Chapter 291 Normal

    The lover is the happiest and happy Valentine's Day.

    Christmas and Valentine's Day are undoubtedly the most accepted by young people in foreign holidays.

    Of course, first of all, thanks to the strong advocacy of the merchants, after their long-term unremitting efforts, Valentine's Day was rendered into a romantic day, so that the banknotes in the wallets of men and women were happily harvested.

    Therefore, the shopping malls and entertainment venues in the city are particularly rich in activities when it comes to Valentine's Day. Many brands use this special day to promote marketing.

    Senqi’s Beijing flagship store was opened on February 14th.

    This newly emerging clothing brand is ambitious and very willing to invest in the front side. The front section time they signed a contract with Lu Chen for the amount of Gundam million. This flagship store is naturally open to Lu Chen.

    The address of the Senqi flagship store is located on the east side of People’s Square and is a prime location within the second ring of Beijing.

    Since Valentine's Day coincides with Sunday, and many company units have not yet started to go to work, so many people appear in People's Square, most of them are pairs of couples, from time to time, there are small girls who sell roses, A bustling scene.

    On the huge screen of the LED on the east side of the square, Senqi’s Valentine’s Day advertisement has been played, as well as a preview of the show.

    The stage of the opening ceremony is located near the advertisement screen. It is only a few steps away from the Senqi flagship store with the rainbow arches. Many staff members have been busy setting up the flower baskets.

    Although there are still a few hours away from the official opening of the opening ceremony, there have been a lot of viewers around the stage, asking the staff what to ask.

    They are basically the fans of Lu Chen.

    Senqi’s publicity offensive started early. The LED screen of the square was marked with the name of the actor of “Blue Life and Death”, and Lu Chen was crowned with the title of Prince Music. His portrait in the drama series was separated. A long distance can be seen clearly.

    With the hot air of "Blue Life and Death", Senqi, who received Lu Chen's endorsement, earned a wave of popularity. This time, the flagship store opened publicity and did not play this gold sign.

    Of course, they also have to pay Lu Chen for additional advertising fees.

    However, the industry's peers have already envied the death, and the district has won the endorsement of Lu Chen for one year. It is a profit for Senqi, and it is necessary to stop Lu Chen’s endorsement, at least four or five million!

    If the artist is really red, the cost of the advertisement endorsement is simply skyrocketing.

    Wang Jing stood on the stage of the show and helped his companions put together new equipment such as drums and keyboards.

    There is still a feeling of unreality in her heart.

    Years ago, when Wang Jing learned of the news of being cheated from the mouth of his old-fashioned father, it felt like he was suffering from the blue sky. The uncomfortable feeling in his heart could not be described in words.

    She can't blame the father who broke his heart for studio, only to hate the shamelessness of the liar.

    As a result, the house leaks and the night rain, the extreme embarrassment and sadness killed Wang Changsheng, so that he could not afford to die.

    Nirvana studio was completely over, and even the family did not even have the money to treat Wang Changsheng. Under the unavoidable situation, Wang Jing sought help from Lu Chen.

    After the festival, the creditors came to the door, and the Nirvana studio was unable to return to the sky. The Nirvana band faced a situation of disbandment. No matter how reluctant Wang Jing was, he could not change this fact.

    However, Lu Chen appeared…

    Yesterday morning, her brother and her companions seemed to be like a funeral dog. They appeared on the stage today and will perform for countless audiences. There is no need to worry about the future and fate of the future.

    Next month, they will also participate in the 72hMusic Festival.

    Such as Nirvana rebirth!

    Nirvana changed to Nirvana, meaning and pronunciation have not changed, but it is a new beginning!

    Wang Jing took a deep breath and secretly told one's own to work hard.

    She can't be sorry for Lu Chen's trust and help.

    At the same time, I will hide the thoughts buried deep in my heart, hide them in deeper corners, let time kill.

    "Sister, come over and help me see…"

    Wang Hui’s call made Wang Jing wake up, and she immediately walked in the direction of her brother.

    The pace is light.

    The footsteps of time are equally brisk, and in the blink of an eye, the sunset is getting darker, the sky is getting darker, and the lights on the people's square and the lights on the stage are lit up.

    More and more people are appearing in the square. They are attracted by the scene here and slowly gather around.

    In the middle of the crowd, there were a lot of young men and women holding fluorescent cards. The words on the plate were “Lu Chen” and “Morning Morning”, and the red, green and green eyes were striking.

    A "Blue Life and Death" made Lu Chen gather a lot of popularity. He now has more than 15 million fans on the wave blog. The opening of the Senqi flagship store tonight was announced in the blog, so it attracted A lot of real meals came to cheer.

    On-site security personnel, in time to isolate them outside the security line.

    Since the incident in Hangzhou, there have been activities of Celebrity endorsement, and Security has strengthened a lot.

    At this moment, Lu Chen, in the hall of the Senqi flagship store that has not opened, holds the cell phone and Chen Feier to use Fetion to interact.

    It is a Valentine's Day, but the two men and women who fall in love can't spend this sweet holiday together.

    It is a pity, but the Entertainment Circle is completely normal.

    Many Celebrity artists often do not fall in love during their careers, not only because they are afraid of affecting popularity, but also because emotional life and work are too easy to conflict, and not many partners can last for a long time.

    Chen Feier also has a very important endorsement activity today, and her place is two blocks away from People’s Square.

    After a few words, Lu Chen told Chen Feier about one's own recruiting Nirvana band.

    There are also things to be prepared for the studio.

    Chen Feier is very happy, saying that in the future, one's own will not have to go to other people to record the song again, and Lu Chen can complete all the work here.

    She said: "If you want to do a good job, I will mix it up!"

    Lu Chenxiao: "Well, I am the boss, you are Lady Boss."

    Chen Feier returned a smile and a sweet kiss.

    She said: "I am very bored here, I really want to run you to see your scene!"

    Lu Chen looked at his heart and tried to ask: "After the end, let's meet again?"

    Chen Feier returned a helpless expression: "Do you believe there is a bunch of paparazzi to follow me?"

    Lu Chen thinks about that picture, it is really a bit drunk: "That's alright."

    Chen Feier gave another sweet kiss: "Compensate you later."

    The two were tired for more than half an hour, and the opening ceremony of the Senqi flagship store has finally begun!


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