The 197th chapter is playing big!

    "Blue Life and Death" finale Viewership Ratings broke 3%, the most exciting and most lost, are Haijin Satellite TV.

    The reason for the excitement is naturally that it is necessary to say that with the help of this small-cost 20-episode urban emotional drama, Haijin Satellite TV, which was originally a soy sauce character, has finally shaken in the same industry. It has been a two-month time, even if it is necessary to pay. The bonus for the gambling agreement is still earned.

    The lost nature is the broadcast of "Blue Life and Death", and Haijin Satellite TV has to return to the original trajectory.

    There is no fist in the variety program, lack of competitive drama, the original Haijin TV is not as good as the Beijing TV Station's two or three sets of channels, it is very dull.

    Now it’s hard to hug the money tree. Haijin Satellite TV is willing to let go. “Blue Life and Death Love” is over, but the creators and starring performers are still there.

    Therefore, in this celebration blog post, Haijin Satellite TV vigorously praised and even touted Lu Chen, incidentally with Chen Feier.

    Chen Feier looked at it and laughed.

    At the same time, Beijing Satellite TV and Zhedong Satellite TV jumped out unwillingly, and the official TV stations of the two TV stations announced that they would replay "Blue Love and Death" this week.

    The replay rights of "Blue Life and Death" have long been sold. They are shared by Beijing Satellite TV and Zhedong Satellite TV. They see the first broadcast of Haijin Satellite TV, and they have been unable to endure.

    A phenomenal drama series, replayed Viewership Ratings will certainly not be low, and there is no big publicity in the early stage of "Blue Life and Death". The first few sets of Viewership Ratings are not high, there must be a large audience and fans. Want to see it again, Beijing Satellite TV and Zhedong Satellite TV naturally want to take advantage of the hot air.

    For the hype of these satellite TV stations, Lu Chen didn't have much interest. He returned to one's own blog and flipped through the commentary section of the "World's Farthest Distance" blog post.

    After a period of fermentation, "the farthest distance in the world" has been on the hot search list of the home page of Inspur blog, becoming the topic of hot discussion today.

    There are more than one million related comments, and the amount of transfer is hundreds of thousands. It is really hot.

    In many comments, most of the netizens have appreciated and praised the song written by Lu Chen, which can be seen from the number of praises.

    But there are also many voices that are criticized and even questioned, and many are still V numbers.

    "these people…"

    Chen Feier, who is close to Lu Chen, sees these comments as pissed off: "I will speak sour, have one's own and write a good poem for everyone to comment!"

    She has been debuting for more than a decade, and she has long been accustomed to the ups and downs of public opinion. No matter whether she praises or slams, she can take it easy. It can be said that Lu Chen can’t bear it: "I just want to see others!"

    Lu Chen was dumbfounded and really felt Chen Feier's concern for one's own.

    After thinking about it, he held the page of the Bowen Editor with his mouse and prepared to send a new blog post.

    Chen Feier thought that he would fight back those snipers and said: "Don't ignore these people…The more you fight back, the more happy you are, the more you will use it to speculate! ”

    This trick is an old routine in the Entertainment Circle, and the blog Jiang Hu is even more common.

    Lu Chen followed the spray, and it fell to the next.

    Lu Chen shook his head and said: "It has nothing to do with them. I am going to make a statement and announce one thing."

    He thought about this for a long time, and it is time to announce it.

    Through Inspur blog, Lu Chen announced an important decision of one's own to everyone. He will donate 10 million from the income of "Blue Life and Death" and register a charity fund to help those suffering from leukemia. Patients without economic conditions to treat!

    This idea came into being when he wrote "Blue Life and Death", but the conditions were not mature at the time, and now the timing is right, he also has the ability to complete this idea.

    Once this blog post was released, it immediately received a lot of enthusiastic responses.

    "strongly support!"

    "Good people have good news and support Lu Chen!"

    “Entertainment Circle needs positive energy, please allow me to say it – do it well!”

    "Do you accept donations? I am willing to donate a month's salary. ”

    “I am really touched. If all Celebrity can be the same as Lu Chen, then the world will be better!”

    "I can donate all the lucky money!"


    Everyone in this case questioned that the sniper's Voice disappeared without a trace. Celebrity's charity was not news, but it was really rare to see 10 million to set up a special fund like Lu Chen.

    No one doubts Lu Chen’s sincerity, because he is publicly stated in the Inspur blog that thousands of people can be witnesses, and if they violate the promise, it is tantamount to self-destruction.

    Seeing the statement issued by Lu Chen, Chen Feier first stunned, and then she grabbed the laptop from Lu Chen, first quit the latter account and landed one's own.

    Just a few minutes after Lu Chen’s announcement, Chen Feier followed a blog post with similar content.

    She announced that one's own also donated 10 million and injected it into this special charity fund!

    A charity project that has not yet been registered, even the official name is not available, the total amount of capital has doubled to 20 million in the blink of an eye, and suddenly has a sensational effect in the wave of blogs.

    In fact, 20 million in the charity business is really nothing, such a fund is really small, and can not be compared with those hundreds of billions of foundations.

    But the identity of the builders and donors is very unusual, and the influence is multiplied!

    "Ah, it really is the best CP in the Entertainment Circle, support Chen Feier, support our Enxi!"

    "Hmm, Junxi and Enxi!"

    "Haha, is this a singer?" I like! ”

    "Don't say anything, just rush to this, I announced that I will turn the powder from this passerby!"

    "Oh, it’s really a couple file. Do you say that Lu Chen’s anecdote with Chen Feier is true?”

    "Whether it's not true, being good is a good person!"

    The number of fans of Lu Chen and Chen Feier in the Inspur blog adds up to more than 30 million. Although there are certainly a lot of coincidences, it is still a terrible number.

    The blog posts of the two were forwarded everywhere and received countless support and praise.

    As a result, in just half an hour, many Celebrity and entertainers in the circle said that they would also donate money to join the charity fund project, and the amount of donations ranged from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

    Among them are Lu Chen, Chen Feier’s mutual friends Tan Hong, Liao Jia, Li Jie, Tian Tian…

    Originally, it was only Lu Chen’s personal thoughts and decisions, but there was a fascination with the participation of Entertainment Circle!

    This is what Lu Chen’s own is not expected.

    This is playing big!


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