fans are a little depressed.

    Even if it’s noisy, it’s good! There is always a topic to say.

    Now Lu Chen is finally providing a topic.

    The fans' response was extremely enthusiastic, and the number of hits and comments in the blog post climbed.

    Relying on the "Hero Save the Beauty" and "Yifu Fans", Lu Chen’s number of fans in the Inspur blog has already exceeded 10 million. As a newcomer just after his debut, Singer’s move to the film and television circle is really People look at each other and naturally cause a heated discussion.

    "Wow, Lu Chen wants to take the drama series, it’s awesome!"

    "I have already said that our family Lu Chen can completely rely on the face to eat, now the opportunity is finally here!"

    "Support support, hurry up!"

    "Weakly ask, who is the heroine? Has anyone chosen? ”

    "Compared to the heroine, I am more concerned about the script written by Lu Chen one's own. Can it be spoiler?"

    "I have a kind of fish that is not fragrant, this is a tragedy of dog abuse!"

    "Haha, tomorrow is the Singles Day, I wish you all a happy holiday in advance!"

    "Who is the female lord?"

    On the evening of November 11, Lu Chen updated the blog again and answered several questions that fans are most concerned about.

    First of all, the drama series he created is an urban emotional theme, a youth idol category.

    Secondly, the name of this drama series is called "Blue Life and Death". Since tomorrow, some of the novel's story content will be continuously updated in the blog, and the original books will be launched in the future after the filming.

    Finally, the heroine of "Blue Life and Death" is definitely Chen Feier.

    If the news that the front of Lu Chen revealed that the drama series was caused by a hot discussion, then this spoiler blog post has undoubtedly caused a lot of sensation outside the circle!

    The reason is very simple. Chen Feier will be the first to appear in the drama series as the heroine.

    The authenticity of the news is unquestionable, because Lu Chen was at the end of the blog post Chen Feier, who replied with four words after only ten minutes of time: I am looking forward to it!

    Plus a smiley face symbol.

    Of course, Lu Chen did not make a fuss about these two blog posts, but a planned publicity warm-up.

    After three years of hard work and consultation, the agreement for filming "Blue Life and Death" was basically reached. The script outline was sent to the relevant departments for review in advance, and once it was passed, it was ready to start shooting.

    Thanks to the joining of Chen Feier, Gande Brothers Films attached great importance to this project. Not only did it make a lot of concessions in the agreement, but also assembled a fine army to form a drama crew. Many staff members went to Jinling first.

    90% of the shooting locations and framing of "Blue Life and Death" were completed in Jinling and Jinling Film and Television City.

    Of course, Gande Brothers Pictures is not without requirements. One of them is that Lu Chen and Chen Feier will use their respective channels to advance publicity in advance, attracting powerful TV stations and video websites to compete for the first broadcast rights.

    This is not a trick, but a routine approach to film and television marketing.

    A lot of film and television dramas have been sold without the start of the film, and they have recovered all the costs.

    It’s just that many single dogs are so miserable.

    "I am going to go, is this a public show of love?" My goddess, my heart is broken! ”

    "Hahaha, I originally guessed that the heroine is Chen Feier, and I was guessed by me!"

    "Chen Feier? It’s really nothing to imagine. ”

    "It seems that the anecdote of the two people may be true. What do people think?"

    "It’s really speechless to you. Lu Chen has a good relationship with Chen Feier. They are brothers and sisters. You don’t know?”

    "Chen Feier is the heroine, is it a sister-in-law?"

    "Sister and brother love +1!"

    As the tide of public opinion, "Blue Life and Death" soon became the hot search word of Inspur blog!


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